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In the dynamic world of finance, staying ahead of the curve requires quick adaptability, strategic foresight, and a keen understanding of market trends. It can often be a challenging landscape for those who are starting out, and even experienced traders need a leg-up to keep up with the ever-changing market conditions. Enter the new-age phenomenon of copy trading, a solution that TopFX cTrader Copy offers, making it possible for traders across the globe to follow and replicate the trading strategies of leading traders in real-time.

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What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading allows traders to copy the strategies and trades of more experienced and successful traders automatically. This system of trading has gained popularity in recent years, primarily because it provides a platform for beginner traders to learn from the best and most experienced traders in the market. Copy trading enables you to start or stop copying trading strategies with the click of a button, providing you the ability to control your trading strategies in real-time. However, it’s crucial to note that while copy trading can bring in high rewards, it also carries significant risks. According to statistics, 71.49% of retail Contract for Difference (CFD) accounts lose money.

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How Does Copy Trading Work on TopFX cTrader?

Embarking on your copy trading journey with TopFX cTrader is straightforward. Here are the steps to get you started:

Open a Live or Demo Account:
You need to create a RAW or ZERO account based on your preferred pricing model. You can download cTrader by logging into the TopFX client area or use cTrader Web in your browser. Make sure to verify your account and deposit funds before you begin copy trading.
Search for Top-Ranked Strategies to Copy:
Once you log into TopFX cTrader, you can click on the “Copy” tab to see the available trading strategies.
Control Your Copy Trading:
TopFX cTrader allows you to add or remove funds from a specific strategy and stop copying at any time. You can also set an Equity Stop Loss to protect your funds. This feature automatically stops copying the strategy once your account’s equity reaches the set limit.

With TopFX cTrader, you can discover the ideal strategy by filtering by strategy age, performance, copying capital, Return on Investment (ROI), and more. You can benefit from high-speed order execution, easily modify your funds, view detailed insights, and manage your risk with the Equity-to-Equity ratio copying model.

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Exploring More Ways to Trade with TopFX

For traders who want to explore more than copy trading, TopFX offers a diverse range of options. These include:

Manual Trading: Conduct your market analysis and place your trades manually on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or cTrader.
Robots: Automate your trading for increased speed and objectivity using MT4 Expert Advisors or cTrader’s cBots.
Signals: Get actionable in-platform trading recommendations from Trading Central and Autochartist.
Additionally, you can also share your trading strategy on TopFX cTrader Copy and charge other traders fees for copying your strategy.

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Copy Trading Made Easy with the TopFX cTrader App

With the rise of mobile technology, trading has become more accessible than ever before. The TopFX cTrader mobile app offers superior copy trading, allowing you to view top-performing strategies from other traders, rank the strategies according to ROI, strategy age, strategy popularity, and copying capital. The app also allows you to view the strategy’s history, add or remove allocated funds easily, and start and stop copying with a click.

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Why Choose TopFX cTrader?

TopFX cTrader boasts of a 100% uptime over the past 7 years, lightning-fast 3ms internal processing time, and advanced trading tools, making it a reliable platform for both beginners and seasoned traders. The robust mobile app, available for Android and iOS, offers feature-rich and user-friendly trading experience. The app provides detailed insights into trading trends, allowing you to organize your favorite instruments, perform technical analysis on the go, stay informed about market trends, manage risks, and copy trades.

With TopFX cTrader, you’re not just joining a trading platform; you’re stepping into a world that provides you with the tools, insights, and support you need to reach your trading potential. Remember, while the platform offers numerous opportunities, trading also comes with its risks, with 71.49% of retail CFD accounts losing money. Therefore, always ensure you are fully informed and prepared before venturing into the world of trading.

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FAQs about TopFX’s Copy Trading Service

What is copy trading with cTrader Copy?
Copy trading with cTrader Copy allows you to follow and replicate the trading strategies of leading traders in real time.
How can I start copy trading on TopFX cTrader?
To start copy trading, you need to open a Live or Demo Account, verify your account and deposit funds. Then, search for top-ranked strategies to copy, and control your copy trading by adding or removing funds from a specific strategy or setting Equity Stop Loss.
What features can I expect from copy trading on TopFX cTrader?
You can discover ideal strategies, control when you start and stop copying, benefit from high-speed order execution, modify your funds, view detailed insights, and manage risks. All of this can also be done on the TopFX cTrader app.
What if I want to share my trading strategy instead of copy trading?
You can share your strategy by signing up for a cTrader Live Account, verifying your account and depositing funds, converting your trading account to a Strategy Provider account, deciding on the minimum investment amount and the type of fees you want to charge, and then start trading.
What are the benefits of sharing my trading strategy on TopFX cTrader?
Sharing your strategy on cTrader Copy allows you to start sharing immediately without additional agreements, access to a large pool of traders, minimal trade copy latency, ability to showcase your strategy publicly, and charge three types of fees.
Can I use automated trading on TopFX cTrader?
Yes, cTrader Automate allows you to use cBots for a more objective approach to trading, eliminating human errors.
What are the other ways I can trade on TopFX cTrader?
Other than copy and automated trading, you can trade manually, use trading signals from Trading Central and Autochartist, or use the FIX API for low latency.
How reliable is TopFX cTrader?
TopFX cTrader has had 100% uptime over the past 7 years with an internal processing time of 3ms. It also provides advanced trading tools and a robust mobile app for both Android and iOS.
What are the advantages of using the TopFX cTrader mobile app?
The mobile app offers superior copy trading, the ability to rank strategies, view strategy history, modify allocated funds, and start and stop copying. It also offers tools for risk management, price alerts, QuickTrade mode, and access to Trading Central and Autochartist.
What is the risk involved in trading with cTrader Copy?
Please note that 71.49% of retail CFD accounts lose money while trading, suggesting a high risk associated with this activity.


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