Both live and demo accounts have the same capabilities in all Tradeview platforms.

With a demo account you trade with virtual cash, and subsequently you have no capital at risk.

Most importantly, the rates presented on the demo platform are exactly the same as on the live platform, so you will be able to test your strategies using actual rates.

Although the numbers are all the same, you should note following two differences between Demo and Live accounts.

1. No Liquidity concerns

Money pool or liquidity is the one very important aspect in investment markets.

All financial markets are subject to their market liquidity.

Simply if there is no enough liquidity for your order to be executed, your order will not be executed. This is why many traders are often bothered by slippages, order rejections etc.

And this is the only difference(technically) between Demo and Live accounts, that there is no liquidity in Demo trading platforms.

As in all your orders will be executed instantly without delays or slippages in Demo accounts.

This wouldn’t a huge problem for traders with smaller trading volumes such as 0.01 – 0.1 lots.

But in case you are looking to trade with larger volumes like more than 10 lots for example, then you will most likely see huge difference in profit/loss results between Demo and Live accounts.

Unless your broker is for institutional traders or PoP(Prime of Prime), then normal brokers like Tradeview cannot support too large trading volumes.

2. Psychological Stress

Practice and real thing are always different.

You might trade more riskier in Virtual Demo trading account though, you might hesitate when you trade with your real money.

In case you are using trading programs(such as Expert Advisers), then your emotion doesn’t matter.

If you are trading manually, you wouldn’t think you will earn the same profit in the live account later.

The differences of Demo and Live accounts are always the same in every broker.

You may want to remembers that Demo and Live tradings are two different things.

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What is Online Forex trading?

Forex is an abbreviation of the term Foreign Exchange.

It is a term used to describe the exchange of one currency for another, through the purchase/ sale of one currency for another.

The act of exchange of currencies is performed with the aim of making gains or offsetting risk which may arise through speculation regarding the movement of certain currency pairs.

The Forex, or FX market is a global over the counter (OTC) market, meaning virtually anyone can participate in the act of Forex trading, as long as they have an internet connection and an account setup.

As such the Forex market has become the largest financial market with a daily volume in excess of $4 trillion.

By opening a trading account with Tradeview, you can trade Forex currency pairs, CFDs and Precious Metals all together. You can manage them with one funded account.

It is a great opportunity to create your own diversified portfolio with Tradeview.

When can I trade in Tradeview MT4? When is the market hours?

Through Tradeview MT4, Forex can be traded from 22:05 GMT on Sunday to 22:00 GMT Friday.

CFD instruments and Spot Metals are available for trading only limited time.

You can find out the full trading schedules in its official website by going to “Tools-Education” and “Market Hours”.

The below is the market hours of some financial instruments.

Financial Instruments Market opens Market closes Daily Break Expiration date
Forex Pairs Monday 00:00 Friday 24:00 00:00 to 00:05 None
GOLDUSD Monday 01:00 Friday 24:00 00:00 to 01:00 None
SILVERUSD Monday 01:00 Friday 24:00 00:00 to 01:00 None
USOIL Monday 01:00 Friday 23:45 00:00 to 01:00 None
BRENTUSD Monday 03:00 Friday 24:00 00:00 to 03:00 None
SOYBEAN Monday 03:05 Friday 21:00 15:40 to 16:35/ 21:10 to 03:05 None
DOW30 Monday 00:00 Friday 24:00 None None
NAS100 Monday 00:00 Friday 24:00 None None
SPX500 Monday 00:00 Friday 24:00 None None
CAC40 Monday 00:00 Friday 24:00 None None
FTSE100 Monday 00:00 Friday 24:00 None None
EURSTOXX50 Monday 00:00 Friday 24:00 None None
NIKKEI225 Monday 00:00 Friday 24:00 None None
The time is displayed in GMT+3.

For the latest information, please visit Tradeview Official Website.



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