For-Beginners-Get-FXGiants'-$70-No-Deposit-Bonus-to-start-trading-immediately For-Beginners-Get-FXGiants'-$70-No-Deposit-Bonus-to-start-trading-immediately

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If you have opened an account but you do not know what to think about or how to trade, you can not start trading because you are afraid to lose it.

In this article, we will explain some facts and tips about Forex trading.

Making a profit in Forex is not easy

Forex trading is a very attractive financial product that you can start with a small amount.

Especially with FXGiants’$70 No Deposit Bonus, you can immediately start trading Forex without making a deposit.

However, please be aware that it does not mean that you can make a profit by trading Forex without preparing anything.

You might have see articles on the internet and magazines that you can make a profit just by looking at one chart.

There are also paid e-mail newsletters that promotes some exaggerated contents.

But in reality, it is difficult to make a profit with these things alone.

However, there is an opportunity for anyone to make a profit, so we will introduce it from now on.

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Why can’t most people make a profit in Forex?

In order to make a profit with FX, it is possible for many investors by having proper knowledge and preparation without special talent or knowledge.

However, very few individual investors are making continuous profits from FX, and it is said that it is about 10% of those who opened an account.

Many people who give up on Forex trading without making a profit have a common problem.

They are poorly prepared.

When you start something new, whether it’s sports or work, you usually prepare a lot.

However, for some reason, many people who start Forex trading will start trading without making preparations.

As a result of trying the trading method seen on the internet, or taking a position with the comments of people who are called “experts” as a swallow, you could suffer an unexpected loss and give up on FX trading.

That’s exactly why many investors suffer big losses every year.

Now it is your choice to use FXGiants’$70 No Deposit Bonus.

You can use it casually and lose them all, or prepare well so you can continue trading longer.

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How to prepare to make profits?

The important thing when you start trading FX is not to predict the market price, but to prepare a method of making profit by using fluctuations in exchange rates.

It is especially important to have a strategy, some trading rules that aim to make as much profit as possible while controlling risk.

When trying to make a profit by using fluctuations in exchange rates, there is a risk that cannot be avoided.

You cannot make a profit without taking risks.

But if you can’t control the risk, you can end up with a big loss.

Making these trading rules is an important preparation for successful FX trading.

The market prices change due to fundamentals (basic conditions of the economy), the economic situation of each country, the political situation etc, and knowing these fundamentals can prepare you to get started in the Forex market.

Although the study of fundamentals is not a waste, but it does not directly lead to profits.

The reason why market prices moved is a reference for predicting future market prices, but the effects on the market such as fundamentals are very unstable, it is difficult to predict, and making a profit from trading is difficult even for professionals.

To help traders to follow the market trend efficiently, FXGiants provides both technical and and fundamental analysis every day.

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Create your own Trading Rules

At first you may think that a very simple rule will succeed.

However, it must be a rule that you can convince yourself that if you do this, you will be able to make a profit.

Furthermore, rules must be based on objective, not subjective.

Rules that are based on an objective basis can understand why it didn’t work, and could improve it, even if it didn’t work.

It is also useful to refer to the trading rules of investors who have already made a profit by trading.

However, keep in mind that the trading rules that are valid for one person are not always valid for you, because each person has different financial situations, lifestyles, and personalities.

You need to adapt the rules to your situation.

100 investors have 100 different trading rules.

Still, the rules of a successful investor can help you make your own rules.

Do you already have your own trading rule?

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Utilize technical analysis for trading

When you actually trade and have a position, you always feel psychological pressure whether the position has an unrealized gain or an unrealized loss.

When you have an unrealized gain, you want to fix it as quickly as possible, and when you have an unrealized loss, you feel like you do not want to realize that loss.

If you repeat the trade with that feeling, you will end up with a loss as a combination of small profits and large losses.

To avoid this, it is necessary to prepare trading rules so that correct actions can be taken even in an unstable psychological state.

Therefore, the trading rules should be objective.

In addition, it is difficult to keep overly complicated rules even if you make them.

In addition, you should consider whether you can execute the rules, considering your personality, lifestyle, and time available for trading.

For example, no matter how effective a trading rule, an individual investor with a core business should not be able to execute a trading strategy that requires sticking in front of a PC all night long.

Also, for those who want immediate results, strategies that take long-term trends are not suitable.

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What is Technical Analysis?

The technique called technical analysis is to find out the laws and quirks hidden in exchange rate movements from past price movements and use them to predict future price movements.

There are various analysis methods for technical analysis, but here we will introduce the use of chart analysis, which uses what is called a chart, which depicts the movement of the exchange rate up to that point in a kind of graph.

Technical analysis is generally objective. Therefore, the important points apply to the trading rules introduced above.

Also, trading using basic technical analysis is not very complicated.

Furthermore, by changing the length of the chart’s bars (the period represented by one line etc.) such as weekly, daily, hourly, minute, etc, it can be used for both short-term trading and long-term trading.

So, in this respect as well, the above conditions apply.

There are many different techniques for technical analysis, but if you look at too many things, you will not be able to reach a conclusion.

It is important to finally choose a method that suits your taste, taking into consideration factors such as your investment stance, amount of money, personality, and how much time you can spend for FX trading.

Through its experience, professional investors and highly profitable individual investors know that exchange rate movements have some sort of law, regularity, or habit.

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How to start trading FX with FXGiants?

After opening an account with FXGiants and receiving $70 for free, first practice using the trading screen to check how to buy and sell, how to place an order, check the status of your account, and so on.

There are explanations about transactions and manuals for using apps and trading tools, so it’s a good idea to read them before you start trading.

Let’s learn how to draw a line by carefully checking how to use the chart screen, which will be a guideline for future transactions.

In terms of technical analysis, there are typical indices, moving averages, MACD, RSI, Bollinger bands, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo etc. to grasp the characteristics of various indicators.

There are various ways to analyse the market, strategies to perform and styles to invest in the Forex market.

Get FXGiants’ $70 No Deposit Bonus today and experience the real trading in the real market.



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