Who is FP Markets?

FP Markets is an Online FX & CFD broker in Australia.

The broker is founded in 2005 and regulated by ASIC and CySEC. FP Markets is a proud winner of 35 industry awards with over 12 years of experience.

ASIC and CySEC licenses make sure that investors are protected by the strict rules. FP Markets deposits all clients’ funds into segregated accounts.

FP Markets’s advantage is their “Direct Market Access pricing” to over 10,000 financial instruments.

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Comparison of FP Markets Account Types

FP Markets mainly has 2 trading accounts from which you can choose to open.

See the table below for the comparison of FP Markets’ trading account types.

Account Types Standard Raw
Trading Platforms MT4 and MT5 MT4 and MT5
Required Minimum Deposit 100 AUD (or equivalent amount) 100 AUD (or equivalent amount)
Minimum Forex Spread 1.0 pip 0.0 pips
Trading Commission None $6 per round turn lot
Available Markets FX pairs, metals, indices, commodities FX pairs, metals, indices, commodities
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500
Trading Environment ECN Pricing ECN Pricing
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Lot Volume 100,000 units 100,000 units
Use of EAs No Restriction No Restriction
Mobile App Available Available
VPS (Virtuak Private Server) Available Available
Signup Pages Open Standard Account Open Raw Account

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Trading Conditions of FP Markets

With FP Markets, you can invest in CFDs across equities, Forex, indices, futures, commodities, shares and Cryptocurrency on MT4 trading platform.

With Market Execution, the broker strives to offer ECN(Electronics Communication Network) on MT4.

FP Markets also offers IRESS trading platform for tailored CFD accounts.

Their 2 platforms have different advantages for investors.

  1. IRESS for equities, indices and futures.
  2. MT4 and MT5 for Forex and commodities.

Maximum Leverage is 1:500, Minimum Trading cost is 0.0 pip with 7 AUD(per 1 lot round turn). You can start trading from 100 AUD of minimum deposit.

*Please note that FP Markets does not support NBP(Negative Balance Protections).
*FP Markets does not accept traders from Japan, U.S, New Zealand and Russia.

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Choose from MT4, MT5 and IRESS trading platforms

The platform is a trader’s most important tool.

FP Markets offers industry leading platforms IRESS, MT4 and MT5.

Get the best interface, the best customer support, the best experience.

Choose from a range of platforms that connect directly to markets using the best technology to deliver super-fast execution and pricing information without dealer intervention.

Equipped with a full range of order types, contingent automation, live news from multiple vendors, charting, scanning and complete market depth these platforms will let you MOVE FIRST and give you the trading edge.

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The IRESS Trading platform

IRESSTrader gives realtime, dynamic data and Direct Market Access tradability for its CFD products.

  • Trade CFDs, Forex, Futures from the one platform
  • Trade via DIRECT MARKET ACCESS via superior technology
  • Awarded “Best Trade Execution” by Investment Trends 2013
  • Competitive commission rates, low margins and access to a large range of short sell-able securities

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Metatrader 4 (MT4) and Metatrader 5 (MT5)

Learn why Metatrader is the worlds most popular Forex trading platform and experience the benefits of tight spreads, no hidden charges and the exceptional service offered by FP Markets.

  • Spreads from 0.1 pips
  • Deep Institutional liquidity from top tier global banks
  • 60+ Forex, Metals, Index and Commodity CFD’s
  • High performance Equinix NY4 based servers
  • Multiple platforms to chose from

For the Comparison of FP Markets Forex Trading Platforms, please visit the page here.

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Choose from FP Markets’ 2 account types

FP Markets is a 100% Australian owned Online Forex (FX) Broker offering a choice of industry leading platforms and trading on some of the industry’s tightest institutional spreads.

An ECN model, complimented by the security of tight regulation under ASIC and CySEC, and safety of funds allows clients to fully concentrate on what matters, trading.

FP Markets offer two types of FX trading accounts and they can also tailor the offering to your needs.

The broker offers a Standard Account and a Raw (ECN) Trader account and both can be opened on-line within minutes.

Regardless of the account type, FP Markets always run an ECN style model ensuring no re-quotes which gives you confidence that they always give you every opportunity to make money in the market as they do not profit from client loses.

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Advantages of FP Markets’ Standard and Raw ECN account

FP Markets’ Standard accounts provides access to tight and deep liquidity with no extra costs.

FP Markets’s Raw ECN will cater for the more frequent trader looking for the ultimate in transparent and competitive pricing, whilst keeping cost to a minimum.

  • Incredible Execution Speeds
  • Market leading Spreads and excellent depth of market
  • Trading with Multiple liquidity providers direct to the ECN environment
  • Trade Anywhere, anytime choosing from any of the platforms
  • Adapt your Standard trading account with any one of the trading tools that FP Markets offers
  • Enjoy flexible leverage options up to 1:500 that suits your method of trading
  • Trade 60+ products all being streamed and updated over the dedicated fibre links

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FP Markets covers all Deposit Fees for MT4/MT5 account

Until the end of the month, FP Markets will cover all deposits fees when funding your MT4/MT5 account including credit card and other payment methods available such as Skrill or Neteller.

The market is presenting many interesting trade opportunities so it’s a great time to take advantage of our ultra-tight 0.0 pip spreads.

Pair this with 1:500 leverage and you can really power your trading potential.

Offer is available until the end of this month – so don’t miss out!

Experience the ultimate in ECN performance with FP Markets today.

For the List and Conditions of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for FP Markets’ live trading account, please visit the page here.

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Why choose FP Markets?

FP Markets has become a home of the most satisfied CFD and Forex clients.

As a fully regulated and licensed broker in Australia, FP Markets has many secure advantages to provide its traders.

  1. Awarded ‘Highest overall client satisfaction’ 4 years running
  2. 100% Australian owned and operated (Regulated by ASIC and CySEC)
  3. Over 10 years experience
  4. Segregated accounts with Commonwealth Bank

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Experience FP Markets’ Direct Markets Access (DMA)

FP Markets (FPM) is an award-winning company that has earned a stellar reputation for providing Contracts for Difference (CFDs), one of the most popular financial trading instruments in Australia, through Direct Market Access.

An Australian-owned company, FP Markets was created by seasoned industry professionals with extensive experience in the field and who share a commitment to servicing a broad range of clients, from part-time traders to professionals and institutions.

As a global leader for DMA CFDs, FP Markets uses their combined depth of experience to understand the needs of the clients and provide exceptional service matched with the best products available.

Since commencing trading in 2005, FP Markets has become a major player in the CFD market through the Direct Markets Access (DMA) pricing model, great commission rates, exceptional trading platform and outstanding client service.

FP Markets was responsible for making Direct Market Access CFDs easily available to retail and professional clients at competitive commission rates in Australia.

In Australia, FP Markets is one of the most awarded companies in the industry, winning awards from Smart Investor, Investment Trends, Money Magazine, and The Bull and a 5 star rating from CANSTAR CANNEX.

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Your success is FP Markets’ success

Independent research has shown that we are the most-recommended CFD provider in the industry with the highest rates of client satisfaction.

FP Markets Direct Market Access model, with its fair and transparent prices, means that your success is their success.

FP Markets doesn’t profit from client losses like other CFD providers.

It’s in their best interest for you to be as profitable as possible, so FP Markets offers extensive education ranging from eBooks, webinars, seminars and in-depth client support.

And that support is offered 24 hours: FP Markets offers access to global markets, indices and foreign exchange and the markets they trade in do not stop.

FP Markets is continuing to grow quickly with a large offering of equity, FX, indices, Metals, commodities, CFDs and Cryptocurrency from international trading exchanges.

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FP Markets provides free Autochartist – technical analysis tool

In order to give your trading an edge, FP Markets has teamed up with Autochartist to provide you with one of the most flexible technical analysis tools for no additional charge.

Autochartist is the latest addition to FP Markets’ extensive range of trading tools.

What is Autochartist?

Autochartist is an online technical analysis tool that scans the market to provide detailed breakdowns across a wide range of Forex and CFD instruments.

Upon accessing the service, you will receive live trading alerts in your language of choice throughout the day so that you can take advantage of every trading opportunity.

Get access to FP Markets’ Autochartist

Why you should use the Autochartist?

Autochartist offers the following benefits:

  • Customisable, offering maximum control over trading activity.
  • Compatible with Metatrader, as an MT4 plugin.
  • Provides visual indicators in real-time, which help traders identify various trade opportunities as they develop in the market.
  • Available on Mobile including push notifications.
  • Makes risk management easier for traders.
  • Scan Forex, Indices, Commodities, Metals and Cryptos, using a single tool.
  • Learn to accurately anticipate price movements.

Just log in to FP Markets’ Client Portal and access the Autochartist web app or MT4 plugin.

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VPS Built-in with FP Markets

FP Markets has partnered with TradersColo and BeeksFX VPS, to provide a customized low latency solution for the traders.

The FP Markets Edition VPS seamlessly connects traders to the Equinix NY4 grid using cutting edge technology.

This server side solution includes state of the art hardware and virtualization technology delivering a solution without the cost or complexity of trading clustering solutions.

The core infrastructure is housed in the Equinix New York Data Center, benefiting Active and Algorithmic (EA) traders.

If you are running EAs, it is vital that your platform is connected to FP Markets servers 24 hours a day.

Using a VPS solution reduces any concerns about your computer shutting down, broadband not being available or even dropping coffee on your computer!

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The key benefits to a VPS are:

1. VPS is always on 24/7

The VPS runs all day, every day.

That means you should never miss your target price.

2. Access to VPS account remotely

You can always access your VPS. There are two main options for this.

Firstly, you can get access through the standard windows Remote Desktop Connection software.

This gives you full access to the server and enables you to set-up your EAs as well as install any other useful services that sit alongside MT4.

The second option is to monitor your account in real time using FP Markets’ mobile platform.

FP Markets believes this may be a more convenient method to monitor your VPS while on the move.

Get FP Markets’ Free VPS

3. Lower Latency for faster execution

By using a professional data centre, it is very likely that the data connection speed can be faster than your home broadband.

That could mean your execution speed is better than you are able to get at home.

FP Markets has selected a provider located close to their own MT4 servers to maximise the speed of your trading.

4. Reduce Power (electricity) Bills

Because the VPS is running in a data centre, you don’t have to leave your computer on at home which means that you can turn off all your devices at home while still being safe in the knowledge that your trading strategies are continuing.

FP Markets Ratings And Reviews

FP Markets's Rate

4.4 rating based on 82 ratings
4.4/5 82

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FP Markets's Trading Accounts

FP Markets (FP Markets Pty Ltd) offers 6 trading account types.

Account Name
Max Lev
Min Deposit
Margin Call/Stop Out
Minimum 10 AUD then 0.1%
Multiple Fees Apply*
Minimum 9 AUD then 0.09%
$3.5(AUD) per 1 lot

FP Markets Company Profile

FX & CFD Broker with over 10,000 financial instruments(CFDs).

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.
Regulations & Licenses
Company FP Markets Pty Ltd
Founded 2005 (19 years)
Country Base Australia
Headquaters Level 5, Exchange House 10 Bridge St Sydney NSW 2000
Traders Rating
4.4 rating based on 82 ratings
4.4/5 82
Supported Platforms
Maximum Leverage 500:1 *
Crypto-Currencies Not Available
Negative Balance Offer Negative Balance Protection
Client Funds Safety Segregated
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods

Company Categories


Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.

FP Markets FAQ

Everything you need to know about FP Markets (FP Markets Pty Ltd).

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Slippage can be profitable for you So what exactly is slippage? How does FP Markets treat slippage? Slippage can be profitable for you Forex slippage is extremely common in the forex trading world, but is usually tied with negative connotations. However, while the experience can be bad if it goes agains...

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How does FP Markets process its traders' orders?



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