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VantageFX - What's now?

The broker VantageFX is now called "Vantage". Go to the page here to find out more about the new "Vantage" an online Forex broker.

vantagefx forex cfd broker mt4 mt5 official website

The broker VantageFX is now called “Vantage”. Go to the page here to find out more about the new “Vantage” an online Forex broker.

What is VantageFX?

VantageFX provides professional foreign exchange based financial services to individual clients.

All trading activities are executed in the VantageFX’s MT4 and MT5.

VantageFX always aims to offer its prospective customers the most competitive spreads, rapid and secure real-time trade execution, and reliable customer support.

If you wish to open a live trading account with VantageFX, they are more than happy to assist you in every step of the way.

On VantageFX Official Website, you’ll find comprehensive and detailed instructions on how to open an account with VantageFX, however, you can also contact the support team directly at any time.

At VantageFX, they do their absolute best to cater to your needs in any and every way possible and VantageFX does so in the most professional manner.

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Regulations and Licenses of VantageFX

VantageFX is an online Forex and CFD broker required and licensed by multiple financial authorities including Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and Financial Conduct Authority in UK.

VantageFX’s primary focus is foreign exchange trading and providing brokerage services, exclusively catering to non-US customers.

VantageFX is part of a global group providing trading in the foreign exchange and derivatives markets.

With VantageFX, retail and wholesale traders have the assurance they are trading with a market leader committed to providing transparent pricing and the best trade execution possible.

With over 10 years combined capital market experience, the shareholders, directors and executives of VantageFX offers expertise in both Margin Foreign Exchange products and Contracts for Difference.

The depth of experience, along with a demonstrated ability to successfully manager a 24×6 business with solid risk management, instills in VantageFX’s clients a high level of confidence.

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VantageFX Trading Server with ECN technology

VantageFX has partnered up with Equinix, and has 6 trading servers in different countries.

VantageFX’s trading servers are connected with fiber-optic cables and are stable at 99.99%.

By using the superior server connections, VantageFX utilizes the ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technology.

VantageFX’s ECN technology connects multiple liquidity providers of VantageFX, and integrate them into one, offering deep market liquidity on VantageFX MT4 and MT5 platforms.

With VantageFX’s ECN technology, the broker is capable of offering tight spread as low as 0.0 pips.

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Trading Account Types of VantageFX

VantageFX provides traders various account types to suit any trading strategies.

Please refer to the table below for the comparison of account types.

Account Types Standard Raw Pro
Execution Model STP ECN ECN
Available Platform Both MT4 and MT5 Both MT4 and MT5 Both MT4 and MT5
Required Minimum Deposit $200 $500 $20000
Minimum Spread 1.4 pips 0.0 pips 0.0 pips
Trading Commission None $6 per lot $4 per lot
Bonuses Available Unavailable Unavailable

With VantageFX, you can open multiple trading accounts to try out different account types too.

See the page here for the FAQs regarding to VantageFX’s account opening and trading.

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1. VantageFX’s RAW ECN account

The first is VantageFX’s ECN model which is leading the way in ECN Forex trading.

With VantageFX’s ECN (Electronic Communication Network),they provide a way for the retail trader to trade on prices streamed by multiple large banks and prime brokers.

This ensures that all market participants are given equal access and a fair trading environment as well as the best prices, the best spreads, and the fastest executions.

With VantageFX’s RAW ECN account, you will enjoy spreads starting at just 0.0 pips.

Open VantageFX’s RAW ECN account

2. VantageFX’s Standard STP account

The second model VantageFX has available is the STP spread model.

Many traders prefer to have a STP tight spread.

This works extremely well for traders using EA’s (expert advisers) and need a stable trading environment.

With VantageFX’s STP account, you will not have to worry about the spreads increasing around news or during the Asian session which is quite common.

VantageFX’s STP account’s price feed starts at 1.4 pips on the EURUSD.

Open VantageFX’s Standard STP account

3. VantageFX’s PRO ECN account

VantageFX’s platform breaks the currency value down to 5 places outside the decimal.

This is a major advantage as the value of a pip is being broken into 1/10th parts.

The advantage is you can trade inside the pip.

If 1 pip is $10 in 4 decimal, 0.1 pip is 1$ in 5 decimal (1/10 of 1 is .1).

Another advantage is you can trade Standard lots, Mini lots and Micro lots all from the same trading account.

VantageFX’s aim is to provide you with very competitive transaction costs and tight bid/ask spreads on every currency pair.

Open VantageFX’s PRO ECN account

4. VantageFX’s Islamic account

To meet the needs of traders with Muslim faith, VantageFX has prepared an Islamic Swap free account which charges no overnight interest on open positions.

With the swap-free option, you can also choose from STP and Raw ECN spread account types which may satisfy the needs of different types of traders.

VantageFX’s Islamic Swap Free account is available upon request.

For more information about VantageFX’s Islamic Swap Free account, visit the page here.

Contact VantageFX Support Team

What you can invest in with VantageFX?

By opening an account with VantageFX, you can invest in over 180 financial markets including Forex currency pairs, Indices, Stocks and Commodities.

Open one account today and get access to all of the markets and diversify your portfolio.

1. Forex Currency Pairs

VantageFX is proud to welcome you to the world of currency trading in today’s Forex market.

This exciting and rapidly growing Foreign Exchange Market has allowed individual investors and large financial institutions to meet their financial objectives in almost every trading environment.

Easier accessibility, increased capital, and recent economic events have resulted in a highly active trading market.

Currency investors consider this particular market to be an especially ideal trading platform for substantial monetary returns.

A good understanding of currency trading and effective strategies are important factors that can enhance currency trading performance.

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2. Stocks

At VantageFX, you gain access to online CFD trading on the most popular futures on indices from the U.S and Europe.

Among them you will find the DAX 30, CAC 40, FTSE 100, Dow Jones, S&P500 and NASDAQ 100.

Stock market volatility presents unique investment and profit opportunities for individuals willing to trade with increased uncertainty and risk.

Imagine being able to benefit from a diversified investment tool that combines leverage, low costs and simple trading, which also allows you to make profits in both rising and falling markets.

VantageFX supplies you with today’s most popular CFDs for Hong Kong and American Stocks.

All indices have an expiry date and are subject to rollovers every three months.

VantageFX allows investors to continuously trade by automatically rolling a mature contract to a new contract.

However, all existing order (limits, stop loss or take profit) will not be updated to the new contract.

Traders that don’t want exposure to rate adjustments are able to close a contract until the expiry date.

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3. Commodities

At VantageFX, you gain access to online CFD trading on variety of commodities such as Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Corn, Wheat as well as spot metals.

VantageFX allows you to trade light WTI Crude Oil and Natural Gas with CFDs.

Commodities are popular investments for reasons that include inflation hedging, long-term-investing, and speculative trading.

Energy commodities are often traded by energy companies and consumers to defend against price volatility or uncertainty.

VantageFX’s energy product prices correspond with single month futures of the underlying asset that is being traded on a market exchange.

All commodity contracts that are traded with VantageFX are subject to monthly rollovers.

To allow for continuous trading, VantageFX will automatically rollover a mature contract to a new contract.

However, all existing order (limits, stop loss or take profit) will not be updated to the new contract.

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4. Precious Metals

VantageFX allows you to speculate on the price movements of gold or silver relative to the US dollar currency.

VantageFX’s spot metals are quoted and traded similarly to our currency pairs.

Spot metals include a “Bid” price, an “Ask” price, a spread, and are calculated in Pips. ($0.01)

Spot metal trading is over the counter, with the main trading centers located in London and New York.

Liquidity in the spot metals market is often highest when European market hours overlap with New York trading hours.

Sometimes, the market experiences periods of il-liquidity when the US market closes.

Many traders refer to gold as a “safe-haven” investment.

During times of high volatility, increased risk, and anticipated inflation, investors often move their funds to gold as a way to mitigate losses.

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VantageFX MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platforms

VantageFX users that prefer a more automated trading approach and additional investment strategies will benefit from VantageFX’ powerful MetaTrader4 trading platform.

VantageFX’s MT4 Client Terminal is designed to provide traders with accessible real time market analysis, which include charts, indices, and news updates.

In addition, users have more trading options, custom indicators and strategies, which can enhance performance and increase profitability.

VantageFX’ MetaTrader4 is written in a programming language that can be modified by the user.

This important feature is a major reason behind MetaTrader’s continued success among currency traders.

Individuals can actually alter key features in MetaTrader by changing system language.

For example, if traders prefer an investment approach based on historical market behavior, they can simply input the necessary information directly onto the system.

VantageFX traders who choose this powerful and advanced trading tool will continue to receive all the benefits VantageFX’ company provides, including guaranteed pip spreads, educational information, and outstanding support.

Downloading and installing the VantageFX’s MT4 trading platform from VantageFX Official Website is a quick and simple process.

VantageFX’s customer support team is available 24 hours a day to assist individuals that need additional guidance when installing the program.

Current MetaTrader4 users with questions about system functions are also encouraged to contact VantageFX for assistance.

Open VantageFX MT4 Account

Mobile apps of VantageFX MT4 and MT5

Trade forex, energies, metals, futures and stocks from your mobile iPhone or Android device for free using powered applications.

Use of the application is free of any charges.

Take your trades with you, where ever you go, be mobile, open, close or modify your trades from any place you are.

24 hours a day, 5 days a week, take your trading opportunities with you.

Now you don’t need to be online with your PC all the time.

Monitor how your EA is trading. Enjoy VantageFX’s fast ECN execution and perfect liquidity.

*VantageFX MT4 and MT5 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

*VantageFX MT4 and MT5 Android app requires Android 2.1 and higher.

Download VantageFX MT4 apps

VantageFX MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading platforms

VantageFX is excited to offer a superior alternative in trading platforms, VantageFX MT5 is noticed by advanced traders and scalpers as a breath of fresh air.

Have the ability to enter and exit trades with just one click.

Coupled with VantageFX’s lighting execution and pricing the MT5 is hard to resist.

The VantageFX MT5 is ideal for traders who enter and exit large scale positions within a short amount of time.

See why advanced traders choose SmartTrader as their trading platform and sign up for a demo or live account.

With the VantageFX MT5 trading platform, traders have the ability to develop their own trading strategies through the Expert Advisors and back-test those strategies as well.

VantageFX MT5 has been created for the self-traders to provide trade operations and technical analysis in real-time mode.

The platform provides a wide range of features for VantageFX traders, including various execution technologies, unlimited charting quantity, large number of technical indicators and line studies, custom indicators and scripts and more.

For the comparison of VantageFX’s all MT4 and MT5 account types, visit the page here.

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ZuluTrade Social and Copy Trading Solution

Automate your Forex Trading with VantageFX, let the professionals trade for you and watch their performance.

One of the most innovative and exclusive features of the VantageFX trading experience is the auto-trading capability through ZuluTrade.

The auto-trading feature of ZuluTrade is a fully-automated trading system that enables VantageFX users to draw on the wealth of knowledge and expertise of expert traders and use tried and tested strategies to perform trades and all other market-related actions.

There is a host of trading strategies that enable VantageFX clients to customise their trading portfolio.

The auto-trading systems give beginner traders an opportunity to enter the capital market with a certain level of confidence, as well as to allow more experienced traders to broaden their market activities.

To use ZuluTrade’s service with VantageFX, you must first Signup and open ZuluTrade account, then follow the steps below.

  1. Check the available systems
  2. Select the systems based on performance or your criteria
  3. Apply the systems to your trading portfolio and view the performance
  4. Take up auto-trading and gain the advantage of using the knowledge of experienced traders

Go to ZuluTrade Registration Page

Merits of using ZuluTrade on VantageFX MT4 and MT5

Why you should use ZuluTrade’s Social and Copy trading service with VantageFX?

  • Automate your trading to capture opportunities 24 hours a day
  • Trade with the knowledge of experienced forex traders
  • Web-based application and no download required
  • Custom build a portfolio based on a single strategy or combination of strategies
  • Advanced strategy management capabilities
  • Multilingual customer support
  • No subscription costs or maintenance fees

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VantageFX’s Free Education – Online Forex Trading

Are you new to Forex and CFD market, or have some questions before getting started?

VantageFX provides you with the full set of educational courses in the Official Website.

The topics will cover everything from Forex Market Overview, Forex Market Analysis and Forex Trading Psychology.

Even if you have been trading Forex already, VantageFX’s educational courses can be very interesting and educating to improve your investment knowledge.

Signup for VantageFX and get access to the full educational materials.

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Fund Deposits and Withdrawals for VantageFX MT4 and MT5

After opening an account with VantageFX, you can use various funding methods to transfer your investment fund to VantageFX.

VantageFX’s MT4 and MT5 accounts can be opened in the following currencies: AUD – Australian Dollars, USD – United States Dollar, EUR – Euro, GBP – British Pound Sterling, NZD – New Zealand Dollar, SGD – Singapore Dollar, JPY – Japanese Yen, CAD – Canadian Dollar

The method for fund transfer includes bank wire transfer, credit and debit card (VISA, Mastercard) and online wallets (Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, UnionPay etc).

Make sure your first deposit amount meets the minimum requirement for your account type.

For the fund withdrawal, the same method you used for the fund deposit will be used.

For more information about the fund deposit and withdrawal conditions, please login to the client portal from VantageFX Official Website.

VantageFX Client Portal Login

Why invest in Forex with VantageFX?

There are many advantages to trade with the regulated online Forex broker, VantageFX.

Among many financial markets offered on VantageFX MT4 and MT5 platforms, Forex market is doubtlessly the most popular market by traders.

But why traders prefer Forex? We have picked 4 great reasons to invest in Forex market with VantageFX.

1. Global Trading Market Open To Everyone

Firstly forex trading is global marketplace which welcomes everyone from every corner of the world with no distinction of geographical bounds and socio-cultural background.

2. Forex Trading – 24 Hours Business

Secondly, unlike other investment markets, forex trading remains open 24 hours which further maximizes the probability of making profit and compensating for previous losses.

3. Greater Investment Option using Leverage Strategy

Thirdly, forex trading market offers a great opportunity to invest 500 times greater than actual amount by using leverage strategy which automatically increases the profit ratio 500 times than actual profit making capacity of a trader.

4. Lower Costs

Fourthly, forex trading involves lower fees and lower account opening limit which further makes it easier to start a forex trading business today.

You need only $100 to open a forex trading account which is really a great offer for entering such a huge profit making marketplace.

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Bonus Promotions of VantageFX

VantageFX runs various bonus promotions for its traders.

Their promotions include Active Trader Program, 50% Deposit Bonus, Forex Signals via Email and FX Rebates 10% Bonus.

For the latest offers available by VantageFX, please visit VantageFX Official Website.

See the available offers of VantageFX

MAM (PAMM) Social and Copy trading

When your client’s financial future is in your hands, you want trading software that is effective, reliable, and easy to manage when juggling multiple accounts.

VantageFX’s PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management) software allows money managers, currency brokers or financial planners to manage an unlimited number of accounts for their clients with an intuitive, logical approach designed to keep order in what could be potentially confusing transactions.

VantageFX’s main features include the followings:

  • Commissions are automatically credited to the money manager’s PAMM account
  • Seamless Operation. No need for a restart if clients are added or subtracted
  • Sub-Accounts allow for easy management of trades
  • Use “Expert Advisors” (EA’s) to automatically trade on a client’s sub-account
  • Same execution price for all accounts
  • Clients have “view only” access to their accounts
  • A full range of financial reports for the PAMM account can be generated from the platform at any time by both the manager and the clients.

Contact VantageFX Support Team for more

What are the differences of MAM and PAMM?

VantageFX’s PAMM accounts offer an efficient, elegant solution to the challenges of maintaining a percentage allocation method in money management.

  • PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) for VantageFX traders allows a Money Manager to trade a group of accounts as a single account. The profits and losses are then automatically allocated to each sub-account based on each account’s share of the total pool.
  • MAM (Multi-Account Manager) for MetaTrader creates master accounts, set up by Money Managers, and slave accounts, also known as sub-accounts, that replicate all trades from their respective master account proportionally to their balance.

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Navigate through market volatility with VantageFX’s ProTrader Tools

When the markets in turmoil and volatility through the roof, it can be more important to find reliable sources of information.

That’s why VantageFX has partnered with Trading Central to develop their suite of ProTrader tools.

To access your suite of ProTrader Tools directly from your Vantage FX client portal, all you need to do is open and fund a live trading account with $1000 or more, it’s that simple.

Here are what do you get with the Vantage FX Pro Trader Tools.

  1. Market Buzz
    Trading Central’s next-gen AU Market News module, which covers over 35,000 tradable assets.
  2. Featured Ideas
    Trading ideas based on technical and fundamental strategies across dozens of currency pairs.
  3. Economic Calendar
    Real-time coverage of macro-economic events covering 38 countries with on-chart tracking of each event.
  4. Analyst Views
    Trading Central’s premium technical analysis module, covering 80,000 trading instruments.

It only takes just minutes to open a live account with VantageFX, so click here to find out how you can access the Vantage FX Pro Trader Tools.

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VantageFX Company Profile

Invest in over 180 financial markets on VantageFX MT4 and MT5 with ECN execution.

Regulations & Licenses
Company Vantage International Group Limited
Founded 2009 (15 years)
Country Base Cayman Islands
Headquaters Artemis House, 67 Fort St, PO Box 2775, Grand Cayman KY1-1111
Traders Rating
4.6 rating based on 17 ratings
4.6/5 17
Supported Platforms
Crypto-Currencies Not Available
Negative Balance Offer Negative Balance Protection
Client Funds Safety Segregated
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Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.



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