Multi-asset broker with over 10 years of industry experience offering traders cutting-edge services and tools.

What is Vantage Markets?

Vantage Markets is an online multi-asset broker owned by Vantage International Group Limited based in Australia, Sidney.

Created in 2010, it has always had as its main objective the creation of a trading environment capable of satisfying any customer need.

To date, Vantage is considered a leader in the industry, with over 550,000 customers around the world and asset management amounting to approximately one billion dollars.

The broker has a wide range of instruments to invest in (including Forex, Indices, Precious Metals, Commodities, Energy, ETFs, and CFDs) with virtually instant order execution, stable performance, and numerous promotional offers to take advantage of on intuitive and easy to use platforms (such as MT4 and MT5) suitable for both professional and novice traders.

Vantage Markets is a broker that boasts CySEC, FCA, CIMA and ASIC regulatory licenses.

This allows the broker to guarantee its services all over the world (more than 172 countries).

Regulations CySEC, FCA, CIMA, AISEC
Demo Account Available
Minimum deposit $50
Maximum leverage 1:500
Platforms MT4, MT5 and Mobile App
Negative balance protection Supported
Promotional Offers (Bonuses) 50% Deposit Bonus, 100% First Deposit Discount, Swap Free Gold Trading, Refer a Friend Promotion and more
Markets Forex, Indices, Precious Metals, Commodities, Energy, ETFs, and Share CFDs
Social and Copy trading Available
Stop Out Level 50%
Margin Call 80%
Forex Spread Starting from 0.0 pips
Trading fees Varies by account
Deposit fees None
Withdrawal fees Varies according to the selected withdrawal method

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Account Types available on Vantage

The various categories of accounts offered by the broker have been structured to be suitable for any type of trading.

The customer will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable for their needs and test its characteristics.

In case the trader wants to try to invest with Vantage without having to lose funds, he can opt to open a demo account.

The accounts offered by Vantage are standard STP, Raw ECN, Pro ECN.

Standard STP account
An account that guarantees the trader a high market depth, lightning-fast order execution, and clear and constantly updated prices. Features suitable for trading by novice clients, who will have the opportunity to start trading on the MT4 and MT5 platforms taking advantage of various merits such as leverage up to 1:500, spreads starting from 1.0 pips, and instant order execution.
ECN Raw Account
Created for the most experienced investor, the Raw ECN account offers access to markets with superior liquidity. Its main features include spreads as low as 0.0 pips and relatively low commissions starting at $3.00 per lot per side. Recommended for traders working full-time in the forex trading sector.
Pro ECN Account
The Pro ECN account is structured to meet the needs of professional traders with extremely high trading volumes. By choosing this type of account, traders will have access to the best liquidity providers on the market and ultra-low spreads starting from 0.0 pips. Not too high commissions starting at $1.50 per standard lot per side.

Open a real account with Vantage

How to open an account with Vantage Markets?

The process that will allow traders to open an account is simple and quick, the interested party will only take a few minutes to complete it.

It should be clarified that the procedure for opening an account varies according to the type of account selected, in fact, opening a demo account compared to the real one takes only a few seconds since it will not be necessary to enter or send too much information.

To be able to open a real Vantage account, just follow the next simple guide:

First Step
To get started, visit the official website of Vantage Markets, click on the button “open a real account” at the top right of the screen and enter your personal details such as name, surname, date of birth, country of residence, mobile phone, valid e-mail, type of identification document to be used and relative identification number.
Second Step
In the next screen, the trader will have to enter his balance sheet, work he does, address, how much he is willing to invest, trading experience and select the platform by choosing between MT4 and MT5.
Third Step
The next step involves completing a verification process called KYC. You will have to prove your identity and the country of origin. For identity, clear photos of a passport or identity card must be sent, while for residence, it will be necessary to send a recent electricity bill, a bank statement or a certificate of residence.
Fourth Step
Now traders can make a first deposit into their account with the transaction method that best suits their needs. The minimum deposit required for any type of account offered is $50.
Last step
All that remains is to start investing in a wide range of tools available.

Visit the official website of Vantage Markets

By consulting the next table you will be able to know in detail the most important characteristics of the accounts offered by Vantage:

Account Types Standard STP Raw ECN Pro ECN
Trading Environment STP (Straight Through Processing) ECN (Electronic Communication Network) ECN (Electronic Communication Network)
Trading Platforms Both MT4 and MT5 Both MT4 and MT5 Both MT4 and MT5
Execution Model Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution
Available Markets Forex, Commodities, Indices and Stocks Forex, Commodities, Indices and Stocks Forex, Commodities, Indices and Stocks
number of Symbols Over 173 Symbols Over 173 Symbols Over 173 Symbols
Required Minimum Deposit $200 $500 $20,000
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500
Minimum Spread 1.4 pips 0.0 pips 0.0 pips
Trading Commission None $6 per round turn lot $4 per round turn lot
Margin Call 80% 80% 80%
Stop Out 50% 50% 50%

Open Vantage’s Account

Vantage’s Platforms and Social trading

Vantage Makets offers numerous solutions to be able to interact on markets around the world.

Among the available platforms and software for social trading, the customer can choose the option that best suits their style, investment volume and trading experience.

The platforms available with the broker are MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 (both offered in web, app and desktop versions), Pro Trader and Vantage app.

Vantage’s MT4 and MT5

The MetaQuotes’s MT4 and MT5 platforms are undoubtedly the most famous and used platforms in the world.

The intuitive and easy-to-use interface, latest generation charts, analytical tools and access to a wide range of essential information for trading are just some of the features that are part of the platforms.

Features MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 5
Compatible account types RAW ECN – standard STP without swap RAW ECN – standard STP without swap
Available markets 40 pairs, of 13 currencies, 20 Indices, 100 commodities, CFDs on shares 40 pairs, of 13 currencies, 20 indices, 100 commodities, CFDs on shares
How to access Desktop WebTrader Mobile Desktop WebTrader Mobile
Maximum leverage Up to 500: 1 Up to 500: 1
Minimum trade size 0.01 lot 0.01 lot
Account base currencies $ AUD $ USD £ GBP € EUR $ SGD $ CAD $ AUD $ USD £ GBP € EUR $ SGD $ CAD
Hedging Yes Yes
Scalping Yes Yes
Number of timeframes 9 21
Forex Robot (EA) Based on MQL4 Based on MQL5

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Vantage’s ProTrader Platform

The innovative structure of the Vantage ProTrader platform, based on TradingView technology, offers traders an investment environment full of innovations and up-to-date tools that guarantee the creation of highly accurate strategies and investment methods.

With free access to over 50 state-of-the-art technical drawing tools and market analysis tools, the trader will have the opportunity to trade to the best of his ability.

Below are the main features of the platform.

Wide range of graphics
The software structure has been designed to be compatible with any trading style. Traders of any kind and level of experience will be able to use 12 different types of charts to study the markets with extreme precision, displaying up to 8 charts.
Quality trading tools
Using ProTrader, the client will have access to a wide range of technical indicators and oscillators, drawing tools including trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, Gann & Elliott Waves and much more to discover by visiting Vantage Official Website.
World-class trading environment
An instant order execution, The trader will be able to open positions with maximum accuracy per pip of various types of orders and make use of extremely important information such as the pip value in US dollars. In addition to this, there is the possibility of being able to set the GMT of the various charts both on the times of the trader’s country of origin and on the opening hours of the selected instrument.
Market news constantly updated
By accessing market news, the trader can always be updated on economic events, being able to take advantage of opportunities by limiting risks by investing in over 400 forex pairs, indices, commodities, CFDs on shares and more.

And finally, ProTrader has following capabilities.

View up to 8 charts
CFDs on tradable assets Over 350 assets
Graphic layout Over 20 types
Indicators Over 100 indicators

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Vantage’s Mobile App

A cutting-edge application, to manage your trading activities in any place and time directly from your mobile device.

The new Vantage Mobile App is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The software has the same features as the PC versions.The trader will be able to invest their funds on over 300 financial instruments, make use of the latest generation charts, consult trading signals and take advantage of a maximum leverage equal to 1:500.

In addition, the app allows the customer (both professional and novice) to consult the main news and events of the financial markets and make use of an accurate daily financial analysis.

Technical indicators Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, 9 timeframes, and graphical tools
Maximum leverage 1:500
Accessible instruments 400+ including currencies, commodities, indices, stock CFDs and more
Minimum deposit $50
News and market analysis Available
Multilingual support 24/5

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Copy and Social Trading with Vantage

One of the hottest services in this period is social trading.

Thanks to it, traders will have the opportunity to interact with thousands, millions of investors around the world by drawing on information and news useful for trading.

Through social trading platforms, the client will be able to literally copy the operations of professional traders and benefit from them.

The service is structured as follows:

  • The trader chooses from the list of professional traders on the platform the most suitable for his needs, to become a “copy trader”.
  • The client will be able to copy all the strategies made by the expert trader.
  • In case of profit, the experienced trader will be entitled to a certain percentage of profit.

The social trading platforms available with Vantage Market are DupliTrade, AutoTrade MyFXBook and ZuluTrade.

On the platforms, the client will find trading strategies based on trend and accurate analysis, developed by experienced professionals in the sector.

In order to decide which professional to rely on, you can consult useful information such as average monthly profits, operational fields and history of operations carried out.

AutoTrade Myfxbook
One of the most popular FX copy trading platforms offering a list of over 90,000 professional traders to copy trades from. To access the service, the trader will need to open a new Vantage account specific to AutoTrading and create a portfolio. From now on, you can copy (even automatically) all the trades of the selected successful trader.
Another highly efficient social trading platform with over 10,000 “Masters” (professional traders) that allows clients to search for the successful trader from which to copy trades through the ZuluRank service, a latest generation algorithm that evaluates investor performance. The accounts are fully customizable according to your style and also thanks to ZuluGuard you can have a strict management of the risks deriving from volatile trading strategies. The platform offers Automator, a tool that allows you to automatically create and execute your own strategies.

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Spreads and commissions of Vantage

The trading cost of the Vantage Markets service is quite clear.

The broker will not charge any commission for opening a new account, be it demo or real. The only condition is when you open a live account, you must pay a minimum deposit of $50 for the standard accounts and of $10,000 for the professional account.

Another noteworthy feature is the absence of commissions in case of non-use. Consequently, if the trader is absent even for a long period of time, no cost will be charged.

As for trading expenses, the broker has some of the most advantageous commissions and spreads on the market.

Vantage’s Spread Cost

With a feed from over 70 top-tier liquidity providers, the broker has the ability to offer some of the world’s most advantageous spreads starting from 0.0 pips on RAW ECN accounts and 1.0 pip on standard STP accounts.

Unlike the spreads of major currency pairs which can drop below 1 pip during liquidity periods, typical forex spreads vary by account type.

Standard Account Raw Account Pro Account
EURUSD from 1.4 pips from 0.0 pips from 0.0 pips
GBPUSD from 1.6 pips from 0.5 pips from 0.5 pips
AUDUSD from 1.4 pips from 0.3 pips from 0.3 pips
USDJPY from 1.5 pips from 0.4 pips from 0.4 pips

Visit the official website of Vantage Markets

Trading Commissions of Vantage

In order to know the fees applied, simply see the following table.

Trading Commissions on ECN RAW account
Base currency of the account Commission for 0.01 Lots (1000 base currency) Commission for 1 Lot (100,000 base currency)
Australian dollar AUD AUD $ 0.03 (round turn $ 0.06) AUD $ 3 (round turn $ 6)
US dollar USD USD $ 0.03 (round turn $ 0.06) USD $ 3 (round turn $ 6)
Pound GBP GBP £ 0.02 (round turn £ 0.04) GBP £ 2 (round turn £ 4)
Euro EUR EUR € 0.025 (round turn € 0.05) EUR € 2.5 (round turn € 5)
Singapore dollar SGD SGD $ 0.035 (round turn $ 0.07) SGD $ 3.50 (round turn $ 7)
Japanese yen JPY JPY ¥ 2.75 (round turn ¥ 5.50) JPY ¥ 275 (round turn ¥ 550)
New Zealand dollar NZD NZD $ 0.0325 (round turn $ 0.065) NZD $ 3.25 (round turn $ 6.50)
Canadian dollar CAD CAD $ 0.03 (round turn $ 0.06) CAD $ 3 (round turn $ 6)

Open a real account with Vantage Markets

Trading Commissions on PRO ECN account
Base currency of the account Commission for 0.01 Lots (1000 base currency) Commission for 1 Lot (100,000 base currency)
Australian dollar AUD AUD $ 0.02 (round turn $ 0.04) AUD $ 2 (round turn $ 4)
US dollar USD USD $ 0.015 (round turn $ 0.03) USD $ 1.5 (round turn $ 3)
Pound GBP GBP £ 0.01 (round turn £ 0.02) GBP £ 1 (round turn £ 2)
Euro EUR EUR € 0.015 (round turn € 0.03) EUR € 1.5 (round turn € 3)
Canadian dollar CAD CAD $ 0.02 (round turn $ 0.04) CAD $ 2 (round turn $ 4)
Japanese yen JPY JPY ¥ 1.75 (Round turn ¥ 3.50) JPY ¥ 175 (Round turn ¥ 350)

Visit the official website of Vanage Markets

Deposits and withdrawals

Condition of Fund Deposits to Vantage

The broker allows you to fund your account for free with the help of a wide range of deposit methods.

In addition to not having to pay any transaction fees, the entire process will be both simple to carry out and totally secure.

In order to have access to the markets, the minimum deposit required is only $50.

The maximum deposit per transaction is $ 10,000 based on the base currency selected, except for HKD and JPY.

The base currencies to be able to open a new account and make a deposit are the following:

  • USD – US dollar.
  • EUR – Euro.
  • GBP – British Pound.
  • NZD – New Zealand dollar.
  • SGD – Singapore dollar.
  • JPY – Japanese yen.
  • CAD – Canadian dollar.
  • AUD – Australian dollar.

As for the deposit methods, the list presents numerous solutions to allow the trader to find the option that best suits their financial needs.

With the next table you will be able to know in detail the various payment methods available with the broker.

Deposit method processing times Fees to be paid Base currencies =
National EFT 1-2 business days None AUD
Fast domestic transfer (Australia only) Few hours during AEST opening hours None AUD
International EFT (Wire Transfer) 2-5 business days None * AUD, USD, GBP , EUR, SGD, JPY, NZD, CAD
Credit/debit card (Visa and MasterCard) Instant None AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, SGD, JPY, NZD, CAD
JCB Instant None Japanese yen
China Union Pay Instant from 1.30% to 2.50% US dollar
Neteller Instant Subject to Neteller fees AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, SGD, JPY , NZD, CAD
Skrill (Moneybookers) Within 24 business hours Subject to Skrill fees USD, EUR, GBP, CAD
Broker to broker 2-5 business days Subject to wire transfer fees AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, SGD, JPY, NZD, CAD
Fasa Pay Instant None US dollar
AstroPay Instant None USD and large number of local currencies
Instant Bank Transfer in Thailand Instant None US Dollar

It should be noted that some deposit methods may have additional costs that are not dependent on Vantage Markets, such as fees from international banks or online wallets.

For more information, you can contact the support team by visiting the official website of Vantage Markets.

Visit the official website of Vantage Markets

Condition of Fund Withdrawals from Vantage

As with deposits, withdrawal operations also do not involve any additional cost, to be able to carry out the operation it will be sufficient to perform the next steps:

  • Log in to the customer portal and click on “withdraw”.
  • Choose the desired method to proceed (to maintain high security standards it is recommended to use the same method for both withdrawals and deposits).
  • Make sure you have the necessary funds before requesting a withdrawal.
  • Minimum withdrawal starting from $1.

Following the wide range of withdrawal methods that the trader can use at its discretion.

Withdrawal method Maximum limit per transaction Minimum limit per transaction
Credit card Varies from the deposit made Unlimited
International Bank Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Thailand Local Bank Transfer $ 8,500 $ 15
Malaysian Local Wire Transfer $ 2,300 $ 15
Vietnam Local Wire Transfer $ 13,000 $ 15
Indonesia Local Bank Transfer $ 3,500 $ 15
Philippine Local Wire Transfer $ 1,900 $ 1
Nigerian Local Wire Transfer $ 4,800 $ 1
Indian Local Bank Transfer $ 2,700 $ 10
Laos Local Bank Transfer $ 14,000 $ 20
UnionPay / MobilePay $ 4,500 $ 45
Astropay $ 10,000 $ 5
Fasa Pay $ 25,000 $ 0.1
Skrill No limits No limits
Neteller $ 500,000 No limits
Stickpay $ 300,000 No limits
bitwallet No limits $ 1
Cryptocurrency (USDT, BTC) No limits $ 10
Perfect Money No Limits $/€ 0.01

Although the broker does not charge any commission for this operation, there may be costs arising from third parties such as the client’s bank.

In such event Vantage will not be liable.

Visit the official website of Vantage Markets

Vantage’s promotional offers

With the aim of creating an increasingly advantageous trading environment, Vantage offers its clients access to numerous promotional offers.

An extra gear for the trading of clients who will thus be able to take full advantage of their trading skills by making use of extra fund.

The promotions available with the broker are:

  • Refer a friend
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Gold trading without swap
  • 100% discount on the first trade

Each promotional offer obviously has its own characteristics and advantages:

Refer a friend
An offering with simple features, created to allow Vantage customers to share their experiences in the Vantage investment environment. This is how it works, in order to receive the “Refer a friend” bonus the trader will have to invite an acquaintance, family member or friend to start investing with Vantage. The trader will have to ask the invitee to use the unique link to create a live account, fund it and then start trading. Once this is done, the customer will receive up to $200 bonus and $50 for the referrer. The amounts can be withdrawn at any time.
Deposit Bonus
Of course the most popular offer among Vantage traders, offers a deposit bonus of 50% plus an additional 10% deposit promotion on subsequent deposits. The maximum amount that can be received from the offer is $20,000. Funds resulting from the promotion cannot be withdrawn but used for trading purposes only. It will be possible to access the promotion through the customer portal.
Swap-free gold trading
The offer allows traders to be able to invest in gold CFDs without having to pay any overnight fees (swaps).
100% discount on the first trade.
The promotion, valid only for customers making their first trade, offers a 100% discount up to $100 on the first closed trade.

Vantage Markets Ratings And Reviews

Vantage Markets's Rate

4.9 rating based on 70 ratings
4.9/5 70

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Vantage Markets Company Profile

What kind of service does Vantage Markets offer? Learn more about Vantage’s trading condition, platform, funding methods and more.

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.
Regulations & Licenses
Company Vantage International Group Limited
Founded 2010 (14 years)
Country Base Australia
Headquaters Artemis House, 67 Fort St, PO Box 2775, Grand Cayman KY1-1111
Traders Rating
4.9 rating based on 70 ratings
4.9/5 70
Supported Platforms
Maximum Leverage 500:1 *
Crypto-Currencies Not Available
Negative Balance Offer Negative Balance Protection
Client Funds Safety Segregated
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods

Company Categories

Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.

Vantage Markets FAQ

Everything you need to know about Vantage Markets (Vantage International Group Limited).

Vantage Markets offers traders a Stop Out level of 50% and a Margin Call of 80%. As for the Margin Call, the broker will send margin calls to point out when the account's margin percentage drops to 80%. Open a real account with Vantage Markets

Yes, the broker offers traders the NBP (Negative Balance Protection) thanks to which they will not be able to lose more than the amount deposited. A tool that aims to reduce losses is extremely useful in the case of incorrect investments. We would like to remind you that for clients residing in EU countries,...

There is currently no No Deposit Bonus in the list of promotions available with the broker. But nevertheless Vantage Market offers a wide range of extremely advantageous promotional offers such as "Refer a Friend", "Swap-Free Gold Trading", "First Deposit Bonus" and much more to discover by visiting the page ded...

You can withdraw simply by logging into the customer portal and clicking on "withdrawal" in the menu. Withdrawal conditions vary according to the transaction method used. With the following table, you will be able to know them. Withdrawal method Maximum limit per transaction Minimum limit per tran...

Vantage offers its customers a "50% Deposit Bonus" which guarantees a 50% bonus on your first deposit and 10% on subsequent deposits for a maximum limit of $20,000. To be able to request the "50% deposit bonus" offer just follow the next very simple steps: Register and have a real Vantage account You wil...

Vantage offers traders standard leverage of 1:100. The maximum leverage is 1:500, but this leverage is only available for accounts and funds approved at the broker's discretion. In order to use the higher-than-standard leverage, you will need to note this on the application and contact the support team. ...

Unfortunately, the broker does not currently offer cryptocurrency investments. But Vantage Market is a broker that evolves over time, always offering numerous investment opportunities. To stay up to date visit the official website and contact the support team. Visit the official website of Vantage Markets

Vantage Markets has numerous solutions to fund your account, from base currencies such as USD - US Dollar, EUR - Euro, GBP - British Pound, NZD - New Zealand Dollar, JPY - Japanese Yen, CAD - Canadian Dollar and AUD - Australian Dollar. In the table below, you will find a list of all the methods available to be a...

At the moment, the broker allows any type of trading without any restrictions on any offered platform (MT4, MT5, Pro Trader, mobile app and social trading), obviously not taking into account any limitations deriving from the regulations of your country of residence. Open a real account with Vantage Markets

Opening a new account with Vantage Markets is a simple, quick and risk-free process. The broker implements extremely strict security measures to ensure a high level of protection of both data and funds. By following the next simple steps, you can register an account quickly and start investing: Step 1. ...

Absolutely yes. Vantage allows you to trade during the publication of market news. In the "news and market analysis" area, you can also stay constantly updated on upcoming news releases. Visit the official website of Vantage Markets



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