Vantage-$100-Rebate-on-Your-First-Trade Vantage-$100-Rebate-on-Your-First-Trade

Promotion Details

Offer $100 Cashcack
Available to All Clients of Vantage
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

New promotion “100% discount on first exchange” offered by Vantage.

Vantage launches the bonus “100% discount on the first exchange”

Vantage Markets is a company that is diligently committed to offering new initiatives and promotions to its traders, with the aim of creating the most advantageous trading environment possible.

One of these, recently launched by the broker is the “100% discount on first trade” promotion.

This fantastic initiative offers traders the opportunity to receive up to 100% of the first margin traded.

To make this happen, the trader will only have to deposit funds into his account and invest by closing the first position.

The promotion is valid only for new members.

Without a doubt, the first move is always the most complicated, deciding on which instrument to invest, whether to use leverage, how much capital to invest.

Thanks to this new promotion offered by Vantage, traders will be able to receive up to $100 in bonus discount on the first margin traded.

An excellent incentive to start investing in the right way and without too much pressure.

Suitable for trading by traders of any category, both professionals and beginners.

Regardless of experience, anyone can benefit from it.

To be able to request the promotion, just follow the next very simple steps:

Open a new real Vantage account
In order to participate in the promotion, the trader must open a new Vantage account, select the type of account that best suits their needs and send the request.
Take part in the promotion
In order to participate in the promotion, the trader must carefully read and accept the terms and conditions of the promotion.
Make a first deposit
You will be able to deposit funds using a variety of funding methods available.
Start trading
As soon as you complete your first transaction, you can receive up to $100 in cash discount.

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Main features of the Bonus

As already mentioned, in order to receive a cash discount directly credited to their account, the trader will have to trade (on over 1,000 derivative products on the MT4 and MT5 platforms) and close his first trade.

The amount of the bonus varies according to the amount invested and the type of maximum financial leverage applied.

The formula used to calculate the required margin is as follows: Trade size / Leverage x Exchange rate of the account currency.

Maximum leverage 1:500

Lot size Required margin (USD $) Discount amount ($USD)
0.01 lot EURUSD 1.000 / 500 x 1.00 = 2 2 USD
0.1 lot EURUSD 10,000 / 500 x 1.00 = 20 20 USD
1 lot EURUSD 100.000 / 500 x 1.00 = 200 100 USD (maximum limit)

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Maximum leverage 1:100

Lot size Required margin (USD $) Discount amount (USD $)
0.01 lot EURUSD 1.000 / 100 x 1.00 = 10 10 USD
0.1 lot EURUSD 10,000 / 100 x 1.00 = 100 100 USD
1 lot EURUSD 100.000 / 100 x 1.00 = 1000 100 USD (maximum limit)

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Terms and conditions

Like any promotion offered by the broker, the “100% Discount on First Trade” Bonus has terms and conditions that the trader must read carefully and accept before taking advantage of it.

The terms of use are the same for all promotions offered by Vantage.

As for the terms, just take a look at the following:

  • First of all, the promotion is valid until the end of the month. The offer has a limited number, consequently it could also end due to the exhaustion of the discount pool.
  • The offer is valid only for new members residing in the countries considered eligible: Most of the EU countrie, United States, Africa, and many others. To find out if your country is eligible visit the official website and contact the support team or access the dedicated area.
  • Customers eligible to receive the promotion must: Never have opened an account with Vantage, have never deposited any funds into a real Vantage account, or have ever traded through a real Vantage account.
  • All customers, without exception, will be able to participate in this promotion by logging into the customer portal.
  • Customers who want to join the “100% discount on the first exchange” will have to read very carefully and accept the terms and conditions of use in order to be able to take full advantage of the benefits deriving from the Bonus offered by Vantage Markets.
  • All customers eligible for the promotion will be able to receive a 100% cash refund on the margin of the first trade. The calculation will be made on the opening price. The maximum refund you can receive is $100.
  • In order to be considered eligible for the offer, the open position must have a duration of more than 30 minutes. If this is not the case, the transaction will not be considered valid regardless of how much invested.
  • The cash discount will be credited to the participant’s account within 15 days from the closing date of the first transaction.
  • The “100% First Trade Discount” Bonus offered by Vantage is not compatible with other promotions offered by the broker.
  • All account types available with Vantage are eligible for the offer, with the exception of PAMM / MAM type accounts.


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