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Promotion Details

Offer $24 Per Lot Cashback
Available to All traders of FXOpen
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

FXOpen Cash Back Rebate Program Information

FXOpen Cash Back is the official rebate program run by FXOpen.

Signup and open a live (real) account for the first time, and get 90 days Cash Back directly to your account.

Here are the main information of FXOpen’s Cash Back bonus promotion.

Promotion Type Direct Cash Back
Promotion Period 90 days
Minimum Cash Back Amount $10
Maximum Cash Back Amount $1000
Cash Back Rate 2.4 pips or 15% of paid commission
Account Types ECN, STP, Crypto, Micro, PAMM ECN and PAMM STP
Withdrawal Cash Back Amount Available at anytime
Withdrawal of your own funds and profits Available with no limit

The promotion is available for any account types of FXOpen!

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How much Cash Back Rebate you can get from FXOpen?

The base Cash Back rate depends on the account type you use.

Account Types Cash Back Rate
STP accounts 2.4 pips
ECN and Crypto accounts 15% of paid commission

The above table shows the base commission for these account types.

Then there are coefficients which you need to multiply the Cash Back amount accumulated during 90 days promotion period.

Open FXOpen Real (live) Account

Coefficient for Cash Back Calculation

The coefficients must be multiplied to the total cash back amount in the end of the promotion, and will decide the actual cash back amount.

As the table below show, smaller the margin you use, higher the Cash Back rate it becomes.

Used Margin Range Cashback Coefficients (% of Standard Commission)
less than $5,000 150%
From $5,000 to $15,000 105%
From $15,000 to $50,000 70%
From $50,000 – $130,000 45%
From $130,000 – $400,000 25%
From $400,000 – $1,005,000 10%
From $1,005,000 0%

The Total Cash Back Amount = Accumulated Cash Back Amount in 90 days × Applicable Coefficient

If you used more than $1.05 million margin, you won’t earn any cash back amount as the coefficient rate is 0%.

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FXOpen launches Cashback Program bonus promotion campaign

How to get FXOpen’s Cash Back Rebate?

To participate in FXOpen’s promotion “Cash Back Rebate”, please follow the steps below.

1. Signup and Open a real (live) account

Go to FXOpen’s account registration page and open a live (real) account.

The Cash Back promotion is available for all account types of FXOpen including ECN, STP, Crypto, Micro, PAMM ECN and PAMM STP.

Note that the cashback rate is 2.4 pips for STP accounts and 15% of commission for ECN accounts.

Open FXOpen Real Trading Account

2. Deposit the minimum required deposit amount

Each account type has a different required minimum deposit amount.

Transfer your fund to FXOpen with any preferred methods.

FXOpen offers various fund deposit and withdrawal methods including online wallets, cards, Cryptocurrency wallets and bank wire transfer.

3. Send an email to FXOpen support team to participate

All new traders automatically participate in the Cash Back promotion.

If you are an existing trader, send an email to FXOpen support team to confirm your participation.

Cash Back promotion will last for 90 days.

4. Receive applicable Cash Back Rebate after 90 days

After account opening (or confirming the participation), you may start trading Forex and CFDs in your live account.

After 90 days passed, Cash Back rebate amount will be automatically added to your commission account that is open automatically.

The amount of Cash Back you receive will depend on your trading volume, commission you pay and the coefficient rate specified in the above sections.

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Fund Withdrawal Conditions of FXOpen Cash Back Rebate Program

The participation to the promotion does not restrict fund deposit and withdrawal to the applicable accounts.

You can deposit and withdraw funds at anytime you want without limits, and without causing cancellation of cash back amount.

FAQs of FXOpen Cash Back Rebate Program

Here are frequently asked questions of FXOpen’s promotion “Cash Back Rebate”.

Who can receive FXOpen’s Cash Back rebate bonus?
All FXOpen’s clients (both new and existing clients) can get the Cash Back bonus. To participate in the promotion, you may send an email to FXOpen’s multilingual support team.
What’s the rate of cash back through the promotion?
The cash back rate is 2.4 pips for STP accounts and 15% of commission for ECN accounts. The total cash back amount will be multiplied by coefficient at the end of the promotion.
How much Cash Back can I get from this promotion?
The maximum cash back amount is $1000. The amount of cash back will depend on how much you trade during 90 days promotion period.
What’s the requirement to receive Cash Back?
The only requirement would be the live account opening and first deposit. You may also need to complete the account verification with documents.
I am an existing client of FXOpen. Can I still get the Cash Back bonus?
Yes, if you have participated in the promotion before, you can participate by sending an email to FXOpen support team.
How to calculate my cash back amount?
The final cash back amount is calculated as: Accumulated Cash Back Amount (2.4 pips or 15%) * Coefficient %
No cash back has been credited into my account. Why is that?
The cash back amount will be credited to the applicable account after 90 days passed. If you haven’t received any after 90 days, then contact FXOpen support team for more information.

Do you have more questions to ask in mind?

Visit FXOpen Official Website and contact their multilingual support team today.

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Terms and Conditions of FXOpen Cash Back Rebate Program

Here are the terms and conditions of FXOpen’s official Cash Back promotion.

Make sure that you know the rules of the promotion before confirm your participation.

  • The cash back promotion is available for 90 days from the date of participation.
  • The promotion is available for all traders of FXOpen.
  • The cash back rebate will be calculated for both winning and losing positions.
  • After 90 days, the available cash back amount will be credited into a trading account (commission account) which opens automatically.
  • Cash back promotion is available for all trading account types of FXOpen including ECN, STP, Crypto, Micro, PAMM ECN and PAMM STP.
  • The cash back amount will be eventually decided depending on the used margin during the 90 days period.
  • Cash back won’t be calculated for trades made by using bonus amounts received by FXOpen.
  • All new clients of FXOpen are enrolled to this cash back rebate program automatically after application.
  • The minimum cash back amount is $10 and the maximum amount is $1000.
  • The maximum cash back amount per order is $100.
  • The standard commission is the base cash back amount you can earn for trading in these account types.
  • The standard commission of STP account types is 2.4 pips per trade.
  • For ECN and Crypto accounts, 15% of commission is the standard commission.
  • The standard commission is multiplied by the certain coefficient. The coefficient rate shows the lower the margin you used during the 90 days period, higher the cash back amount you will get.
  • As specified in the coefficient table above, you will not earn any cash back if the total used margin exceeds $1,05 million during the 90 days period.


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