How-does-Tickmill's-cashback-rebate-work-Here-is-everything-you-need-to-know. How-does-Tickmill's-cashback-rebate-work-Here-is-everything-you-need-to-know.

Promotion Details

Offer $0.75 Per Lot Cashback
Available to All Traders of Tickmill
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Tickmill’s $0.75 per lot Cashback Rebate

Tickmill has launched a new bonus promotion for all existing traders.

This time, Tickmill is giving away a 0.75 USD per lot cashback rebate for live account traders.

To participate in Tickmill’s cashback rebate promotion, you just need to deposit at least $200 to your live trading account.

As shown in the table below, you can earn more by trading more within the campaign period.

Monthly Volume Traded (in Lots) Rebate Per Lot Traded (USD)
Tier 1 0 – 1000 0.25
Tier 2 1001 – 3000 0.50
Tier 3 3001 and above 0.75

Trade Forex currency pairs with Tickmill today and start receiving monthly cashback rebates directly to your account.

The more you trade with Tickmill, the more you earn.

Receive Tickmill’s Cashback Rebate

Summary of Tickmill’s Cashback Rebate Promotion

See the table below for the summary of the condition of Tickmill’s cashback rebate bonus promotion.

Available for Traders of Tickmill Ltd (FSA SC regulated entity)
Account types All account types
Applicable markets Only Forex
Promotion period Until further notice
Cashback rebate amount Up to $5,000 in total
Rate of cashback From 0.25 to 0.75 USD per lot

To start benefiting from Tickmill’s cashback rebate promotion, you need to open a live trading account under Tickmill Ltd (FSA SC regulated entity).

Then deposit at least $200 to start trading.

The amount of cashback will be calculated automatically and credited to your applicable accounts monthly.

Open an account with Tickmill Ltd (FSA SC regulated entity)

How to get Tickmill’s Cashback Rebate?

Both new and existing traders of Tickmill can receive the cashback rebate every month.

Follow the simple steps below to make sure that you are one of the traders benefiting from this promotion.

  1. Go to Tickmill’s Official Website;
  2. Open a live trading account under Tickmill Ltd (FSA SC regulated entity);
  3. Deposit over $200 to be qualified for the promotion;
  4. Start trading and receive monthly cashback rebate.

Note that only tradings of Forex currency pairs are eligible for the cashback rebate.

Trading other CFD markets won’t be included in the calculation of cashback rebate.

Go to Tickmill’s Official Website

Why you should get Tickmill’s Cashback Rebate?

If you are interested in trading Forex with Tickmill, you are recommended to participate in this promotion.

There is nothing to lose, but Tickmill’s Cashback Rebate will only bring you more benefits by trading Forex.

Through this promotion, you will earn more by trading more.

Tickmill’s Cashback Rebate will be calculated automatically and credited to your account every month.

Once the cashback is received in your account, you can use this extra money to continue trading or withdraw them all as your profit.

Get Tickmill’s Cashback Rebate today



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