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How to open an account with VantageMarkets?

Opening an account with VantageMarkets is simple and easy, and you can complete it for free.

To signup for VantageMarkets and open a live trading account, go to VantageMarkets Official Website.

Then click on “START NOW” or “OPEN ACCOUNT” button.

In the registration page, you need to type in your personal information such as name, email address, phone number and country residence.

After filling in all information, click on “OPEN A LIVE ACCOUNT” to proceed to the next step.

Once the account opening (online registration) is completed with VantageMarkets, you will receive login credentials for your account.

Now, login to the client portal from VantageMarkets Official Website to get started.

Visit VantageMarkets Official Website

What you can trade with VantageMarkets?

With VantageMarkets, you can invest in more than 180 financial markets all together.

The available financial markets for trading include the Forex, Precious Metals, Stock Indices, Energies, Soft Commodities and Shares.

With any markets, you can speculate on market prices at anytime and anywhere.

You can also make profits from both rising and falling prices as you can place both buy and sell orders.

VantageMarkets also offers high leverage 1:500 across many markets, which increases your trading volume by 500 times.

With VantageMarkets, you can start trading from only $200 of minimum deposit amount.

Go to VantageMarkets Official Website

3 Trading Account Types of VantageMarkets

VantageMarkets offers 3 trading account types for its clients.

Each account type offers the same financial markets for trading, but the requirement minimum deposit and trading costs are slightly different between the account types.

See the comparison of VantageMarkets’s account types below.

Account Types Standard STP Raw ECN Pro ECN
Trading Environment STP (Straight Through Processing) ECN (Electronic Communication Network) ECN (Electronic Communication Network)
Trading Platforms Both MT4 and MT5 Both MT4 and MT5 Both MT4 and MT5
Execution Model Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution
Available Markets Forex, Commodities, Indices and Stocks Forex, Commodities, Indices and Stocks Forex, Commodities, Indices and Stocks
number of Symbols Over 173 Symbols Over 173 Symbols Over 173 Symbols
Required Minimum Deposit $200 $500 $20,000
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500
Minimum Spread 1.4 pips 0.0 pips 0.0 pips
Trading Commission None $6 per round turn lot $4 per round turn lot
Margin Call 80% 80% 80%
Stop Out 50% 50% 50%

With VantageMarkets, you can open up to 5 live trading accounts and manage them all together under your profile.

Open multiple trading accounts to diversify your portfolio and see which account type is best suited for your trading style.

Visit VantageMarkets Official Website

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FAQ about Account Opening with VantageMarkets

Are you interested in opening an account with VantageMarkets and start trading Forex and CFDs?

You might have some questions to ask before getting started.

It’s always better to contact VantageMarkets’s support team directly to seek for the answers though, we have also listed up the frequently asked questions about VantageMarkets’s service and the account opening below.

1. How can I open a Free VantageMarkets demo account?

To open a FREE $50,000 VantageMarkets MT4 demo account, click the blue “Demo Account” button at the top right hand corner of every page.

Simply fill in your details and submit the form.

You will then be able to instantly download MT4 and start learning to trade Forex.

Go to VantageMarkets Official Website to start your online registration.

2. How long can I use Free VantageMarkets demo account? Any expiration dates?

Each VantageMarkets MT4 demo account lasts for 30 days before your login will expire.

We encourage VantageMarkets’s new traders to demo trade until they are comfortable with both the VantageMarkets MT4 platform as well as their own trading strategy.

If you require a non-expiring demo, please don’t hesitate to send VantageMarkets support team an email.

There are certain differences between Demo and Live trading accounts.

3. How can I open a live Forex trading account with VantageMarkets?

To open a VantageMarkets MT4 live account, click the red “Live Account’”button at the top right hand corner of every page.

Complete the forms, provide the required documentation for proof of identity and once approved, your new account details will be emailed to you.

The account opening is free and may only take a few minutes to complete.

4. How long does it take to open a live Forex trading account with VantageMarkets?

The online forms required for a live Forex trading account are fast and easy to complete.

If you submit the accompanying required proof of identity documentation when you submit the form, you can be set up and trading within 24 hours.

Once you complete the online registration and the account verification, you will gain full access to VantageMarkets’s client portal.

5. What documents do I have to provide to open a live Forex trading account with VantageMarkets?

To open a live Forex trading account, VantageMarkets’s AML and CT regulations require some proof of identity documentation to be submitted alongside your application.

Using a smartphone, digital camera or scanner, simply email VantageMarkets a clear picture of the required documents to support team.

Every licensed Forex broker requires the same types of documents to account verification.

If you like to avoid this process in the future, open accounts with multiple brokers today and submit the documents to verify all accounts together.

For the list of online Forex and CFD brokers, visit the page here.

6. How much is it to open a live trading account with VantageMarkets?

There are ZERO account opening or maintenance fees on all VantageMarkets live Forex trading accounts.

This ensures that you are able to fund and trade your capital at your own pace with no pressure from VantageMarkets.

With VantageMarkets, you can also make deposits and withdrawals of fund without any charges.

Your cost is incurred only when you trade on VantageMarkets MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

The cost of investment is different depending on the account type of VantageMarkets and the financial market you invest in.

7. How can I deposit funds into my VantageMarkets MT4 trading account?

VantageMarkets clients can fund their account in a number of ways all found on VantageMarkets’s deposit page.

Please click the button next to your required funding type and log into the secure VantageMarkets client portal to finalise your deposit.

8. What is the minimum deposit needed to open a VantageMarkets live Forex trading account?

The minimum deposit that VantageMarkets can accept are $200 for all Standard STP accounts and $1000 for RAW ECN account. Just remember that you can open and keep a live Forex trading account with a $0 balance.

VantageMarkets accepts deposits of small amount, and you can start trading by utilizing VantageMarkets’s 1:500 high leverage.

9. Must I send a copy of my credit card to VantageMarkets?

The first time you use a credit card for deposits into your live MT4 trading account, it must first be verified.

Using a smartphone, digital camera or scanner, simply email VantageMarkets a clear picture of the front of the credit card to VantageMarkets’s support team.

For more information and the specification of the required document and copies, please visit VantageMarkets Official Website.

10. How can I withdraw funds from my VantageMarkets MT4 trading account?

VantageMarkets clients can withdraw funds from their account online.

Simply click the button at the bottom of VantageMarkets’s withdraw page and log into the secure VantageMarkets client portal to complete your withdrawal.

Your fund withdrawal will be mainly done via the method which you used for making deposits previously.

11. How long does it take to deposit/withdraw funds?

VantageMarkets does everything it can to make sure all clients receive their funds the same day that they make their withdrawal request.

For withdrawals received prior to 19:00 AEST (09:00 GMT), the request will be processed on the same business day.

Note that the processing time is different depending on the fund deposit and withdrawal method you choose.

The processing time can be from instant to 5 business days.

12. Does VantageMarkets charge any fees on deposits/withdrawals?

VantageMarkets does not charge any internal fees for deposits or withdrawals.

However, please note payments to and from overseas banking institutions may attract intermediary transfer fees from either party which are independent of VantageMarkets.

For more information about the fees charged by third parties and payment service providers, you may contact these companies directly.

13. What is the difference between a Standard STP and RAW ECN Account?

Compare the difference between VantageMarkets’s Standard STP and RAW ECN trading accounts by using the table at the compare Forex trading accounts page.

You can also see the comparison table at the top of this page.

14. What is the maximum leverage I can get on a VantageMarkets live Forex trading account?

VantageMarkets’s standard Forex leverage starts at 100:1.

The maximum Forex leverage VantageMarkets may offer is up to 500:1.

This is only for approved accounts but if your trading strategy requires higher leverage, you may request a change of leverage in the client portal.

Note that the maximum leverage maybe limited depending on the symbol you trade.

For more information, you may refer to contract specification page in VantageMarkets Official Website.

15. Can I change my leverage on my VantageMarkets trading account?

Simply log-in to the secure VantageMarkets client portal, click the “My Accounts” button in the left hand menu, find the MT4 account you wish to change leverage on and click the small gear cog icon that is within the table to request a change.

16. Can I change my VantageMarkets Forex trading account type between Standard STP and RAW ECN?

If after comparing VantageMarkets’s Forex Trading accounts, you require your live MT4 trading account to be changed between Standard STP and RAW ECN, simply contact them by phone, or email to support team.

With VantageMarkets, you can also simply open multiple trading accounts under your profile to try other account types.

You can manage up to 5 trading accounts under the same profile.

17. When will I receive Account Statements?

Daily account statements will only be emailed to you on the days that your MT4 trading account has experienced trading activity. You will also receive a monthly account statement on the first day of every new month regardless of trading activity.

18. What are the margin call and stop out percentages?

VantageMarkets will alert you via email when the “Margin Level” in your MT4 Terminal reaches 80%.

From here, VantageMarkets will email you on the deposit requirements needed to keep your position open.

If your Margin Level drops to 50%, then your position will be automatically closed via a margin call.

The condition of stop out and margin call are the same for all clients and account types.

19. Can I go long and short the same market, at the same time? (Can I hedge?)

Holding both an open long and short position in the same Forex currency pair at the same time (otherwise known as hedging) is permitted on all live VantageMarkets MT4 accounts.

VantageMarkets does not restrictions in terms of trading strategies on MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.



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