fxprimus-5%-annual-cash-back-bonus-promotion fxprimus-5%-annual-cash-back-bonus-promotion

Get Cash Back Bonus from FXPrimus

Earn up to 5% cashback straight into your MT4 accountfully withdrawable and ready to use, letting your funds work for you until that next opportunity arises in the market.

Towards the end of the month, upon meeting the trading (lot) requirement, your cashback will be calculated on the qualifying starting equity that month, and according to the parameters below.

You’re already eligible, all you need to do is opt-in, keep trading and you’ll be set.

Keep your funds in your trading account throughout the month to qualify.

Find out more about FXPrimus’s Cash Back Rebate promotion in the page here.

Visit the page here to see the account opening guide for FXPrimus MT4.

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Rate of FXPrimus’s Cash Back Bonus

The amount and rate of cash back bonus you can get from FXPrimus depends on the deposit amount you make.

See the table below to see how much you can earn through this FXPrimus’s cash back promotion.

Required Deposit Maximum Deposit Required Trading Volume Annual Cash Back Rate
$100 $999.99 1 lots 2%
$1,000 $9,999.99 15 lots 2.5%
$10,000 $49,999.99 125 lots 3%
$50,000 $99,999.99 250 lots 3.5%
$100,000 $249,999.99 500 lots 4%
$250,000 $499,999.99 1,250 lots 4.5%
$500,000 Unlimited 2,500 lots 5%

The promotion is available for all traders of FXPrimus.

Signup now to get your bonus!

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Learn to trade Forex with FXPrimus

If you are anything like us, we’re sure that you love to discover tips and tricks that will help you trade with confidence.

Are you ready to learn some more trading secrets?

Download your free eBook now and discover how you can:

  • Lock in your profit by effectively managing the size of winning positions
  • Build forecasts and improve your trading results by analysing dominant trends
  • Improve your focus and decision making by removing the tools you don’t use
  • Find optimum entry points by measuring average volatility
  • Avoid triggering your stops too early by modifying them in line with market volatility
  • And much more …

Don’t forget to get your account trade-ready by making a deposit from as little as $100, and start receiving the cash back when you start trading.

You can find out more about FXPrimus’s cash back bonus promotion here.

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