Vantage-5%-Discount-on-USDT-Deposit Vantage-5%-Discount-on-USDT-Deposit

Promotion Details

Offer 5% Discount on USDT Deposit
Available to All Clients of Vantage
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Vantage offers a 5% discount on USDT deposits.

Make a deposit in USDT and receive a 5% discount up to a maximum of $ 500!

New promotion “5% discount on USDT deposits”

Vantage Markets today offers its loyal customers numerous promotional initiatives in order to make any investment more profitable.

One of these is the “5% Discount on USDT Deposits” offer.

It works like this, traders wishing to join the promotion will have to make a deposit in USDT (Tether “USDT” is a stablecoin closely linked to the US dollar) and as soon as the requirements are met, you can receive a 5% discount immediately credited to your own account.

The maximum amount that the trader can get from the promotion is $ 500.

The trader will be able to receive the offer once and only on the first deposit made.

For any deposit, Vantage will not charge any commission, but beware, the client’s banks or credit institutions may charge costs that will not depend on the broker’s management.

As mentioned, the deposit must be made exclusively through the USDT cryptocurrency commonly known also under the name of Tether.

USDT cryptocurrency is a stablecoin created by Tether Limited to be used as a digital dollar on the internet.

With each token worth $1.00 and backed by $1.00 in physical reserves.

In short, the effective value of a Tether will correspond to an exchange rate equal to one dollar.

In order to join the “5% discount on USDT deposits” promotion, follow the next very simple steps:

Open a Vantage account
In order to request the offer, the trader concerned must have a real Vantage account, if you do not already have one, you can do so by clicking here and once you have completed all the security and verification procedures you will be able to access the promotional initiative.
Make a deposit
Although the broker offers a wide range of funding methods, the deposit must be made with USDT (Tether) in order to be eligible for the promotion.
Start investing
As soon as all the requirements are met, the trader will receive a 5% discount on the promo deposit for a maximum of $500 directly credited to their Vantage trading account.

The discounts applied in relation to the required trading requirements is listed in the next table.

Discounts applied in (USDT) Minimum trading requirement
$ 500 – $ 401 80 closed transactions or 3 Million USD notional volume
$ 400 – $ 301 70 closed transactions or 2.5 Million USD notional volume
$ 300 – $ 201 50 closed transactions or 2 Million USD notional volume
$ 200 – $ 101 30 closed trades or 1.5 Million USD notional volume
$ 100 or less 20 closed trades or 1 Million USD notional volume

The trades that will be eligible for the promotion must be open for a period of more than 5 minutes.

Visit the official website of Vantage Markets

Terms and conditions of the promotion

Vantage Global Limited, like most online brokers, applies terms and conditions to the promotions offered, which must be carefully read, accepted and respected.

The offer 5% Discount on USDT deposits is no exception, the trader will have to strictly abide by the established rules and in the event that this does not happen the company reserves the right to take measures such as cancellation of the offer from the applicant’s account, closing of trading account, elimination of funds deriving from the promotion.

The conditions of use are almost identical for each promotion offered by the broker.

  • The promotion is valid starting April 29th, 2022 and will expire until the $50,000 USD discount pool is exhausted.
  • Any customer, whether a new member or already a Vantage account holder, can request the promotion.
  • The offer is only available for traders from the following countries Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina.
  • The trader can join the promotion by accessing the Customer Portal by visiting the official website.
  • In order to access the promotion, the customer must read and accept the terms and conditions applied.
  • Immediately after making the first deposit in USDT and meeting the requirements, the trader will receive a 5% cash discount directly credited to his account.
  • The maximum amount that can be received is $500.
  • The amount of the available discount pool is $50,000 USD. Once sold out, the promotion will come to an end.
  • There is no time limit to meet the requirements to receive the discount, but once the funds ($50,000) are over, it will no longer be possible to earn any more.
  • Any financial instrument offered by Vantage is eligible for this promotion.
  • The accounts offered by the broker are all compatible with the promotion, except for the PAMM / MAM accounts.
  • The “5% Discount on USDT Deposits” offer is compatible with other promotions offered by the broker.
  • Vantage reserves the right to suspend or cancel the offer at any time.
  • The funds resulting from the promotion, once the requirements are met, can be withdrawn at any time.


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