vantage-markets-50%-and-10%-deposit-bonus vantage-markets-50%-and-10%-deposit-bonus

Promotion Details

Offer 100% Bonus up to 20,000 USD
Available to All Clients of Vantage
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Vantage offers 50% deposit bonus.

A 50% bonus credit on the first deposit and an additional 10% on subsequent deposits up to a maximum of $ 20,000.

Vantage’s 50% deposit bonus

By far the most popular promotional initiative among Vantage’s traders, the 50% Deposit Bonus is an excellent opportunity to invest with greater volume.

The structure of the promotion provides a deposit of $500 the trader will immediately receive an additional $250 credit on his vantage account, in addition to this the broker offers an additional deposit bonus of 10% on subsequent deposits up to a max of $19,500.

The promotion is accessible to anyone, both existing and new traders who, taking advantage of the investment promotion offered by Vantage, will be able to use the credit received through the offer to trade a wide range of instruments on MT4.

Funds received through the promotion cannot be withdrawn but used solely for trading purposes, and any profits generated by investments can be withdrawn at any time deemed appropriate.

To be able to request the “50% deposit bonus” offer, just follow the next very simple steps:

Be a real account holder
You will need to have a Vantage’s real account in order to access the promotional offer. In case the trader interested does not have one, he can register by clicking here.
Registration and request for the 50% deposit bonus
After entering the data necessary for registration and being eligible for opening the account, you will have the opportunity to access the promotion through the customer portal of Vantage’s official site. By activating the bonus, the trader will receive a 50% (up to $500) bonus credit on the first deposit and an additional 10% (up to $ 19,500) for subsequent deposits.

Now all that remains is to clarify the relationship between the deposit made and the bonus credit that will be credited.

For example, with the first deposit of $1,000, the broker will credit a deposit bonus of $500 (50% of $1,000) with which the trader can trade freely without any limitations.

And in addition, by logging in from the customer portal, you can have an additional 10% bonus on subsequent deposits.

The maximum deposit allowed is $1000, in case of a deposit exceeding this amount, the remainder will be considered as an “additional deposit” on which you can receive a 10% bonus.

Of course, both professional traders (who usually invest large sums), as well as small investors with a small trading volume, will benefit enormously from the promotion.

With the next table, it will be easy to understand how much you can receive from the promotion based on the deposited funds.

First Deposit Made Bonus Credit Actual Bonus Credit
$500 50% of $500 $250
$1,000 50% of $1,000 $500
$5,000 50% of $1000 + 10% of $4000 $500 + $400 = $900
$196,000 50% of $1000 + 10% of $195,000 $500 + $19,500 = $20,000
$196,000+ 50% of $1000 + 10% of $195,000 $500 + $19,500 = $20,000

Visit the official website of Vantage

Vantage Bonus terms and conditions

In order to take advantage of the promotion, the terms and conditions must be respected.

The promotion is active from 07/26/2021.

  • The promotion is accessible by any trader with a Vantage account, with the exception of clients residing in the following countries: Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Korea, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Cambodia, Japan, Macao, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Australia
  • Vantage reserves the right to freely decide whether both new and old customers can receive the promotion.
  • In order to have free access to the 50% Deposit Bonus, the trader must have a real Vantage account. Demo contacts are not considered valid.
  • In order to proceed with the request for the promotion, the customer must visit the official website and access the customer portal.
  • Traders deemed eligible for the promotion will be able to receive 50% on their first deposit, up to $500 (or equivalent) and 10% on subsequent deposits. “Subsequent deposits” means any deposit made after the first deposit or the amount exceeding $ 1000 of the first deposit (deposit of $2000 = $1000 on 50% and subsequent $1000 on 10%).
  • The maximum amount that can be redeemed through the promotion is $20,000 (or currency equivalent).
  • Funds resulting from the promotion cannot be withdrawn but used for trading purposes only. Any profits can be withdrawn at any time with any available withdrawal method.
  • In case you decide to withdraw all or part of your deposit or profit, the bonus credit will be automatically removed from your account. The company has full right to withhold the credit bonus in proportion to 10% of the balance.
  • Transfer of bonus funds between accounts is not allowed.
  • In the event that the account capital is less than the credit generated by the bonus, the broker can withdraw the bonus funds at any time. This will result in the forced termination of all open positions.
  • The promotion may come to an end at any time without prior notice from the broker. Eligibility of the trader and account to access the promotion depends solely on the decisions of the Vantage broker.


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