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XTrade - What's now?

We no longer promote XFR Financial Limited. The information on the website related to this brokerage firm may be outdated.

XTrade Office in Europe
XTrade Office in Europe

XTrade is an Online Forex & CFD broker based in Cyprus, founded in 2007.

The broker is also licensed by ASIC in Australia, registered with Italian CONSOB and follow MiFID Directives in Europe.

Point – CySEC is the Largest and ASIC is one of the most Stringent world’s regulatory authorities.

As the broker which offers over 800 Financial Instruments, XTrade has earned some awards from world’s recognized institutions.

XTrade is also one of the Official Sponsors of Cristiano Ronaldo, actively promoting its brand as a Leading CFD Broker.

XTrade would be the preferable broker for CFD traders.

*XTrade’s CFD products include Metals, Commodities, Stocks, Equity Index and Bonds.

Trading Info

With XTrade, you can trade invest in Fore pairs, Metals, Stocks, Commodities, Equity Index ad Bonds via XTrade’s Online Trading Platform.

Over 800 Financial Instruments are available for trading through One Trading Account, after Online Registration which may take only 5 minutes.

XTrade’s CFD Instruments are offered with even better conditions than the Original Products of the underlying markets in terms of “Commissions” and “Leverage”.

Point – e.g. Trading Stock CFDs may have much more advantages than Trading the Actual stocks.

For FX trading, the Trading Cost starts from 5 pips with No extra commissions charged.

The maximum Leverage is 1:500 and NBP is fully supported.

Pros & Cons of XTrade

XTrade Ratings And Reviews

XTrade's Rate

2.6 rating based on 74 ratings
2.6/5 74
  1. Xtrade is quite a famous broker in the financial industry. As I know they started cooperating with famous football world champion player Andries Iniesta and if he works with them. It means this company is reliable cuz not every company can sign a contract for a player of this level.
    They have their own platform that differs from other platforms I’ve used and should admit their platform is better.

  2. This is a pretty reliable broker that provides the best conditions for us. There is something new that I found out for me and it is BONDS. It was a great chance to trade bonds and it was kind of funny. There are also 5 types of trading account traders can choose from.
    I am trading on Platinum account and they provided me with a dedicated senior account manager. There are also many ways to make deposits and withdrawals through various payment methods. They really created comfortable terms for trading.

  3. I must comment on the last paragraph of this article, regarding the spreads on forex. As mentioned in the article: “the spreads starting from 5 pips” must be some sort of a mistake. Maybe 5 points, but I usually get a spread around 1 pip on EUR/USD. The same is true with other major pairs. I have never seen a spread as large as 5 pips.

  4. Can’t agree with the given broker’s rate, actually.
    Maybe the platform has particular drawbacks which are quite catchy, at the same time, its reputation is unquestionable, trading conditions are cool to trade daily without second thoughts, and customer support is always here to help you out.
    Generally speaking, the Xtrade broker is a well-balanced to me. I like the leverage size, I like the list of CFDs (I can even trade cannabis with x10 leverage =D)
    The platform itself doesn’t concede well-known engines for trading, so I can give it a way higher rating compared to the one given here.

  5. Guys, I don’t know why this broker has such a low rating.
    After all, even in this article is information that makes it possible to evaluate company highly.
    For example, I found it remarkable that broker started its activity so long ago.
    Company has existed for more than 15 years. So it has proven its reliability.

  6. This aint no ordinary broker. Xtrade is wide and running a multinational organization. they are professional about it, i like their approach. they have good assets, good infrastructure for optimalized spreads for trading and educational materials, alongside of a proprietary trading platform that runs and executes well. i have been at it for months and liking it all the way along

  7. Xtrade is an absolute sophistication. their prop platform exhibits an exemplary level of sophistication that is particularly appealing to those of us with a high levels of expertise for intricate financial instruments.
    assets’ array is undoubtedly diverse.
    The spreads are notably competitive as well and they hover around a couple of pairs pips for major pairs which is quite advantageous.

  8. Jeez 800 financial instruments is actually not bad at all. I guess 90% of the forex brokers can’t brag even the half of the Xtrade assets.

  9. The trading platform is pretty easy to use. Well, that is what many xtrade reviews say. I personally found it easy to use too, and it is also reliable.
    As the broker makes use of a proprietary platform, it is also important for their software to be versatile and usable across many devices. The broker also ensures that there is full compatibility with all operating systems, and very accessible to traders interested in getting it. The broker is really decent… a bit more than most😉.

  10. I have heard about this broker before, but I could not find free time to read any reviews about it. I was interested in this company and its trading conditions.
    And in this review I was surprised by a few facts about Xtrade:
    – company has existed since 2007!
    – It had sponsorship relations with Cristiano.

  11. It’s not that informative review of the broker to be honest, but the main thing for me was the presence of all the major regulatory bodies.
    I think it’s the most essential thing.

  12. I don’t understand such a low score of the broker. It’s a solid brokerage for confident trading

  13. The fact xtrade broker has been working since 2007 adds up some credibility to the company.
    Bad brokers don’t exist more than a couple of years, and actually, they are eliminated by the market within a way shorter period.
    Xtrade has recommended itself as a good mediator for many traders across the globe. Its sleek trading platform, possibility to trade on the go and list of assets are favorable.

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XTrade Company Profile

A broker with the largest number of CFDs offered. XTrade is active for more than 10 years.

Regulations & Licenses
Company XFR Financial Limited
Founded 2007 (17 years)
Country Base Republic of Cyprus
Headquaters 1st. Floor, Tofias Building, Vasileos Constantinou 140, 3080 Limassol, Cyprus
Traders Rating
2.6 rating based on 74 ratings
2.6/5 74
Crypto-Currencies Not Available

Company Categories

Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.

XTrade FAQ

Everything you need to know about XTrade (XFR Financial Limited).

To understand the mechanism of OTC derivatives, you may want to know how it has started in the financial industry. Here we will explain the beginning of OTC derivatives and how it is traded for beginners. Stock exchange market It has all started from a stock exchange market(well not necessarily), many hedge fun...



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