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We, Hercules Finance have seen many traders who’ve been living in a dream making millions of profits in Forex Market.

Although there are countless amount of strategies and ways to make profits, we like to introduce 3 types of profitable traders we have seen in the last few years.

Technical Traders

We have seen very impressive traders who secure positions with hundreds of dollars of profits.

They are trading according to their own Custom Indicators, often with alarms that notify them to make trades, trading positions with larger volumes.

Of course, they don’t forget to place “Stop Loss” for each trades, thus making sure that each positions end with “Large Profits” or “Small Losses”.

To achieve this, you will need to have your own reliable indicators that will tell you the opportunities.

News Time Trading

Scalping is one famous strategy for traders.

Although it can be one great strategy for traders, you will need to read the temporary market trend to make profits with this strategy.

The moment where a market has strong price trend is when certain News or Economic Data are released.

You can know when the important economic events, will be released, so all you need to know would be the direction and the length of each trend.

If you catch the moment at the right time and right direction, you should be able to secure small profits by many times in a short period.

Copy Trading

Copy Trading is one great strategy in these years.

By using such a service, you maybe able to earn extra income without even trading or looking at a price chart by yourself.

To achieve this, you will need a system and good signal providers who make profits for you.

You can find the ranking of “Copy Trading Platform Providers” from here.

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