FXOpen-now-accepts-deposits-via-Rapipago,-Boleto-Bancario-and-Oxxo FXOpen-now-accepts-deposits-via-Rapipago,-Boleto-Bancario-and-Oxxo

Local Transfer Deposit from Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico

FXOpen Launches Local Bank Transfers in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico

FXOpen is happy to announce that new local transfer methods are added recently.

The newly added fund deposit methods are available for traders in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

If you reside in one of the above countries, you can transfer funds to FXOpen’s live trading accounts instantly through Rapipago, Boleto Bancário and Oxxo.

The available base currency for fund transfers through the above methods is USD.

You can transfer from 1 USD to 3,000 USD.

Note that the maximum deposit amount is 1,800 USD for Rapipago and 500 USD for Oxxo.

The fund deposit through the above methods (Rapipago, Boleto Bancário and Oxxo) are completed instantly without any delays.

The standard commission for deposit is 5%, but to celebrate this occasion, you can now deposit to FXOpen without any commissions.

Withdrawals via Rapipago, OXXO, and Boleto Bancário are coming soon.

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What is Rapipago?

Rapipago provides you a new way to manage your money.

With Rapipago, you can pay your bills, recharge your cell phone and DirecTV with debit and without the need to register.

You can create your virtual account and request your Mastercard Prepaid Card, it is 100% free, without a bank account or paperwork.

Loading balance in your account with debit or from any Rapipago branch is simple and easy.

With Rapipago, send and receive money from your colleagues, friends, family or whoever you want.

Transfer Funds to FXOpen with Rapipago

What is OXXO?

OXXO accepts your preferred payment method in Mexico.

About 71 million Mexicans do not have a bank account and OXXO is what allows e-commerces to sell to this substantial group of online shoppers as well.

With more than 16,000 stores across the country, users can pay for their online purchases in cash and merchants are not at risk of chargeback.

Transfer Funds to FXOpen with OXXO

What is Boleto Bancário?

Boleto Bancário is one of the most popular online or offline payment methods in Brazil that allows you to pay for Skype Credit and subscriptions.

Boleto Bancário payments offered by this local service provider, The GT Group * and supported by the payment service provider GlobalCollect™.

When paying with Boleto Bancário, you can visit either a bank or retail outlet to make the payment in cash or pay via your online bank account.

Transfer Funds to FXOpen with Boleto Bancário



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