Expanded-range-of-Metals-now-available-on-fxpro Expanded-range-of-Metals-now-available-on-fxpro

Expanded range of Metals now available on FXPro

Get into your element with a range of new Base Metal CFDs, including Spot Lead, Zinc, Copper and Aluminium, as well as Gold Futures now available for trading at FxPro!

FXPro know that traders are always looking for new opportunities to trade, so they are constantly expanding the product offering and improving the trading conditions to meet your expectations and give you even more reasons to trade with FXPro.

  • Available on all FxPro trading platforms
  • Trade from 0.01 trade size and upwards
  • All-inclusive spread on MT4/MT5
  • Lower spread + Commission on cTrader

Base metal price movements are often an early indicator of economic cycles, allowing traders to capitalise on their vision of what awaits the global economy around the corner.

The current ticker is #GOLD_Z22 (December 2022 Future).

Gold futures allow you to speculate on the price of the precious metal in the future and is often used to hedge against inflation and risk.

The contract expires every 3 months. There are also no swap fees applied to futures.

Please check the instrument specifications on our website to see the trading conditions for these new additions.

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Futres on Gold and CFDs on Spot Lead, Zinc, Copper and Aluminum now available.

As FXPro is a leading international broker in the sector in which it operates, its main objective is to offer an up-to-date trading environment, full of investment opportunities and new stimuli.

The company recently announced the launch of new metal trading tools that will add to the wide range of products available.

The update includes CFDs on:

Metal mainly used in the production of batteries for vehicles of all kinds but also in construction and in the production of bullets for firearms. The prices of the metal can be influenced by various factors such as the production trend of the car manufacturers and the agreements entered into between buyers and sellers. But in summary, if the productivity of the automotive sector increases (or decreases), the price of the metal increases (or decreases).
Metal that finds its main use in the production of steel. In the last period, its price has undergone considerable fluctuations also due to the covid emergency. Investing in changes in its value could be extremely beneficial.
Without a doubt the most used metal in the world due to its particular characteristics. Trading on copper has always aroused considerable interest among traders, as it combines its versatility with a relatively low market price. Investing in copper CFDs today could be a winning strategy.
Used all over the world by companies in all sectors and on a multitude of products, aluminum plays a fundamental role in the world economy. Recent analyzes predict a significant increase in the price of the metal. Characterized by evident volatility in the short term which allows traders to be able to invest up or down.
Gold Futures
By far the most popular precious metal traded on markets around the world. Used primarily as a safe haven asset, a kind of insurance to protect against unstable markets, gold futures are of considerable importance in terms of portfolio diversification. The fluctuation in the value of gold can depend on several factors. With a careful analysis of volatility and market dynamics, traders will have the opportunity to make the most of the potential opportunities offered by the gold futures markets.

It is in the nature of the trader to always be in constant search for new opportunities to be able to exploit and to meet the needs of its traders, FXPro provides constant updating of the services and tools available, so as to be able to offer the most advantageous trading conditions in the world.

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Why you should trade Gold Future CFDs? What are the benefits?

Fluctuations in base metal prices are often an early indicator of business cycles, and this could allow traders to capitalize on their views on the future course of the precious metal’s value.

Gold futures allow the trader to speculate on the future price of the precious metal, usually used as a hedge against unstable market situations such as inflation.

Each single contract has a maturity of no more than 3 months.

  • Each single contract has a deadline of no more than 3 months.
  • Gold futures do not require the payment of swap fees.

For more information, visit the official website where it will be possible to know both the trading conditions and others important features regarding gold futures other new additions.

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Gold futures in detail

By definition, Gold futures are contracts through which gold is traded by agreeing on terms that will have future validity and on a pre-established expiry day.

In a nutshell the trader buys the metal at an agreed price that it will be considered valid only at the expiration of the contract and based on the fluctuation of the value of the metal the trader will make a profit or a loss.

The actual exchange takes place only at maturity, when the buyer pays the seller who will deliver the gold.

Most investors who decide to trade gold futures take advantage of the time between the signing of the contract and its actual execution to be able to speculate, after which they will simply have to calculate profits or losses.



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