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Learn about Forex, CFDs and Online Trading with FP Markets

FP Markets knows that your trading success starts with education.

That is why they are dedicated to providing you with the education and trading resources you need to get ahead.

Take advantage of FP Markets’ eBooks, Video tutorials, live Webinars and face-to-face seminars – all prepared by FP Markets’ team of dedicated market analysts.

Be the first in education with FP Markets.

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1. Live Webinars – Real time tutorials

At FP Markets, they are committed to educating their own traders.

FP Markets has a variety of services available ranging from eBooks, Daily Market Reports and Live Webinars, all of which are part of their complimentary service.

The live webinars are in place to answer common questions asked by clients and to also provide a platform for traders to use as a portal of information to return to.

There are regular webinars they run along with special events and guest speakers across a range of topics.

Its a good idea to check back in regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on some useful sessions.

FP Markets offers a FREE 30 minute live webinar which demonstrates the many advantages of their IRESSTrader platform.

An experienced staff member will guide you through everything you need to know about it.

To register simply navigate to the appropriate webinar via the calendar below and click the register button.

Check out the upcoming Webinars of FP Markets

2. Videos Tutorials – Valuable trading ‘how to’ guides

The video tutorials section has been put together as a useful place to visit when you’re looking for guidance across a range of topics.

FP Markets will be adding videos on a regular basis and all topics covered will be put together based on regular questions asked by you via the award winning customer service team.

FP Markets is committed to education and feel strongly that it is the key to successful trading.

To get things started FP Markets has put together a range of videos that you’re free to watch in your own time.

It’s a good idea to check back in regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on any new and useful topics FP Markets is covering that just might be the key that gives you the edge you’re after.

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3. e-books

Developed by FP Markets’ team of senior market analysts, FP Markets eBooks are designed to give traders an edge.

Whether you are looking for information about strategies, analysis, products or markets they have the ebook that is right for you.

Check out FP Markets’ e-Books

Market Analysis and Report to follow the trend

FP Markets offers a premium Research tool to identify timely and actionable trade ideas across the markets.

FP Markets focuses on what’s happening now to give you a head start before your trading day.

Access is FREE so you can take immediate advantage of this incredible resource.

1. Market Snapshot and Dividend Calendar

Sign up to FP Markets’ Market Snapshot and Dividend Calendar for a detailed look at overnight movements and upcoming market affecting data.

The Market Snapshot spreadsheet lists major overnight price and percentage movements in overseas Equity, Forex and Commodity markets.

The Dividend calendar shows the upcoming ex dividend and payment dates for all companies listed on the ASX.

Use this essential data to keep your trades informed.

Get access to FP Markets’ Market Snapshot

2. Daily Market Report – Expert daily insights

The Daily Market Report is a comprehensive summary designed to ensure traders are fully prepared for the day ahead.

FP Markets’ Market Analyst team will outline key themes of local and international markets, stock specific news, trends, technical levels and Index information.

Utilise this report and gain an edge for the upcoming trading day.

This report is released daily, prior to the ASX open.

Read FP Markets’ Market Report

3. Weekly Market Forecast

Every Monday morning Gary Burton, FP Markets’ Chief Analyst and regular on Sky Business News shares this expert opinion on the trading week ahead.

They have received some fantastic feedback on this and it’s their fastest growing service.

It’s a fantastic way to start the trading week and has become a staple in the weekly diet of the most experienced traders.

The format of the forecast is an online webinar and registration is free.

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4. Portfolio Report – Follow Gary Burton’s Portfolio

The Model Portfolio is updated daily by FP Markets’ team of senior market analysts.

The portfolio will analyse overnight data and provide a list of daily trade ideas.

Cut through the noise by taking advantage of this unique tool.

It is one thing to have a number of ideas on paper via the Research portal, but it is very much another to watch these turn into real trades.

The model portfolio seeks to build this bridge.

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Start investing with the award winning broker

Not only the educations and analysis, but FP Markets is also an award winning broker.

All of FP Markets’ awards recognise the extensive efforts they have made to bring the best trading solution to the retail clients.

They’ve been lauded for their product, pricing, platform, and customer satisfaction, and on multiple occasions by CANSTAR CANNEX, Investment Trends, the Australian Financial Review’s Smart Investor, Money Magazine and The Bull.

For the Comparison of FP Markets Forex Trading Platforms, please visit the page here.

For the List and Conditions of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for FP Markets’ live trading account, please visit the page here.



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