How-to-deposit-&-withdraw-money-from-TitanFX's-trading-account How-to-deposit-&-withdraw-money-from-TitanFX's-trading-account

Simplifying Deposits and Withdrawals with Titan FX

Navigating the financial world as a trader, the efficiency, speed, and security with which you can deposit and withdraw funds from your trading account becomes a fundamental aspect of your trading experience. Recognizing the pivotal role this plays, Titan FX has meticulously tailored its services to ensure a fast, straightforward, and secure process for both funding and withdrawal, thereby ensuring a seamless trading journey.

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Funding Your Trading Account: A Diversity of Options

At Titan FX, they’ve revolutionized the process of funding your trading account by leveraging the robust security measures of the Client Cabinet, in conjunction with a comprehensive assortment of payment options. Each method has been carefully curated to maximize both convenience and security, catering to the unique needs of each trader.

Visa and Mastercard:
Credit or debit card payments have never been simpler. Accepting both VISA and Mastercard, Titan FX ensures there are no deposit or withdrawal fees, allowing you to retain more of your hard-earned money. You can transact in a diverse range of currencies including US dollars, Japanese yen, Singapore dollar, Euro, or Australian dollars. Plus, the service ensures instant clearing of funds to your trading account, providing immediate access to your capital.
By integrating Bitwallet into the payment options,they’ve enhanced the convenience and speed of transactions. Offering no deposit or withdrawal fees, this platform enables instant clearing of funds to your trading account. Additionally, transactions can be made in US dollars, Japanese yen, or Euro, catering to international traders.
Providing a minimal deposit of 30USD or its equivalent, Sticpay ensures seamless transactions with no deposit or withdrawal fees. Instantly clear funds to your trading account and transact in a variety of currencies including US dollars, Japanese yen, Singapore dollar, or Euro. However, it’s essential to note that this service is not available if you reside in an EEA country or the UK.
Local Japanese Bank Transfer:
Specifically designed for Japanese bank holders, you can leverage the Local Japanese Bank Transfer method with no transaction fees and a processing time ranging between a swift 1 hour and 1 business day. Transactions are accepted exclusively in JPY with limits placed between 10,000 and 10,000,000 JPY per transaction, offering both flexibility and security.
Cryptocurrency Deposit Options:
Embracing the digital age, TitanFX also offers a broad range of cryptocurrency deposit options. These come with no deposit fees and fast clearing of funds on the client side (this is blockchain dependant), acknowledging the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in financial transactions.
Please note, AMEX transactions are currently unavailable as TitanFX is enhancing this service for your future usage.

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The Robust Anti-Money Laundering Protocol and Fund Security

At Titan FX, the security of the clients’ funds is of utmost importance. TitanFX takes extensive measures to ensure that these funds are held in segregated accounts with top-tier banks. TitanFX pledges never to use client funds for operational activities and vehemently reject payments from or make payments to third parties. This firm stand is indicative of the commitment to the security of your funds, ensuring all funds must be transferred to and from an account in the name of the Titan FX trading account.

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Withdrawal of Funds: Simple and Secure

At Titan FX, withdrawals are typically automatically processed within a single business day, highlighting the commitment to providing rapid access to your funds. However, it’s crucial to note that the receipt of funds into your account can depend on the withdrawal method used as it may rely on the processing time of your payment provider.

TitanFX’s Anti-Money Laundering Policies necessitate that any requested withdrawals must be refunded back to the same account used to fund the account, up to the amount deposited. This ensures a high degree of security and control over your funds. Additionally, Titan FX may, at its discretion and in consultation with the client, refund to an alternative account. Any trading profits above the original deposited amount can be withdrawn using your preferred method from the following options:

Visa and Mastercard:
Credit card withdrawals must be refunded back into the same credit card account that the client supplied and was validated for funding. The processing time for withdrawals is immediate, but depends upon the client’s credit card provider. Do note, however, that a 4% withdrawal fee will be applied if no trades are made on the account.
Similar to credit card withdrawals, STICPAY withdrawals must be deposited back into the same STICPAY account that was validated for funding. The processing time is immediate, though a 4% withdrawal fee will be applied if no trades are made on the account.
Local Japanese Bank Transfer:
Any trading profits and the original deposited amount with Local Japanese bank transfer can be withdrawn with this method. Requests will be processed and reflected in the client’s bank account within 2 – 3 business days, but a 4% withdrawal fee will be applied if no trades are made on the account.
Funds requested must be withdrawn into the same Bitwallet account that the client supplied and was validated for funding. Processing will be immediate, but a 4% withdrawal fee will be applied if no trades are made on the account.
Cryptocurrency withdrawals are available at Titan FX. Withdrawal of funds will be immediate but processing will be dependent upon how busy the blockchain is, and the cryptocurrency the client is withdrawing. Please note, a 4% withdrawal fee will be applied if no trades are made on the account.

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Account Segregation Policy and Banking Partners

Titan FX has a stringent banking and account policy to protect both retail and institutional client funds. TitanFX ensures that all client funds are held separately from the company’s operational funds, and are never used by the company for operational purposes.

Client funds are held separately from company operational funds in Client Segregated Trust Accounts, providing Titan FX clients additional security and protection when compared to other brokers. A daily reconciliation is performed to determine the settlement obligation between Titan FX and clients.

Moreover, Titan FX partners only with reputable, top-tier banks in highly regulated jurisdictions, adding an extra layer of security for your funds held in trust.

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