How-to-find-the-Best-FX-Signals-on-ZuluTrade's-Copy-Trading-Platform How-to-find-the-Best-FX-Signals-on-ZuluTrade's-Copy-Trading-Platform

How to find the Best ZuluTrade Traders?

The existence of thousands of traders to choose from could confuse the investors.

ZuluTrade tries to help the users by providing different trader search methods such as:

  • A simple list, initially ordered for profit made by followers, which the users can clearly order at will according to each of the parameters reported.
  • A search tool by country, where a statistical detail on the Social Trading activities of the same country is provided.
  • An advanced search panel, where you can set the search for each individual parameter.

Thanks to these tools, we are able to create a very effective tutorial to find the best ZuluTrade Traders.

A similar depth of detail, combined with a modicum of awareness on the part of the investor, certainly offers the possibility of being a sniper in choosing the right trader.

Another certainly interesting element in the search for Signal Providers is the “Trader Comparison function”.

This feature allows you to support traders and their performance in order to compare them.

It becomes very useful when, following a research, an investor is faced with multiple traders with similar characteristics and does not know which of these to choose.

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ZuluTrade governs Signal Providers strictly

ZuluTrade has always tried to set limits and very precise rules in an attempt to stem the phenomenon of non-professional Signal Providers.

One of the first steps was to limit the maximum number of orders open at the same time to 30 (to limit infinite brokerage techniques, easy to implement with a demo account, lethal for any real account).

Other rules were then introduced to limit the practice of scalping or super fast trading, a very interesting technique for those who want to open many trades and generate many commissions, but very difficult to manage and therefore risky for those who follow them.

Signal Providers can open all the trades they want on their operating account, also breaking the ZuluTrade’s rules, but on the platform, and consequently on the follower accounts, only those trades that fall within the parameters are replicated.

Operating outside the rules therefore cannot make Signal Providers’ earnings.

Subsequently, ZuluTrade modified the regulation for payments, introducing the rule that only those who closed the month in profit can collect their commissions, this applies both to the trades closed during the month, and especially for those still open at the end of the month.

One of the practices of those unprofessional Signal Providers is to keep open for a long time, with downward mediation logic, all those trades that end up at a loss (causing enormous risks for capital), closing them with a few pips of profit only in the moment in which become positive again.

This new ZuluTrade rule intervenes and limits this activity, making it inconvenient for Signal Providers to use these practices.

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Signal Providers can run on Demo account

With ZuluTrade, Signal Providers can trade as a money manager and be copied not only through real accounts, but also through demo accounts.

This is certainly one of the reasons behind the large number of Signal Providers registered on ZuluTrade.

Although it is possible to find many excellent Signal Providers in ZuluTrade, if we look into the details of registered traders, it is clear that the majority of these Signal Providers are clearly not professionals.

The fact that they can be classified as a Signal Provider even if the strategy is executed on a demo account, allows these traders to be able to obtain profits in the event that their operations are replicated by follower investors with real accounts.

This choice by ZuluTrade has certainly made it possible to increase the number of Signal Providers present within the ZuluTrade trader fleet.

Opening a demo account and testing a trading strategy, perhaps with aggressive operational logic, becomes a game that, if successful, gives the improvised Signal Provider the opportunity to make himself visible and earn some money without too much effort.

It might seem that an easy solution to this problem is to only follow Signal Providers who operate with a real account.

Although this is certainly a positive fact, it is by no means the definitive solution to the problem.

Believing that the Signal Provider is not running unnecessary risks or is not trying his luck because he is also investing real money does not make much sense since it is possible to start trading in real with a capital of $300 or even less on ZuluTrade.

Several Signal Providers try their luck by investing very little money and trying to climb the rankings with highly profitable but very risky strategies, and then earn from commissions.

Therefore, rather than observing whether the Signal Provider operates with real money or in demo (a figure clearly expressed by ZuluTrade), it is necessary to really understand the riskiness of its strategy through an in-depth study of all the data provided in the trader’s profile.

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Full Transparency of Signal Providers’ data

For each Signal Provider, ZuluTrade provides the Follower investor with a detailed sheet on its operation, incredibly thorough and meticulous, almost maniacal.

In the international industry of Social Trading, there is no other companies that provide a more complete and profound detail.

This makes ZuluTrade one of the most transparent companies in terms of data sharing.

Depending on your degree of preparation in the world of investments, you can use little or a lot of the information made available by ZuluTrade.

ZuluTrade explains in detail how to use all the individual parameters that are provided and also how to cross them to obtain useful answers in ZuluTrade Official Website.

Needless to say, all these values, in addition to being an indication of the seriousness of the company, which does not intend to hide anything about the trader’s strategy, give the Followers the opportunity to realize if the strategy applied by the Signal Provider is exactly the one that’s right for him.

And followers can coexist with the activity of other traders in the people-based portfolio.

Another fundamental element is the possibility of understanding whether the strategy applied by the Signal Provider has historically been respected and what has happened in particular market phases, giving the opportunity to identify any problems.

As if that were not enough, in addition to displaying several dozen indicators, ZuluTrade keeps and makes available the history of all the operations made by the Signal Providers, since they started operating with ZuluTrade.

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ZuluGuard and Risk Control Management

As regards the activity of copy trading, the customization of the replication process of the signals provided by the Signal Providers and the money management, we must recognize that ZuluTrade offers both an extremely simple procedure, certainly suitable for less experienced investors or those who do not want to lose.

For what concerns the simplest replication activities of the Signal Provider’s operations, ZuluTrade provides a risk thermometer, which investors can calibrate according to their own propensity.

ZuluTrade will automatically manage leverage and lot sizes for each individual Signal Provider, depending on the riskiness of the strategy applied and the combination of the risk profiles of all the Signal Providers included in the portfolio.

As for the possibility of obtaining an extreme customization of the replication of operations (through the manual customization mode), ZuluTrade offers dozens of very interesting settings and tools, from trailing stop, offset pips, pips spacing, ZuluGuard, to the function of max open trade and max open lots.

It is important to remember that, for the European countries belonging to the EU that must comply with the new MIFID regulation for Social Trading, some of these functions cannot be used, such as the automatic parameter setting function or some extreme levels of customization.

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1. ZuluTrade Automator

ZuluTrade Automator is a very interesting function that allows you to automate specific actions for the management of your account or open positions.

Automator works with a logic of “if … then …”.

The system is very useful, because it is possible to set different actions to protect against losses or profits in a totally automatic way.

Let’s take an example.

Many are familiar with the famous Take Profit orders.

With take Profit orders, you can set the closure of a single operation when a certain target is reached.

The problem is that the order can only be set on a single operation.

With ZuluTrade Automator you can instead set take profit orders, once your entire portfolio has reached a certain target.

Or instead of closing them, you can decide to be notified with an email.

The options are different, and they are all worth evaluating.

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2. ZuluScript – ZuluTrade Query Language

More advanced traders have a huge chance.

To create fully functional EAs and trading scripts directly from the ZuluTrade platform.

ZuluTrade has in fact introduced its own programming language, called ZQL, ZuluTrade Query Language, compatible with the scripting languages ​​of the Forex market.

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3. ZuluTrade Control Panel

ZuluTrade;s portal is also very accurate and functional, where the investor has the opportunity to:

  • Verify and update your profile from an administrative point of view.
  • Have full control over open market transactions, pending orders, exposure on individual currency pairs and also the ability to check the history of transactions.
  • Have full control over the Signal Providers that are replicating, with the ability to change their settings.
  • Check the progress of the account, with filters and statistics to highlight any operational criticalities or strengths of the activity carried out up to that moment.

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Choose the Forex broker to use ZuluTrade’s service

You haven’t chosen the broker to use for ZuluTrade’s copy trading service?

To use ZuluTrade’s copy trading service, you are recommended to use AAAFX’s trading account.

To find out the reason why AAAFX is the best broker to use ZuluTrade, go to the page here.



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