Open-XM-account-and-Download-XM-Mobile-Apps-for-Account-and-Trading-Management Open-XM-account-and-Download-XM-Mobile-Apps-for-Account-and-Trading-Management

How to open XM’s trading account?

It’s quick and easy to open an account with XM.

Once you have clicked Open Real Account and completed the application form, you will receive an email with login details.

This will allow you to log in to XM’s secure membership page.

Here, you can deposit to your trading account by clicking the Deposit tab in the main menu.

If you already have an XM Trading real account, you can open an additional account from the member page.

If you have already opened a trading account, received your login information by email, submitted your identity verification documents, and made a deposit, the next step is to download your favorite trading platform.

You can find a detailed explanation of the trading platform here.

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What is XM?

With quality in mind to be very important to both customers and XM, XM Trading designs high standards of service. XM believes that multifaceted thinking and a unified policy of business principles are essential for providing universal financial services.

XM’s mission is to stay abreast of global market demand and work flexibly to reach your investment goals.

Magnificent, solid position, and a wealth of experience

XMTrading currently has staff with specialized knowledge, and the combined expertise of the staff is a wonderful collection of talents not found in other Forex companies.

With XM’s extensive experience and support in over 8 languages, XMTrading has become the Forex trader of choice for all levels of traders around the world. XM has the expertise and resources that only major Forex companies need to achieve their investment goals.

  • 15 full-featured trading platforms
  • Support for over 8 languages
  • Individual customer service 24 hours a day, 5 days a week

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Fairness, trust and safety

Trading with XMTrading means trading with a fair and credible Forex trader.

All customers, regardless of fund size, transaction size or account type, will enjoy equally fair and ethical transaction terms.

XMTrading offers a fair and reliable trading experience by pioneering a rigorous policy of no requotes and no refusals.

In addition, 99.35% of all orders are filled in less than a second, with no requotes or refusals.

XM’s business model is based on a firm belief that contract power is everything in Forex.

At XMTrading, your funds are XM’s top priority.

On the other hand, since the negative balance reset is applied to all customers, no loss beyond the account balance will occur.

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A company that values ​​people-to-people relationships

At XM, it is important to have a human relationship in person. Over the years, traders have been very pleased with XM Trading’s innovative approach to customer service and outstanding support, and XM Trading is now at the highest level of customer retention that surpasses any Forex trader. This is the reason for holding power.

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Why choose XM Trading?

XMTrading develops sustainable human resources through a wide range of cultures and approaches your needs with an open attitude towards cultural, national, ethnic and religious diversity. XM’s advanced trading platform and flexible trading conditions meet the needs of diverse customers around the world. XM’s expertise is the result of extensive experience and deep knowledge of the global financial markets. XM is committed to providing excellent services in Forex trading, CFDs, stock indexes, precious metals, and energy.

The management philosophy that XM adheres to is clear. It means getting your loyalty by ensuring your satisfaction. XM’s reputation is deeply linked to credibility, and both are due to XM’s ability to serve you in a way that suits you and that you expect. By monitoring industry trends and constantly adopting the latest technology, XM is always ready to meet the demands of customers, who are becoming more sophisticated and sophisticated. In addition, XM never compromises on factors that affect your performance. Therefore, XM offers tight spreads and the best contracting power.



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