How-to-register-a-client-profile-on-LiteFinance-and-open-a-trading-account How-to-register-a-client-profile-on-LiteFinance-and-open-a-trading-account

Register your Customer Profile

Customer Profile is a secure area on the LiteFinance website that provides access to all major account operations.

After you register your client profile, you can open and delete trading accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, or transfer money between accounts.

In addition, you can use the web terminal to trade, view your personal information, change passwords or leverage values, access information about your account, and perform other non-trading operations related to managing your account and profile.

When you register your customer profile, you need to specify your nickname. And this unique name will be used as your identification name in the copy trading service. The nickname should start with a letter and may include numbers and underscores, but no spaces.

Open LiteFinance’s Account

Open a trading account after registration

After you register, you will automatically create an ECN trading account in your client profile.

If you have not registered a profile on LiteFinance (LiteForex) Official Website, please register before opening an account.

If you want to open another type of account, or need more than one account, click “Open Account” in the “Metatrader” section and select your platform, account type, currency and leverage value.

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Demo Account – The Simulation Mode

You can log in to the “Customer Profile” on LiteFinance (LiteForex) Official Website in demo mode.

This allows you to evaluate the functionality of the copy trading platform before registering without specifying your personal email or phone number.

However, you will not be able to save trading activity in demo mode and gain access to most options.

To take full advantage of the “Customer Profile” option, registration is required.

Registered customers can only operate in impersonation mode if they are not logged into their profile.

To access the full functionality of customer profiles, you must first log in.

Open LiteFinance’s Account

Switch from Demo to Real trading

After you register your personal client profile, you will be able to use two trading modes: Demo Trading (not to be confused with Demo Mode) and Live Trading.

Demo trading restricts you to only use a demo account, and real trading can only be done using a live account.

To switch between the two modes, click on your name above “Customer Profile” and click the appropriate button.

According to LiteFinance’s policy, customers are only allowed to have one profile. However, each client is entitled to have a maximum of ten active trading accounts at the same time in his profile. At your request, you may request to increase the number of active trading accounts running concurrently with the client profile through the general client consultation department.

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Required documents for account opening

Documents confirming identity must be issued by a legitimate government agency and include the client’s photo.

This document can be the first page of a domestic or international passport or driver’s license.

The validity of this document shall be at least 6 months from the date of filling in the application.

The document confirming your residential address can be the page of your passport showing your residential address (if you have used the first page of your passport to confirm your identity, both pages should have a serial number).

You can use a utility bill with your full name and physical address to confirm your residential address.

Bills must not be older than three months.

As proof of address, the company also accepts bills, affidavits or bank statements from internationally recognised organisations (but not mobile phone bills).

Uploaded documents must be in color, legible and in *.jpg /*.jpeg or *.pdf format, and the file size must not exceed 15МB.

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Start trading Forex and CFDs

To start trading, you need to first log in to your client profile and enable live trading mode (you can switch between the two modes).

Next, you will need to fund your main account in the ” Finance ” section, then go to the Trading section in the left menu and select your preferred trading instrument (Currency, Cryptocurrency, Metals, Crude Oil, Stocks or Indices).

Next, click on a trading instrument and its price list will be downloaded on this page.

On the right side of the chart, you will see a menu for opening and closing trades.

Once a position is opened, a trade will be displayed in the lower panel called “Portfolio”.

You can find and modify all open trades through the “Portfolio” block.

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Start copying professional traders’ trades

To start copy trading, you will need an account with a minimum balance.

If this is your first deposit, the minimum amount will be $50.

Go to the ” Traders ” block and use the filters to define a group of traders that match your criteria.

We do not recommend any specific trader as you need to make a decision based on your trading strategy, risk, duration of work and the number of copy traders.

All information of any trader is displayed in the form of a transparent monitoring table.

You can send information to traders before making a decision.

After you select a trader, click on his nickname to open the Copy Settings window.

Here you can specify the sum to be used for copy traders, choose the type of copy and stop period for copying.

For further information on settings, please read the FAQ on how the ” Copy Trade/Trading Copy ” platform works.

After saving the settings, please click “Copy”.

The traders you copied will appear in “Portfolios” at the bottom of the page.

Note that you can copy multiple traders at a time, or the same trader at a time.

The sum used for each copy will be set by you.



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