How to open LMFX Forex trading account?

To open Forex trading account with LMFX, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to LMFX Official Website and click on “Register”
  2. Fill in the form and click on “Subtmit”
  3. Receive confirmation emails from LMFX
  4. Login to LMFX’ client portal and proceed with further registration process

Note that you need to submit copies of ID and a proof of address to LMFX in order to complete your account verification.

The account opening with LMFX may only take a few minutes to complete.

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Comparison of Trading Account Types of LMFX

There are mainly 4 trading account types available with LMFX.

Are you new to Forex or don’t know which account is suited for you? Then start with LMFX’ Classic STP account which has all the basic benefits and advantages for investors.

For the comparison of LMFX’ trading account types, please refer to the page below.

Account Types Classic STP RAW STP RAW STP RAW STP
1 Lot Volume 100,000 units 100,000 units 100,000 units 100,000 units
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:200 1:200 1:200
Minimum Spread 0.9 pips 0.0 pips 0.0 pips 0.0 pips
Trading Commission None $11 per lot $8 per lot $5 per lot
Maximum Number of Simultaneous Positions 200 positions 200 positions 200 positions 200 positions
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.1 lots 1 lot
Maximum Trading Volume 50 lots per order 50 lots per order 50 lots per order 50 lots per order
Restrictions of Trading Strategy None None None None
Islamic Swap Free account Available Available Available Available
Required Deposit Amount $200 $200 $2,000 $10,000

You haven’t decided which account to use for trading?

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1. Classic STP Account

LMFX’ Classic STP Account is suited for any types of traders who are getting started with LMFX.

LMFX’ Classic STP Account requires only $200 of minimum deposit amount, and includes all the basic advantages of LMFX.

For traders who like to avoid extra trading commissions, LMFX’ Classic STP Account is also recommended as it is the only account which trading cost is only the spread.

LMFX’ Classic STP Account is also the only account type of LMFX which offers up to 1:500 high leverage.

For more information about LMFX’ Classic STP Account, go to the page below.

2. Raw STP – Account

LMFX’s Account is suited for traders who wants to trade with raw spread.

“Raw Spread” means the spread without any markups. It provides the raw spread provided by the liquidity providers.

LMFX’s Account offers investors with 0.0 pips raw spread, but there are $11 per lot commission.

$11 per lot commission equals to 1.1 pips in mark up spread.

LMFX’s Account requires only $200 as the minimum deposit amount which is the same as LMFX’ Classic STP account.

For more information about LMFX’s Account, go to the page below.

3. Raw STP Account

LMFX’s Account requires high deposit amount than Classic STP Account, but charges you less in trading commissions.

LMFX’s Account also offers investors with raw spread from 0.0 pips.

The trading commission is only $8 per standard lot, which equals to 0.8 pips of mark up spread.

LMFX’s Account requires $2000 as the minimum deposit amount, but is suited for any professional traders who seek lesser trading cost on MT4.

For more information about LMFX’s Account, go to the page below.

4. Raw STP Account

LMFX’s is suited for professional traders.

LMFX’s Account has the ultimate conditions which include all advantages of LMFX.

LMFX’s Account offers the raw spread 0.0 pips and the trading cost is only $5 per standard lot.

If you are able to invest more than $10,000 for Forex, then LMFX’s Account is suited for you.

For more information about LMFX’s Account, go to the page below.

5. LMFX Demo Account

If you are new to Forex and CFD trading, then you may want to start with LMFX’ Demo account.

LMFX’ Demo account is credited with virtual money and you can practice trading all financial instruments without risking your own funds.

You can use LMFX’ Demo account to trade on the MT4 (MetaTrader4) and see all the advanced trading tools and options.

LMFX’ Demo account is free to open.

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What you can invest with LMFX?

With LMFX, you can invest in over hundreds of financial markets in one trading account.

Here is the list of available financial markets for trading with LMFX.

  1. Forex currency pairs
  2. Metals (Gold, Silver and Platinum)
  3. Energies (US Oil, Brent Oil and Natural Gas)
  4. Stock Indices
  5. Equities (Shares)
  6. Cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin)

All of the markets available available for trading in one account.

Signup and open LMFX MT4 account to get access to international markets.

Open LMFX Real or Demo Account

LMFX MT4 (MetaTrader4)

MT4 Desktop is the flagship trading platform from MetaQuotes.

It is the most powerful and feature-rich version of MetaTrader 4, allowing you to chart multiple assets at the same time, apply chart studies and technical indicators as well as running advanced algorithmic trading functions.

Add to this superior STP execution from LMFX and you have an unbeatable combination.

When it comes to trading platforms, few companies have managed to gain the traction that MetaQuotes has.

Their MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform has been around for over a decade now and is by far the best-known and most-used platform in online trading.

The overwhelming success of MT4 has come down to a number of factors, all of which have contributed to making it the household name that it is today.

Firstly, earlier versions of MT4 had already gained enough of a following, so that when it was finally released during the early boom of the online forex industry in 2005, it became absolutely imperative for brokers to start offering it alongside their own proprietary trading platforms.

Secondly, by allowing for the creation of third party scripts, MetaQuotes helped create a vibrant MT4 community, which has helped to spread the popularity of the platform, as well as ensuring that there are many competent MT4 developers out there, many of whom have become invaluable to online brokers.

Finally, by incorporating an algorithmic trading component to MT4, MetaQuotes was extremely forward-thinking and effectively inspired an entirely new industry that centres around the creation, back-testing, refinement and effective deployment of trading algorithms for retail traders.

LMFX MT4 is renowned for being easy to use and thus having a very gentle learning curve for beginners, while also being extremely powerful beneath the hood and possessing hidden depths that keep more advanced traders returning to it.

It combines attractive, intuitive layouts with speed, security and a host of indicators and chart overlay functions.

Try LMFX MT4 today with unbeatable STP execution from LMFX.

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LMFX MT4 for Mac

The LMFX MT4 for Mac allows you to take advantage of the same functionalities you would have for a Windows based PC without the need of installing further operating systems.

Trade on LMFX’ MT4 on your Mac to experience the benefits of trading with professional STP execution and superior pricing aiming to make your trading experience effective and efficient.

  1. Trade over 250 instruments, including Forex, Metals, Energies, Commodities and Indices
  2. User friendly interface within a customisable environment
  3. Functionality to use your own Technical Indicators and Expert Advisors (EA’s)

Open LMFX Real or Demo Account

Conditions of Fund Deposit and Withdrawal with LMFX

LMFX accepts deposits through various ways and many of the funding methods are completed instantly thanks to LMFX’s API connection.

Refer to the table below for the conditions of fund deposit and withdrawal with LMFX.

Funding Method Accepted Currencies Fees (Commission) Deposit Processing Time Fund Withdrawal
VISA EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, PLN, DKK, NOK, SEK None Instant Available
Mastercard EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, PLN, DKK, NOK, SEK None Instant Available
Maestro GBP None Instant Unavailable
PostPay (Bank of Italy- Banca d’Italia) EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, PLN, DKK, NOK, SEK None Instant Unavailable
giropay EUR None Instant Unavailable
Sofort EUR None Instant Unavailable
eps EUR None Instant Unavailable
iDeal EUR None Instant Unavailable
Przelewy24 PLN None Instant Unavailable
Skrill USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, PLN, SEK, NOK, DKK None Instant Available
Neteller USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, PLN, SEK, NOK, DKK None Instant Available
Bank Wire Transfer EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, DDK, SEK None Instant Available

LMFX covers the cost for fund withdrawals also the receiving costs if there is any.

Note that international bank wire transfer may take up to 5 business days.

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Is my fund safe with LMFX?

LMFX is an online Forex and CFD broker regulated and licensed by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission.

LMFX follows the regulations of FSC in Mauritius and takes multiple measures to protect investors’ funds.

All investors’ funds are kept in segregated bank accounts prepared by LMFX.

With the segregated bank accounts, LMFX keeps investors’ funds and company’s funds separated.

LMFX also responds to fund withdrawal requests within 24 hours in business days.

Many of fund deposit and withdrawal methods are completed instantly.

As a risk management measure, LMFX also supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection) for all accounts.

LMFX’s NBP is also known as insurance fund which guarantees that the maximum loss of trading is always limited to the total deposit amount.

Register for LMFX

LMFX is a STP MT4 broker

LMFX is an online Forex and CFD broker which processes clients’ orders with STP execution.

LMFX’s STP execution makes sure that all clients orders are sent to market liquidity providers directly.

There is no interruptions to clients’ orders or manipulation to market prices.

This execution model means a great advantage for investors as there is no conflict of interest between LMFX and its investors, unlike many other brokers.

Instead of making profit from clients’ losses, LMFX makes profits from commissions they charge.

The amount of commission is very small and is clear to any investors’ eyes.

The amount of trading commission is different for each account type of LMFX.

Due to the above reasons, LMFX supports investors to make profit because LMFX can earn more when investors trade more.

The execution model is the same for all account types of LMFX.

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Use free trading tools of LMFX

As a client of LMFX, there are many trading tools that you can use for free.

The tools include the instant calculators.

LMFX’ online calculator can be used to calculate margin requirement, pip and point value, and swap points.

LMFX also has a currency converter which you can see the conversion rate of each currency.

There are more tools for account management in LMFX’ client portal, and also in LMFX’ MT4.

Signup with LMFX for free and get access to all the latest trading tools.

LMFX Online Registration Page

Who is LMFX?

LMFX is an online Forex and CFD broker founded in 2009.

By opening an account with LMFX, you can invest in Forex, Energies, Indices, Stocks, Precious Metals and Cryptocurrency markets through their MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platforms.

LMFX is a brand name of BDS Markets Ltd, which is regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (or FSC).

Every process from application to trading are done online with LMFX.

As a recent online broker, LMFX provides investors full set of trading tools and advantages needed to invest online.

For more information about LMFX and their service conditions, please visit the official website from below.

Visit LMFX Official Website

Why invest with LMFX?

As a professional online Forex and CFD broker, LMFX has a lot to offer for online traders.

We have picked up some advantages and merits of LMFX’ service here.

  1. 1:500 High Leverage
    LMFX offers high leverage for Forex trading on MT4. With 1:500 leverage, you can literally increase your trading volume by 500 times.
  2. NBP (Negative Balance Protection)
    LMFX supports NBP for all accounts. Trading with 1:500 high leverage involves higher risks, but the maximum loss is limited to the total deposit amount with LMFX’ NBP system.
  3. LMFX MT4
    LMFX has chosen MT4 (MetaTrader4) as the base trading platform. MT4 is the most popular trading platform in the world with many advanced trading tools.
  4. Mobile trading and Web Trader
    You can run LMFX MT4 on any types of devices including Android, Tablet, iPhone and iPad. You can also run LMFX MT4 on internet browser without installing any software.
  5. LMFX is regulated and licensed
    LMFX is a regulated and licensed broker. The main regulator is the Mauritius Financial Services Commission.
  6. STP fair execution
    LMFX processes all clients’ orders with STP execution. Meaning that all orders are directly sent to the real market without any manipulation.
  7. No restrictions on trading strategies
    LMFX allows any types of trading strategies on the MT4. As a STP broker, there is no limitation in terms of trading strategies.
  8. Low minimum deposit
    To start trading Forex and CFDs with LMFX, you don’t need large amount to invest. With LMFX, you can start trading from $200 of minimum deposit amount.
  9. Hundreds of financial markets
    Not only Forex markets, but with LMFX, you can also invest in precious metal, energy, index, stock and cryptocurrency market all together.
  10. Instant Funding
    LMFX provides investors with various fund deposit methods and many of them are processed instantly. You can refill your account at anytime as you want.
  11. No fees for Deposit and Withdrawal
    LMFX even covers fees charged by payment providers. LMFX does not charge any fees, so you can transfer your funds without worrying about costs.

For more information about LMFX’ service, visit the official website from below.

Visit LMFX Official Website

LMFX’ Bonus Promotions and Contests

LMFX occasionally runs bonus promotions and trading contests for traders.

The latest campaigns will be announced in LMFX Official Website and also be sent out to the existing investors of LMFX via email.

LMFX does not run any bonus promotions or contests normally.

As a STP FX broker, LMFX strives to offer the best trading environment through its MT4.

LMFX’ main advantages is provided through their superior trading conditions such as high leverage, raw spread, low trading commission and free trading tools.

To stay updated of any upcoming campaigns of LMFX, Signup with LMFX for free.

Register with LMFX for free

FAQs about LMFX’ service

We receive a number of inquiries from investors.

To answer questions beforehand, we have listed the FAQs regarding to LMFX’ service conditions below.

How much is the risk to trade Forex and CFDs with LMFX?
With LMFX, the maximum loss is limited to the total deposit amount thanks to their NBP (Negative Balance Protection) working as insurance funds for investors.
Is LMFX a better FX broker than others?
Being a STP MT4 broker, LMFX has many advantages to offer for its investors. There has been already more than 1 million traders investing with LMFX by the end of 2019.
How much do I need to trade FX with LMFX?
To start trading Forex and CFDs with LMFX, you need to deposit at least 200 USD to your account. For superior account types, LMFX requires more deposit amount.
Can I use MT5 to trade FX with LMFX?
No, LMFX only provides MT4 (MetaTrader4) as its main trading platform. You cannot login to MT5 platforms, using LMFX’ MT4 login credentials.
Does LMFX run Bonus Promotions and Contests?
LMFX occasionally runs bonus promotions and trading contests. The latest campaigns are announced on LMFX Official Website or privately sent to currency investors via email.
Is it free to open FX account with LMFX?
Yes, it is free to open LMFX MT4 trading account. There is no cost charged for account opening, deposit and withdrawal by LMFX. The only cost you need to cover is the trading cost.
What can I invest in with LMFX?
With LMFX, you can trade Foreign exchange, Precious metals, Energies, Indices, Stocks and Cryptocurrency pairs in one trading account. There are over 250 financial instruments.
What is the minimum spread and trading cost of LMFX?
LMFX is a STP broker which offers raw spread on MT4 trading accounts. The minimum spread starts from 0.0 pips.
Is my money safe with LMFX?
LMFX protects investors’ funds in many ways. Their fund protection measures include the segregated bank account, insurance fund, NBP and STP trading environment.
Can I use mobile phones to trade FX with LMFX?
Yes, LMFX’ Web Trader and mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).
Is there any limitations to the fund withdrawals?
No, LMFX does not have any limitations to the fund deposit and withdrawal amount. You can withdraw unlimited amount of profit from your account.
Where can I download LMFX MT4 platforms?
You can download LMFX MT4 trading platforms from LMFX Official Website. The platforms can be downloaded for various types of devices for free.


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