How-to-start-copying-trades-with-Aximtrade's-Copy-Trade-tool How-to-start-copying-trades-with-Aximtrade's-Copy-Trade-tool

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Make use of an investment expert, copying each of his operations to aim for success.

Copy Trade service offered by Aximtrade

Aximtrade is an online broker that commits numerous resources to satisfy the needs of its traders.

Both experienced and novice investors will have the opportunity to find a service, tool, or transaction suited to their needs, suited to their style.

In short, the broker has a multifunctional structure capable of guaranteeing trading conditions suitable for everyone and an environment suitable for any style or investment strategy.

Among the wide range of services offered by AximTrade, one of the most used is the copy trade.

Through the use of copy trading tool, the trader will be able to exploit the ingenuity, experience and professionalism of experienced traders in the sector by copying their operations by investing any amount he deems suitable.

Copy trade is a service that is enjoying some success in the world of finance.

Used in most cases by novice traders eager to acquire essential information and profitable investment methods.

In simple terms, the copy trade literally allows the trader to copy the investment operations of professionals in the sector.

An extremely valid option for beginners, who thanks to the service will be able to learn using extremely competent investors and consequently have a higher percentage of earnings.

In addition to novice traders, the copy trade is used by experienced traders with the aim of diversifying their portfolio by following investors who have achieved excellent results.

When the Money Manager (professional to be copied) decides to carry out any investment operation, the follower (the trader willing to copy) will have the possibility to copy the investment of the selected trader.

Thanks to the copy trade, the client will have the opportunity to replicate investment strategies and follow multiple signals from various professional investors.

  1. Extremely useful service for novice traders, experts who want to diversify their portfolio or those who simply do not have enough time to be able to carefully analyze the trend of the markets.
  2. With the copy trade you can take advantage of the experience of professional traders and copy their trades with any amount you deem necessary.
  3. The follower (trader willing to copy the operations) chooses the Money Manager (professional to copy) and decides the amount to invest.
  4. As soon as connected, all the operations carried out by the Money Manager will be copied automatically and in real time to the Follower’s account, based on the amount of funds invested.
  5. With the ability to copy an almost unlimited number of Money Managers, the trader (both novice and experienced) will create a balanced and diversified investment portfolio.

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Getting started with AximTrade copy trade

The service is available for any type of account, Standard, ECN and CENT.

In order to use the service, the trader can follow the next very simple steps.

Open AximTrade’s Real Account
In order to start investing using the copy trade services, the trader must have an AximTrade account. In the event that you do not have one, you will need to visit the official website and access the registration page, open an account by choosing between Standard, ECN and CENT accounts and make a deposit to be used as a basis for the copy trade.
Select a Money Manager
The next step will be to choose the Money Manager from the list of available Money Managers, divided according to their level of risk, profitability and experience.
Sign up and start investing
Now you can subscribe to the chosen Money Manager strategy, select the amount and instrument to invest in, connect to the selected Money Manager and start the copy trade.

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Advantages in copy trading

In summary, the main advantages resulting from the use of the service can be summarized as follows.

  1. Balanced risk management resulting from trades copied by professionals.
  2. Possibility to choose the Money Manager that best suits your needs and the amount to invest.
  3. Direct access to all real-time updates on trading performance.
  4. Suitable for any type of account available: Standard, ECN and CENT.
  5. Minimum lot size proportionate to the account balance, from 0.00001 lots.
  6. Opportunity for Money Managers to earn commission from performance.

For any clarification, just visit the official website and access the dedicated page where it will be possible to upload extremely clear and detailed video tutorials.

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Useful information on using the AximTrade copy trade service

In the next list, you will be able to know some of the main information on the use of the service offered by AximTrade.

Risks in the copy trade
Every trader must be fully aware of the risks before making any investment, because the past performance of the Money Managers should not be considered as a guarantee of success for the future. Despite this, there are risk management tools that can help the trader make accurate decisions in choosing the Money Manager to increase the chances of profit while minimizing potential losses.
Order processing times
Transactions are normally executed immediately when the Money Manager executes its investments.
Interruption of the copy trade service
The service can be interrupted by the Follower at any time. Upon disconnection, the total funds invested and / or profits earned with the Money Manager will return to the linked trading account. Any open positions must be closed before proceeding to disconnect.
Fees to be paid for the copy trade.
Aximtrade will not charge any commission for the use of the service, the expenses that the trader will have to incur derive from the performance fees to be paid directly to the Money Manager.
Minimum amount to copy a Money Manager.
The minimum amount required to start copying transactions varies according to the Money Manager.


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