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iFOREX - What's now?

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Here we like to show:

How to Start Investing in Financial Markets(FX, Stocks, Commodity, Oils, Energy, Equity Index) in 3 minutes online.

Investing online is quite easy for everyone in 2017.

All you need to have would be:

  • Documents(ID and Proof of Address)
  • Your Funds(money) which you can afford to lose by investing

Of course, no one invests his/her funds intending to lose them though, you must prepare for that situation in case a market price didn’t go to your expected direction.

Now let’s see the 3 minutes steps to start investing online.

3 Minutes & You are an Trader

1. Signup with iForex for Free

Go to the page here, and type in necessarily information.

An example of iForex Account Opening Page

The registration is absolutely Free and takes a minute to complete.
If you like to check out other FX brokers, please go to the page here.

2. Submit Documents

Before start trading, it is necessarily to prove your personal information by submitting the required documents.
Two Types of Documents are required.

①Personal identification certificate: passport or driving license or any other government issued document evidencing your name, date and place of birth, citizenship, and bearing your photograph and signature (Front and Back).
②Proof of current residence. Here are some examples of the documents that can be sent to show your proof of residency such as Utility bill (e.g. gas or electricity bill), Bank Statement, Telephone or Mobile Account Statement or Municipal Rates Invoice Statement.

You may submit them through the iForex’s Client Portal or via Email.

3. Deposit

iForex requires only 100 USD as the minimum deposit amount.
Transfer your funds to iForex with any methods you like such as Bank Wire, Credit Card, Debit Card and eWallets.

4. Login

Login to iForex’s Online Trading Platform with the “Login Credentials” you received at the account opening.

5. Trade

Now you will see hundreds of Financial Markets you can access through the trading platform which includes Forex, Stocks, Commodity, Energies, Metals and even Equity Index.

Start trading now!

iForex’s Platform “FXNet Trader”

Signup with iForex for Free



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