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Verifying your Exness account is a fundamental process that secures your trading activities and aligns with global financial regulations.

This detailed guide will walk you through each step of the verification process and explain its importance.

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The Verification Process with Exness

Step 1: Accessing Your Personal Area
Initial Login: Visit the Exness website and log in to your Personal Area (PA).
Profile Overview: The dashboard provides a snapshot of your account status and the verification steps needed.
Step 2: Completing Your Profile
Profile Update: Click ‘Complete Profile’ in your PA. This button’s appearance may vary depending on your account’s region.
Step 3: Email and Phone Verification
Email Verification: A 6-digit code is sent to your registered email. Enter this code in your PA to verify your email.
Phone Verification: Provide your phone number and choose to receive a verification code via SMS or phone call. Input the received code to verify your phone number.
Step 4: Providing Personal Information
Accuracy is Key: Enter your full name as it appears on your legal documents. This ensures consistency across all verification steps.
Step 5: Depositing Funds
Initial Deposits: You can now deposit up to USD 2,000. However, keep in mind that your account is still under partial restrictions.
Step 6: Economic Profile Survey
Survey Purpose: This step involves answering questions about your trading experience and objectives, helping Exness tailor services to your needs.
Step 7: Uploading Verification Documents
Document Preparation: Ensure your legal name matches the one registered on your Exness account and your verification documents.
Step 8: Proof of Identity (POI) Submission
Document Choice: Choose from various government-issued IDs, ensuring they meet Exness’s criteria.
Step 9: Proof of Residence (POR) Submission
Residency Verification: Upload a document proving your residence, such as a utility bill or bank statement, that matches the address registered on your account.
Step 10: Finalizing Verification
Check Verification Status: After 24 hours, log in to your PA to see if your account is fully verified.

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What is it so important?

Enhancing Security
Identity Protection: Ensures that only you have access to your account.
Fraud Prevention: Reduces the risk of unauthorized access and financial fraud.
Adhering to Financial Regulations
Global Compliance: Meets standards set by financial regulatory bodies.
Operational Legitimacy: Establishes Exness as a trustworthy trading platform.
Improving Service Quality
Data Accuracy: Helps Exness understand its client base for service optimization.
Localized Support: Enables the provision of support in local languages and preferred payment methods.

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Detailed Verification Document Guidelines

Proof of Identity (POI)
Requirements: Must include a clear photo, full name, date of birth, and be valid for at least one more month.
Acceptable Documents: International passports, national IDs, driver’s licenses, etc.
Proof of Residence (POR)
Requirements: Must be recent (issued within the last 6 months), display your full name and address, and be issued by a legitimate authority.
Acceptable Documents: Utility bills, recent bank statements, local tax bills, etc.
Uploading Documents
Formats and Sizes: Supports various file formats up to 64 MB. Ensure all document edges are visible and the information is legible.

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Managing Document Rejections

Understanding Rejections:
If a document is rejected, Exness will provide specific reasons via email.
Corrective Actions:
Based on the rejection reasons, you may need to upload a higher quality image, provide additional documents, or choose an alternative document.

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Key Notes and Restrictions

30-Day Verification Period:
The verification must be completed within 30 days of the first deposit to avoid restrictions.
Regional Differences:
Document requirements and account functionalities may vary by region.
Privacy and Confidentiality:
Exness treats client information with the utmost confidentiality and uses it solely for service improvement.

Completing the Exness account verification process is not just a regulatory requirement but also a step towards ensuring a secure and personalized trading experience.

By providing accurate and valid documentation, you can enjoy the full range of services offered by Exness without limitations.



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