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Who is IFC Markets?

IFC Markets is an Online FX & CFD broker based in Cyprus and British Virgin Islands(BVI)

The broker is licensed by CySEC in Cyprus and FSC in BVI.

IFCM Group consists of NetTradeX Corp, Infin Markets Limited, IFC Markets Corp. for over 10 years.

The broker was founded in 2006, and offers the one of the Largest number of CFDs(Contract for Differences).

IFC Markets offers CFD Products range from Commodity, Metals, Oils, Equity Index, Personal Composite Instruments (PCI) and over 300 Stocks from 7 different exchanges.

Along with over 100 Forex Currency Pairs, you can trade all of them by just opening one trading account.

With IFC Markets, you will have the Whole Package of Investment Tools in 3 minutes.

600 Financial Instruments, over 10 trading tools and complete educational guides are all provided for free with IFC Markets.

IFC Markets has over 120,000 traders registered by 2019.

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IFC Markets Trading Information

With IFC Markets, you can invest in over 600 Financial Products on MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5 and NetTradeX trading platforms.

NetTradex Trading Platform comes with very Unique Features and Abilities, than MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5.

IFC Markets’s minimum spread starts from 1.8 pips(Fixed), with 0 extra commission for Trading and Deposit.

The Maximum Leverage is 1:400, and NBP is Supported.

With IFC Markets, your maximum loss is limited to the total deposit amount.

As IFC Markets strives to offer ECN trading environment through all account types, all kinds of trading methods are allowed on the platforms.

ECN stands for Electronics Communication Networks, which is also referred as STP.

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What you can invest in with IFC Markets?

IFC Markets has one of the largest number of financial markets for investors.

Open one account with IFC Markets, you can start investing in the following markets.

Check out what are available for trading and the advantage of each market.

Forex Currency Pairs

The group of Forex is represented by traditional instruments for this market – currency pairs, which express the value of one currency relative to another one.

Depending on their popularity it is accepted to divide these instruments into major currency pairs- “Major”, less popular pairs- “Minor”, and rare pairs- “Exotic”.

With IFC Markets, you can trade Forex pairs with 1:400 high leverage.

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Precious Metals CFD

Precious metals, especially gold, have always had the status of reliable assets in times of crises and high volatility in the markets.

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium are available for trading.

Precious metals of the group are quoted against U.S. Dollar and Euro.

World Indices CFD

The instruments of this group allow to trade indices of leading stock exchanges.

The price of instruments is expressed in local currency of each particular index.

Stock CFD

Stock CFDs – This group of trading instruments includes CFDs on highly liquid stocks of companies traded on the world stock markets.

No need to open a stock trading account with stock brokers, but with IFC Markets you can also save a lot of commissions.

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Commodity CFDs without an Expiration Date

Continuous Commodity CFDs allow investing in the dynamics of commodity prices.

Commodity Futures CFD

Commodity Futures CFD Instruments allow investing in price dynamics of commodities through liquid futures.

CFDs on ETFs

This group includes CFDs on shares of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

CFDs on Crypto Futures

The instruments of this group allow to invest in the price dynamics of the crypto-currencies.

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Library of Synthetic Instruments

The group includes synthetic instruments, created by the analysts of IFC Markets for trading in NetTradeX trading terminal.

The creation of synthetic instruments is realized through simple and user-friendly interface using Portfolio Quoting Method, where the value of the base asset (portfolio) is expressed in the value of the quoted asset (portfolio).

When making deals, the personal instrument breaks up into assets for buying and selling.

The trader gives each component (asset) an individual weight in the overall structure of the instrument.

Hundreds of assets of various classes (currencies, precious metals, CFDs on Indices, Commodities and Stocks) are available for composing a synthetic instrument.

The trader automatically receives the price history of the created insturment (hereafter PCI) with the depth available for its components, (as a rule, not less than a few years).

PCI trading is realized as a set of transactions of all its components in the specified volumes and an interface is implemented on the trading terminal, allowing to execute such a transaction by a single command (buy, sell, setting a PCI order).

Currently traders have an opportunity to create, build charts, make technical analysis and trade PCI.

Have you already traded with IFC Markets before? Leave your review, opinion and rating to let other investors know you experience!



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