Introduction of XM's refer a friend program - Earn up to $150 with your friend Introduction of XM's refer a friend program - Earn up to $150 with your friend

XM’s refer a friend bonus program

The more you introduce, the more rewards you will get.

XM’s refer-a-friend program is designed so that the more people you invite, the more rewards you can earn.

Introducing 1-15 friends
You can earn $80 PER FRIEND
Introducing 16-30 friends
You can earn $100 PER FRIEND
Introducing 30+ friends
You can earn $150 PER FRIEND

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How to invite friends to XM?

  1. Log in to the member page of XM and go to the friend referral dashboard
  2. Share your own URL or invite your friends by email
  3. Earn cash for each friend who opens an XMTrading account and completes 1 standard lot * transactions
  4. Check the progress from the dashboard and withdraw the reward

The XMTrading Refer-a-Friend Program was created with the goal of earning rewards by introducing XMTrading to your patrons. Therefore, there is no limit to the number of friends you can introduce. However, please note that you will only be rewarded if your friend meets the requirements.

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Who can participate in XM’s refer a friend promotion?

XM Trading’s Refer-a-Friend program is available to new and existing customers.

To qualify as an introducer to this program, you must first have an activated XM Trading Real Account.

Once you qualify, you will be able to log in to your membership page and start inviting your friends from the Refer-a-Friend dashboard.

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How does it work? – XM’s referral program

Before you can start referrals to your friends, you must first have an activated XM Trading Real Trading Account.

If you meet the above conditions, you will be able to log in to the membership page and access the Refer-a-Friend dashboard. You’ll find your personal referral URL there, so you can start inviting your friends by sharing your email or referral URL.

For each successful referral (introduced person), you will receive a certain amount of cash reward that can be withdrawn. Successful referral (introduced person) refers to a person who has opened and activated a real trading account using the customer’s URL and traded 1 standard lots * of FX, gold or silver using his / her own deposit funds. .. The amount of rewards you can earn for each referral varies and is as follows:

  • If you refer 1-15 friends, $ 80 per friend;
  • If you refer 16-30 friends, $ 100 for each friend;
  • If you refer 30+ friends, $ 150 per friend;

All funds earned as an introducer of this program can be withdrawn through your trading account.

The invited person will receive $ 50 as credit to their trading account if the above conditions are met. They will then be able to participate in the program as referrals and invite their friends to XM Trading.

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How to withdraw rewards given by XM?

Rewards earned through the XM Trading Refer-a-Friend Program will be automatically awarded to your “My Wallet”.

To withdraw your reward, go to the “My Wallet” dashboard on your membership page. From there, you can check the total balance and select the amount to withdraw or transfer to your trading account.

MyWallet is another way to deposit funds when transferring funds to your XMTrading trading account. Customers will also receive a deposit bonus for this transfer under the terms of her XM Trading Bonus Program. Click here for more information .

Once the funds are reflected in the selected trading account, you can withdraw the funds by the normal procedure. If your account’s base currency is other than US dollars (USD), a conversion fee will be charged.

The number of lots depends on the area where you live. Terms of use applied.



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