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How to open XTB’s demo account?

XTB’s demo account gives you instant access to hundreds of global markets, so you can sharpen your skills with virtual funds, risk-free.

To open a demo trading account, you just need to enter your email address and select your country residence on the page here.

Open XTB’s Demo Account

Applying for a demo account is quick and easy, and you could be trading within minutes:

The main features and advantages of XTB’s free demo account are:

  • 4 weeks risk-free trading, £100k virtual funds
  • 2100+ CFD markets; Forex, Indices, Commodities & Shares
  • Award-winning xStation platform & MT4
  • Tight spreads from 0.2 pips, 30:1 leverage & ZERO commission on stock CFDs
  • 24-hour support (Sun – Fri)

Voted ‘Best Trading Platform 2016’ by Online Personal Wealth awards, xStation is built with superior execution speeds and tools to give you complete trade management from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Open free demo account today.

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Real or demo account?

Among some traders, there is a dismissive attitude towards trading on demo accounts.

This is considered a frivolous activity, a waste of time and pampering. Opinions differ on this point of view.

Open XTB’s Demo & Real Account

Everyone starts with a Demo account

Most traders have started with a demo account at one time or another.

You really can’t do without this first step, if only to deal with the trading terminal, learn how to open and close orders, test trading ideas and strategies.

A huge advantage of demo accounts is the complete absence of risk.

Whatever happens to your training (virtual) account, it will not affect your wallet in any way.

And this deceptive lightness and lack of risk often play a cruel joke with novice traders.

No wonder there is a saying: “A good start is half done.” A demo account is the most important beginning, the first step into the world of professional trading.

In fact, this is training before the competition. No professional athlete in their right mind will say that training is not needed.

The most important thing is the competition. The strength and experience necessary for victories are drawn precisely in training.

When trading on a demo account, your trading skills are formed, and the importance of this stage cannot be overestimated.

If you get into the habit of sloppily opening trades on a demo account without prior analysis, then keep this habit for yourself by trading on a real account.

Open XTB’s Demo Account

Path that you need to go through

You should take trading on a demo account just as seriously as trading on a real account.

Conduct fundamental and technical analysis for the selected financial instrument.

Keep a trading diary. Do not be lazy to perform calculations and make current entries (lot size, number of open orders, Stop Loss and Take Profit, etc.).

Fight for every cent in your demo account and this essential habit will save you more than once.

It is also important to understand the following – in trading, as in many other processes, haste is not appropriate.

As Warren Buffett says, “Even if you’re very talented and put in a lot of effort, some results just take time: you won’t have a baby in a month even if you get nine women pregnant.”

If your results on a demo account leave much to be desired, then it is too early for you to switch to trading on a real account, no matter how much you want to.

This will take as long as it takes.

If you come to stable profitability on a demo account after three years, then this is exactly what you need.

This is better than switching to trading on a real account after six months being unprepared, and then going broke. The productive sequence of a trader’s professional growth looks like this:

  • Demo account (profitable trading for three months).
  • Cent account (achieving 100% profit).
  • Real account of 1,000 USD (similarly – 100% profit).
  • Real account of 10,000 USD or more (no limits on results).

If you “stumble” at a certain stage, go back. For example, if you failed to trade on a cent account, trade again on a demo account.

The market is not going anywhere.

Open XTB’s Demo & Real Account

Trade like a pro

To sum up, trading on a demo account should be taken as seriously as if your real money was at stake.

From this, we can also conclude that trading on a real account should be treated a little more detached, without unnecessary emotions.

Even a professional trader who has been managing large amounts of money for many years, it is sometimes useful to imagine that you are trading on a demo account.

If you think about it, the difference is only in your head.

In other words, when trading on a demo account, imagine that you are trading on a real account, and vice versa.

Open XTB’s Demo & Real Account

A tip for new traders

Mike Bellafiore’s book “One Good Trade” describes this technique adopted in his trading company: a trader showing unsatisfactory trading results is temporarily transferred from a real account to a demo account.

When the results improve, the person is back in control of real money.

Even if you have been trading on a real account for a long time, do not forget about a demo account.

It is an indispensable tool for testing new strategies and trading systems.

For example, your working timeframe is M15, the average duration of your trades is several hours (or minutes).

Try a long-term strategy on a demo account where positions are held for weeks, months and years.

A new indicator needs to be tested. Do not rush to put a new and unverified trading instrument immediately on a real account.

Try it first on a demo account, because there you risk nothing.

And the last tip. Considering all of the above and understanding all the advantages of a demo account, remember that it will not bring you real money.

An athlete cannot train endlessly, someday he will have to show his skills in business.

Competition for a trader is a real market.



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