See-the-list-of-OANDA's-trading-platforms-and-tools-available-for-traders-all-over-the-world. See-the-list-of-OANDA's-trading-platforms-and-tools-available-for-traders-all-over-the-world.


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OANDA - What's now?

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OANDA offers MT4, MT5, Autochartist, VPS and TradingView

OANDA continues strengthening cooperation with third parties to realize a comfortable trading environment.

OANDA is committed to working with trusted third parties in the foreign exchange market to provide OANDA’s customers with a comfortable trading environment.

Here is the list of trading platforms and tools available for traders of OANDA.

MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrader5 (MT5) developed by Russia’s MetaQuotes Software are trading platforms used by Forex traders all over the world. In addition to being able to use a wealth of analysis tools, both are platforms that support automated trading using programs. You can place orders with OANDA from these platforms.
TradingView is a trading platform that runs comfortably on your web browser. Equipped with various analysis tools, you can also program and create your own indicators. From this TradingView you can place orders to your OANDA account.
Autochartist is a tool that automatically detects chart patterns. It quickly detects chart patterns for multiple brands and multiple timelines, reducing the time required for analysis. OANDA customers can use it freely.
BeeksFX is a company that provides VPS services used for automatic trading on MT4 and MT5. Since the server installed in the same building as the OANDA server is installed, the physical distance required for ordering can be shortened. OANDA has a special plan for Tokyo Server for OANDA customers.

Note that the available trading platforms and tools can be varied depending on the jurisdiction you are in.

To find out the available trading platforms for the traders in your country, go to OANDA’s Official Website.

Go to OANDA’s Official Website

OANDA’s infrastructure and education

Oanda celebrates its 24th anniversary.

With offices in 7 cities around the world, OANDA registers with the Financial Services Agency (Japan), FCA (UK), CFTC (USA), ASIC (Australia), MAS (Singapore), and IIROC (Canada) and operate in accordance with their respective regulations.

Oanda FX Lab will continue to invest in infrastructure and education.

OANDA supports your success as a Forex trader with the following free-to-use tools

Oanda FX Lab
Forex is risky. Even professionals lose money. Oanda believes it is important to have a data-based strategy. Oanda FX Labs is a special source of information available only to Oanda customers.
Oanda Education
At Oanda Education, they provide the best content to OANDA’s customers who are aiming for the next level as Forex traders.
Oanda FX Infrastructure
Oanda believes that providing a fair and equitable trading environment is more important than 0.1PIP spread competition. OANDA aims to provide customers with true low spreads by disclosing information such as the speed from order arrival to execution and slippage occurrence rate at any time and striving to improve it.

To get full access to the above tools, you must sign up for OANNDA and log in to the website.

Open OANDA’s Account for free

What is OANDA Lab?

The world of exchange is a zero-sum game, so you should hope with a strategy.

Whether you win or lose, you can analyze daily at Oanda FX Lab.

If you don’t know the information, study at Oanda Education.

Exchange information not found in other companies. That is OANDA Lab.

It is a service that can be done only by Oanda for 25 years with the distribution of exchange information.

Oanda production account holders Login to these Free FX Lab Content

  • You can browse it anytime, anywhere
  • Oanda FX Lab Web Version Tool
  • Oanda FX Lab MT4 Indicator and EA
  • Tokyo server swap simulator
  • FX Glossary
  • Oanda FX Lab Daily Market Report
  • Oanda FX Lab Weekly Market Report
  • DZH Daily news
  • DZH Weekly news
  • Economic indicator calendar
  • Fundamentals Country Economic Indicators
  • Trading View Chart

A wide variety of OANDA FX lab information, including OANDA open order information.

It can be overlaid on the trading platform. Of course, also for mobile trading apps.

Information is also overlaid on MT4 (MetaTrader 4).

Find out more about OANDA Lab

What is OANDA Education?

There is an investment education system that can only be done by a pioneer in the distribution of exchange information.

It’s Oanda FX Lab + Infrastructure + Education. That is Oanda Education.

The OANDA Education site distributes various information useful for Forex trading.

In addition to how to use trading tools such as MT4 and TradingView, OANDA will publish on the website how OANDA Lab information should be used for Forex market analysis, etc., and prepare an environment where customers can make investments decisions smoothly. doing.

You can display the function of Autochartist as an indicator on MT4 and automatically detect the key level and chart pattern of your favorite currency pair.

OANDA holds regular seminars on how to use various trading tools and how to analyze market prices.

If it is a seminar at the venue, you can feel free to ask the instructor any questions you do not understand.

OANDA Lab offers a large amount of online video content, so you can view it at your convenience.

In particular, you can efficiently understand the seminars on how to use the tools by looking at the actual screen.

Get access to OANDA Education

What is OANDA FX Infrastructure?

OANDA will continue to do everything because of its unwavering relationship of trust with allcustomers.

OANDA will continue to provide high-performance and stable infrastructure.

In order to provide customers with a fair and equitable trading environment, Oanda visualizes contract power, strives to improve it, and aims to become the No. 1 real spread.

OANDA’s idea of ​​real spreads is not only visible spreads, but also true spreads (customer costs) that combine the quality of contracts.

At Oanda, they believe that it is more important to provide a fair and equitable trading environment than to compete for apparently low spreads, and OANDA is
focusing on strengthening the execution engine.

Find out more about OANDA FX Infrastructure

1. Execution Speed

In the market, delays in execution speed can have a significant impact on profit and loss.

On OANDA’s servers, more than 95% are processed within 1 millisecond after reaching the server, and all processing is completed within 500 milliseconds (1/2 second) at the latest.

As a result of an internal investigation into the fact that the processing speed of new stop orders is slightly delayed compared to the whole, there are several cases where new stop orders are concentrated at the same level, and it takes time to process.

See OANDA’s execution statistics

2. Slippage status

At OANDA, slippage occurs during the time lag between the time of your order and the time of execution.

OANDA publishes how slippage occurs. You can also check for each currency pair.

Due to the nature of the order, positive slippage is likely to occur in the case of limit price, and negative slippage is likely to occur in the case of stop price.

As a result of an in-house investigation into the high incidence of negative slippage when placing new stop orders, there were several cases in which new stop orders were concentrated at the same level, and the amount that can be processed at the same price was determined. The cause was that it was exceeded.

See OANDA’s slippage statistics



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