LMFX's-Phoenix-Bonus-and-100%-Deposit-Bonus-continues LMFX's-Phoenix-Bonus-and-100%-Deposit-Bonus-continues

LMFX’s fantastic promotional offers continue to allow you to invest your funds with peace of mind and security.

Each bonus promotion presented by LMFX has peculiarities that aim at convenience, profit and safety, but each one of these differs from the others with as many characteristics to meet the needs and the preferences of any trader who wants to use it.

In this article, we are going to introduce 2 extremely popular LMFX bonus promotions.

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Phoenix First Deposit Bonus Promotion with LMFX

When your first deposit is made to your Phoenix Bonus account you will be credited with an amount of funds called “pending”.

The quantization of the volume of the fund suspended with LMFX is expressed as a percentage and is directly proportional to the amount of funds credited with the FTD (First Time Deposit).

The Phoenix Bonus is equivalent to 15% of the first deposit amount.

In the event that all trading capital is lost, the Phoenix First Deposit Bonus will be credited to your account at the next deposit, even if the bonus amount may be small, it will still be a good opportunity to aim for a rise.

Note that the Phoenix First Deposit Bonus, after being credited to your trading account, can be withdrawn or traded.

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100% deposit bonus with LMFX

The main goal of the 100% deposit bonus with LMFX is to increase the investment capabilities of traders’ accounts by increasing the volume of trading.

Joining the 100% Deposit Bonus with LMFX will give you the opportunity to increase available leverage.

By fulfilling all the required volume requirements it will be possible to withdraw the entire amount credited to your account without any restrictions.

In order to access the 100% deposit bonus with LMFX, it will be necessary to deposit an amount that must not be less than 100 USD into the trading account.

After registering for the 100% Deposit Bonus Program with LMFX the same amount deposited on the trading account will be assigned to the LMFX client deposit.

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Comparison of LMFX’s all trading account types

LMFX has 3 trading account types which are Fixed, Zero and Premium.

See the comparison of these 3 trading account types below and choose the right account type for your trading strategy.

Account Type Fixed Zero Premium
Minimum Spread Fixed from 1.8 pips From 0.0 pips From 1.0 pip
Maximum Leverage 1:400 1:250 1:1000
Minimum Deposit Amount $250 $100 $50
Trading Commission None 4 USD per lot None
Account Currency USD & EUR USD & EUR USD & EUR
Available Markets Forex, Gold, Silver, Oil, Indices, Share CFDs and Commodities Forex, Gold, Silver, Oil, Indices, Share CFDs and Commodities Forex, Gold, Silver, Oil, Indices, Share CFDs and Commodities
Max Trading Volume 75 lots 100 lots 60 lots
Max Number of Open Trades 150 200 100
Web Trader Available Available Available
Mobile App Available Available Available
Margin Call % 30% 50% 50%
Stop Out % 15% 20% 20%
Account Registration Open Fixed Account Open Zero Account Open Premium Account


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