m4markets-is-now-regulated-and-licensed-by-cysec m4markets-is-now-regulated-and-licensed-by-cysec

M4Markets enters Europe, CySEC license acquired.

State-of-the-art services and state-of-the-art tools from a world-renowned broker are now available to EU traders.

CySEC regulated M4Markets

The international broker M4Markets has recently announced the acquisition of a CySEC license in order to expand its business and offer services and tools to traders residing in the countries of the European Union.

The reasons that led the company to broaden its horizons are various.

In the last period, the company has enjoyed significant success in the rest of the world, once again establishing itself as one of the leading brokers in the sector in which it operates, receiving numerous awards and recognitions, clear proof of the results obtained.

The dizzying increase in both subscribers and investment volumes and the offer of its trading services for European Union traders represent the perfect combination to be able to implement a strategy that could make ìM4Markets in the future, the best online broker in the world. able to satisfy its customers and guarantee their work wherever they are.

But actually, how was M4Markets able to acquire the necessary license to be able to offer its services in Europe?

The maneuver that allowed the company (M4Markets – Oryx Group) to offer its services to EU countries derives from the acquisition of ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd, a company strictly regulated by CySEC.

Formerly known under the legal name of Harindale Ltd, ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd following the takeover will operate as M4Markets Europe.

In summary, the acquisition of this new license must not be understood only as a simple business strategy to be able to expand one’s field of expertise, but as a maneuver to allow European traders to take advantage of the countless advantages deriving from trading through the M4Markets platforms.

The team of experts, the protagonist in the broker’s rise in markets around the world, will not disappoint European traders, continuing to offer constantly updated tools and services with the aim of satisfying any trading need.

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CySEC, features and advantages

Without a doubt, a strictly regulated online broker offers guarantees and benefits.

Features sought after by traders from all over the world, eager to be able to invest their funds in complete peace of mind knowing that they are fully protected.

There are many regulatory bodies and CySEC is one of them.

CySEC (acronym for Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) is the regulatory authority based in Cyprus.

Since Cyprus became part of the member countries of the European Union, CySEC has had to evolve its work in compliance with the European MiFID directive.

This has consequently allowed the companies registered by the institution to derive numerous advantages deriving from the regulation.

Thanks to the European Union Directive 2004/39 / EC (MiFID, acronym for Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), the body was able to issue a wide range of instruments for the remaining regulatory bodies operating in the European Union.

A decisive step to guarantee a high standard of security to any applicant company in order to avoid any financial illegality.

Nowadays, the regulatory body based in Cyprus is considered one of the best present in all of Europe, for the services offered, for the guarantees and the high degree of safety.

Any broker (including M4Markets) wishing to acquire a license from CySEC, will be obliged to abide by a number of rules:

  • CySEC licensed companies will have a minimum capital of €750,000. This rule applied in line with the MiFID directive allows traders to keep their open positions without suffering the volatility of the markets.
  • All the companies regulated by CySEC must always have their financial statements available, so as to allow the entity to carry out a periodic control review.
  • To keep transparency and security regimes high, trader funds will need to be segregated from the company’s operating capital. In this way the Broker will not have any unauthorized control over the client’s funds.
  • Companies regulated by the CySEC entity will be obliged to comply with any new directive or standard issued by CySEC and MiFID respectively.
  • Each broker will have the obligation to guarantee protection in the event of the insolvency and bankruptcy of the company, through an investor compensation fund called “ICF”.
  • Damage compensation equal to a maximum of €20,000 with the aim of protecting a slice of the clients’ capital in the event of the broker’s insolvency.

As already mentioned, the ICF is a program created to guarantee maximum protection to traders in the event that the trading broker suddenly terminates its activity without any notice.

In the event that an online brokerage firm goes bankrupt, the client may claim damages with the intent of recovering at least part of the funds invested in the negotiations with the broker.

The maximum amount that the trader can request as compensation is €20,000. It should be noted that this sum could vary according to the regulatory body and be both higher and lower.

In conclusion, it is possible to say that investing your funds with M4Markets Europe, in addition to being extremely advantageous for the services offered, will allow traders to operate in a guaranteed and safe environment full of opportunities.

Regardless of investment volume, customer experience and feasible trading strategies.



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