The-rule-of-JustMarkets-3000-Dynamic-Leverage The-rule-of-JustMarkets-3000-Dynamic-Leverage

A significant upgrade that will allow traders to reap a number of benefits from trading on margin.

JustMarket increases maximum leverage

Trading on margin (or leverage) is a very popular form of investment and used by traders all over the world, regardless of their level of experience.

In practice, in trading on margin, the investor receives a loan from the broker in order to open higher positions than what is deposited in their account.

Use high leverage? Or opt for a low one? Opinions among traders are very conflicting in this regard.

On the other hand, each trader carries out his trading strategies based on his own characteristics (experience, trading volume, risk appetite, etc.), consequently, some traders opt for a smaller leverage in order to avoid the opening of many positions or positions of large volume (a kind of protection against risks) and others (usually less experienced) are convinced that using leverage can increase the chances of earning.

In fact, a thoughtful and prudent use of any trading instrument (including leverage) is the first step in having full control over the risk factor.

The trader capable of intelligent management of his money and full control of the risk factor, will be able to use any financial leverage, be it low or high.

JustMarket is a broker who knows how important it is for its traders to invest on margin and what possible benefits it can bring.

High leverage allows traders to implement numerous trading strategies regardless of deposited capital.

That is why the broker recently announced a significant increase in the maximum leverage available for trading.

In the following table, it will be possible to know in detail the characteristics of the update.

Account Balance (USD) Maximum leverage on forex
0 – 999 1:3000
1,000 – 4,999 1:2000
5,000 – 29,999 1:1000
Over 30,000 1:500

By consulting the table, it will be easy to deduce that the maximum available leverage varies according to the account balance.

A leverage called “floating” which will progressively decrease with increasing capital in the account.

The higher the deposit in your account, the less leverage will be required for investments.

In addition, the international broker JustMarkets, to minimize risks and protect its clients from potential losses due to unpredictable market changes, may modify the margin requirements on weekends and holidays in accordance with the agreements previously entered into with the trader.

  • For positions opened between 22:00 (GMT+3) on Friday and Monday at 02:00 (GMT + 3), the available leverage will be 1:200 and in this period, the margin requirements will be calculated based on these changes.
  • The recalculation of the positions taken will be carried out on the basis of the total funds deposited in the client’s account and the previously selected maximum leverage, within two hours of the opening of the trading session, i.e. by 02:00 (GMT+3) on Monday.

The maximum leverage update is available from 17 October 2022 and is only valid for clients with accounts with Just Global Markets Ltd, consequently clients resident in the European Union will not have to take this change into account as the trading conditions on margin are different.



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