December 23, 2019

MyChargeBack recovers your funds from SCAM financial companies

MyChargeBack fights back with you against SCAMMER brokers and exchanges.

mychargeback-fund-recovery-service-scam-fx-binary-option-cryptocurrency-brokers mychargeback-fund-recovery-service-scam-fx-binary-option-cryptocurrency-brokers

Did you invest with a Forex broker, Binary Option or some other exchanges, and have you been victimized and you have lost your funds unfairly?

Then MyChargeBack can be a great help for you.

Contact MyChargeBack

MyChargeBack Service Summary

Here are the main information of MyChargeBack’s Service.

MyChargeBack’s Service Recovery your lost or scammed funds
Related Financial Companies Forex brokers, Binary Options, Cryptocurrency Exchanges etc
Cost of MyChargeBack’s Service Depends on the work amount (paid later)
ChargeBack Process Duration Up to 6 months
Requirement to file a complaint None

If you have been scammed, filing a complaint is very simple.

Request for MyChargeBack’s service

Who is MyChargeBack?

MyChargeBack’s main mission is to recover stolen or scammed funds for investors.

MyChargeBack’s service is operated by an American company registered in Delaware, and is available for clients from all over the world.

The company provides its clients a way to retrieve funds which are scammed or stolen.

You can also ask for help if you are victimized after being lied to or having your information compromised, where it is an online or offline scam.

MyChargeBack’s motto is “Put your money back in your wallet – where it belongs.”

File your complaint to MyChargeBack, and let their experienced team to present your case effectively and professionally to your bank in order to maximize your chances to recover your funds.

Request for Fund Recovery

How to request for your “Chargeback”?

The Chargeback process is very simple and you can initiate the process in a few minutes.

1. File a complaint

Go to the application form, and file your complaint to MyChargeBack.


The required information to fill in the form is the followings:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Country you reside in
  • Company you are disputing
  • Amount of lost funds
  • Deposit method you used to transfer your funds (which you can choose from the followings)

File Your Complaint

2. Wait for MyChargeBack’s assessment

Once you submitted the form, MyChargeBack team will review the case, chart an appropriate strategy and prepare the document you will submit to your bank.

Then they will contact you via email or phone call (whichever the method you prefer) with more details.

3. File your initial request with the bank

The chargeback process begins when you agree to raise a dispute with the merchant to the bank that issued the card.

The acquiring bank then informs the merchant.

The entire process will be supported by MyChargeBack, and you can contact them 24 hours a day if you need an assistance.

4. Recover your funds

Your recovered funds will be sent to your bank account directly or appears as permanent credit for your card.

You are then requested to pay for the fee to MyChargeBack.

The fee for the ChargeBack process depends on the amount of work the company needs to put on.

Start your ChargeBack Process

Why choose MyChargeBack?

MyChargeBack’s expertise can be very useful for investors all over the world.

Especially if you have transferred funds to unregulated off-shore financial companies, you won’t likely be able to track your funds afterwards when you fell into one of their victims.

If you are scammed or your funds are stolen, it would also be impossible to retrieve it back from them by yourself.

MyChargeBack warns all investors be aware of these scammers, and at the same time, support you if you are victimized.

Contact MyChargeBack, and their professionals will accompany you throughout the complicated process.

Contact MyChargeBack

Type of Online and Offline Scammers

If you think about it if there’s quick money to be made in anonymous ways, scammers will be there waiting and they’re clever.

Online scammers can move at ease between one scam and the next.

They’re masters at taking advantage of people and usually talk just about anyone into doing anything apart from binary options, Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrency scams.

Here’s a list of other major scams:

  • ATM scams
  • Banking scams
  • Charity scams
  • Dating site and romance scams
  • Diamond investment scams
  • Get-rich-quick scams
  • Insurance and warranty scams

Recover your funds from SCAM companies

The bottom line is to always exercise caution when it comes to your money.

For any new website or any new system, you should be prepared to invest in as they deserve a sound investigation beforehand.

Always ask someone more experienced than yourself for a second opinion.

If you see unauthorized payments on your bank account statement contact your bank immediately.

Remember, although fund recovery efforts are many times possible, it can require specialists’ time and resources, but avoiding the scam in the first place most times just requires a bit more caution and a bit more patience.

When it comes to money, online scams are almost everywhere.

Have you been scammed? File your complaint to MyChargeBack from below today.

File Your Complaint to MyChargeBack

1. Scammers in Cryptocurrency markets

Cryptocurrency has dominated the discussions online for investors worldwide.

It’s viewed by many as a tremendous opportunity for profit and by others as a total and complete fallacy.

No one can deny the fact though, that Cryptocurrency scams have become so commonplace, they’ve been called the next mutation of binary options.

Countless victims have been pulled in by websites promoting Cryptocurrency, only to be left with nothing but empty promises.

What makes Cryptocurrency particularly attractive to scammers is that it’s traded mainly on unregulated and anonymous online exchanges.

That’s an open invitation for get-rich-quick schemes in total secrecy and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

There are many different types of Cryptocurrency scams.

The most simple one is the fake ICO.

ICO stands for initial coin offering which largely is a new currency where people can buy in now at the birth of the virtual currency in hopes to sell it later when the price rises in the future, but if it’s fake, the creators of the ICO can walk off with your money.

These scams have con people out of an estimated 100 million dollars.

Report Cryptocurrency market Scammers

2. Scammers in Forex markets

Forex is the global market for trading all national currencies, where as much as five trillion dollars is traded every single day.

It’s an online hotbed for people looking to make money, and this explains why online Forex trading is a scammers paradise.

Forex scammers employ all kinds of scams from the very simple to the very complex.

Some scammers present a fancy-looking website which should be a sure sign it’s professional and trustworthy.

People will open an account, deposit their funds and even start trading.

When in reality, there’s no brokerage and there’s no trading, but the money taken from you was very real and could be gone for good.

Other Forex scammers present themselves as successful fund managers making easy profits and even showing you how to do it.

Unfortunately they can easily display the fake results they want to show you.

Remember, they only get paid if and when you put money into their system.

Some Forex platforms have dumbed down versions of trading like binary options, for example, the scammers show how easy it is to profit from trading.

Report Forex market Scammers

3. Scammers in Binary Options

In mathematics and computer science, the word “binary” means there are only two possibilities, therefore in binary options, trading a trade is based on two possible outcomes.

The trade will either end with you in the money or with you losing your investment entirely.

The vast majority of Binary Option brokerages out there are not nice guys.

In reality, their fancy trading platforms are not plugged into any actual market.

The brokers themselves are not licensed by any normal financial regulator and they offer people nothing more than a trading video game.

In other words, their technical trading platforms have all the bells and whistles to make you think you’re trading but nothing’s really going on.

They’re pocketing the deposits as profit and have no intent to give you any funds back.

In recent years, a number of countries began to limit access to or completely outlaw binary options trading for their citizens.

However to stay one step ahead, online binary options scammers have simply re-branded themselves or acting as trading or CFD brokerages.

Some are now private banking sites offering the same fake trading opportunities.

Report Binary Option Scammers

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  1. I initially invested a total of $105,000 over a period of 5 weeks. My bonus/profit was $830,000, every attempt to make withdrawal failed and I was instructed to make another deposit of $25,000 before I can make withdrawals which I did. Up till now, I’m still unable to make withdrawals and all attempt to contact broker has failed. This is very pathetic and I felt so bad losing my investment. I did a due diligence test before investing with them but guess what I ended up getting burned. This is to create awareness, not everybody can be as lucky as I was. I’m saying this because I was able to recover my funds. Thanks to a recovery specialist, she’s a private investigator and wealth recovery expert…Contact her on Hack-assets via google mail for more inquiries. email; ([email protected]), Thought someone might find this information useful.  

  2. I took a leap of faith investing with Iq options and lost my 54000 gbp. I contacted the hacker Cybervenom6 who i have been working with for a while after he helped me catch my cheating fiance some months earlier and he helped me get back my money. You can trust him with anything, reach him via email.

  3. Finally I got my lost funds recovered in binary option,  I lost my money I invested in binary option to a scam broker who ripped off my money and I never saw them again I became more depressed.  Some time ago a good friend of mine referred me to  (recoverylostfundsback ) the platform came for my rescue and with their master class intelligence and strategies and they helped me place a profitable trade and also recovered all my lost funds from those scam broker and a successful withdraw. They are expert when it comes to recovery of lost funds and they offer best services to your own satisfaction. I feel honoured to recommend any one to this wonderful platform  and thank me later,  you can contact for assistance and on how you can make a good profitable trade, recovery of lost funds, free signals  and stop losing money to heartless brokers.

  4. I lost ten of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoins to this fake bitcoin exchange from a romance scam in 2019.

    These scam recovery companies just perform superficial recovery work. Examples include finding out who to complain to and who to request assistance from such as banks, police, lawyers, credit card companies, regulators, cryptocurrency experts e.t.c. and drafting superficial letters to them. Scam recovery companies only look up these organisations and contact them to get them to do the scam recovery work. Based on replies to client reviews on trustpilot, Mychargeback has even admitted to contracting actual professionals such as lawyers to write up legal letters (username “Stefan Harner”) and as well as drafting request letters to police to investigate the scam (user name “Simon”). In these reviews their clients did not list any (real) professional work that was actually done by Mychargeback.

    They might perform some of the recovery work themselves sometimes, but only when it is easy to do and doesn’t require any professional help like looking up the destination bitcoin address of stolen bitcoins on the internet. Based on replies to client reviews on sitejabber, Mychargeback has admitted to only providing bitcoin “pathway and final e-wallet destination” (username “gabriel a.”) for cryptocurrency recovery work. To the untrained eye, it may seem like they are conducting professional cryptocurrency work, but this is just superficial recovery work. Due to the nature of bitcoin technology, this information is kept on the bitcoin blockchain for the public to view. Anyone can look this up, even me. Mychargeback has also provided me with this “pathway and final e-wallet destination” service. However, i have found out the bitcoin transaction IDs as well as the destination bitcoin address where the scammers moved my bitcoins to. I have also identified the organization that received my bitcoins from the scam website. I have contacted customer support at this destination company and requested the identities of the account holders who received my stolen bitcoins. Due to privacy reasons, they weren’t able to disclose this. The criminals did barely anything to hide their bitcoin trail which makes it easy to track using a quick internet search. I found out all of this by myself for free just by looking it up on the internet without having to pay mychargeback to do this for me. To do “professional”/”real”/”actual” cryptocurrency work i would have to hire cryptocurrency experts like what other scam recovery companies have suggested to me, and this is mostly for major criminals who try to hide their bitcoin trail through laundering because the crime is serious enough to get the attention of the police. Certainly not for small crimes involving small amounts of money in low level investment scams. Their claim of providing professional cryptocurrency forensics is false since none is required in my case.

    What law enforcement agencies have trouble with is associating this “pathway and final e-wallet destination” with an identity to issue an arrest warrant. Mychargeback does not provide this service based on what they have told me about their recover strategies. This is because, as Mychargeback has said, tracing a bitcoin path is “designed to provide anonymity”. To associate a “pathway and final e-wallet destination” with an identity would require actual professional work like forcing the exchange to disclose the identity of the bitcoin account holders either through the use of lawyers (usually not possible due to privacy laws) or the police (they don’t normally bother helping people with “small” losses especially when law enforcement agencies in other jurisdictions have to be involved). Also, it is completely ludicrous how Mychargeback has tried to justify charging an upfront fee for writing up a complaint letter to the police in replies to some of the reviews made by their clients. Police normally write up a police report for you that stays in their system, free of charge. There is no need to pay anyone any money to do this for you. All of this is “obvious” and part of a person’s general knowledge and can be done yourself. The only people who won’t know this are people who are intellectually disabled or people who live under a rock or people who can’t read and write. Any “professional”/”real”/”actual” recovery work is done by actual “professionals” such as banks, police, lawyers, credit card companies, regulators, cryptocurrency experts e.t.c. Clients obviously aren’t interested in scam recovery when it only involves superficial and unprofessional cryptocurrency forensics, so it is imperative that their narrative is the provision of “professional” services in their propaganda

    I found the way Mychargeback falsely insinuated professional scam recovery very insidious, upsetting and completely unethical. They didn’t tell me how easy it can be to trace bitcoin history and insisted on being able to provide recovery services and getting me to sign a contract. They either didn’t know that some cryptocurrency crimes can be easy to trace in which case they are incompetent, or they knew about it but chose not to tell me. Either way, they did this because they wanted to market the idea that all bitcoin transactions require professional sophisticated cryptocurrency forensics to trace as part of their propaganda which is obviously false. Since they have advertised “pathway and final e-wallet destination” to multiple clients like me and username “gabriel a.” on sitejabber, it is most likely they knew it is easy to provide the “pathway and final e-wallet destination” of bitcoins involved in low level investment scams. As described above, i found the destination address of my stolen bitcoins just by doing a quick internet search. There was no need for any cryptocurrency professionalism in my case. Since there is no need for professional cryptocurrency services and relatively easy to trace bitcoins in my case, this would allow Mychargeback to perform cryptocurrency forensics themselves. This way Mychargeback can take full credit for providing asset recovery services which makes it appear as though they provide “professional” asset recovery. It is obviously silly assuming they are professionals just because they are providing cryptocurrency forensics themselves, but this is what they want you to assume.

    Scam recovery companies avoid disclosing details of this work so they can lay the blame at your feet for not telling them you don’t want this obvious rubbish service to justify keeping your upfront fee. I have not met a single scam recovery company that discloses these details of their recovery work before you pay your upfront fee. They will only admit this after you have paid your upfront fee. Furthermore, they will do whatever is in their power and take every available opportunity to insinuate “professional”/”real”/”actual” recovery services when there is none. Examples include advertising customer testimonials of successful recoveries. These testimonials are unreliable. Even scam websites produce them. An example of a scam website that uses testimonials is B4Binary. They have customer testimonials on youtube. A scam recovery company unsuccessfully tried to recover money from these people and the client posted a review about it. That’s how i found out about this scam website. Their ideal client is someone who doesn’t ask details and ignorant of the recovery process. This enables scam recovery companies to better able argue their innocence in reviews about them since the client is ignorant of how these companies scam people. To this day, Mychargeback still refuses to disclose the recovery process described above on their website and want to insinuate professionalism while admitting to contacting actual professionals to do the professional work for them.

    Scam recovery companies will pass on any hiring costs of professionals, like lawyers, onto their clients either though the upfront fee or through an additional fee. Some scam recovery companies don’t even bother hiring professionals and end up getting the “professional” advice they provide to you completely wrong and in contradiction to the advice given by regulatory bodies, such as in my case with another scam recovery company. Some scam recovery companies have claimed that lawyers have hired them to help recover stolen money from scams. I have not seen any reliable evidence to substantiate this claim or any evidence that the recovery work conducted is “professional”, so i would treat this claim as rubbish.

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has stated the following about asset recovery companies: “Although these companies sometimes claim to have elaborate asset recovery expertise, or even legal expertise, some of them do little more than draft a demand letter to the original scam artist and send a boilerplate complaint to the logical regulatory agency. Those are two steps that victims can take easily on their own, free of charge.”. To find this search for “Investor Alerts and Bulletins” article on the SEC website dated August 9 2016. So far, the recovery strategy used by Mychargeback is similar to this description by the SEC.

    As you can see, scam recovery companies are largely legalized frauds a bit like what you see in real estate agents, car salesmen, tv advertisements, banks, politicians e.t.c. The big difference is that the later provides something useful to society while scam recovery companies don’t. This review should be taken seriously and not just with a grain of salt. Scam recovery companies also go around requesting for informative reviews like this to be removed to keep prospective clients ignorant of what they actually do. I have already had one of my reviews warning clients about this industry removed by Mychargeback on trustpilot with no reply from them. However, they don’t remove critical reviews that aren’t as informative and will reply claiming innocence since the review doesn’t do a good job of showing fraud in the first place. An example is the review by username “Norbert” on trustpilot. This behaviour gives prospective clients the illusion that Mychargeback doesn’t go around removing critical reviews and that there is nothing wrong with Mychargeback since these reviews don’t do a good job at proving fraud. This behaviour is pretty typical of scammers. As for positive reviews, just ignore them. Virtually none of them disclose the fact that Mychargeback contacts actual professionals to provide recovery services or provides superficial recovery services when a professional isn’t required. In a review about Mychargeback on sitejabber by username “gabriel a.”, they replied and said they were “reticent at first” in taking on a case involving cryptocurrency due to the anonymity bitcoin technology provides. I am guessing they were also “reticent” for a second, third, fourth time e.t.c. when offering later clients, like me, cryptocurrency recovery services. However, they never appear to be “reticent” at all when taking people’s upfront fee.

  5. Hi I m shahid imtiaz I work in saudi Arabia I loss my all of money in trading octafx plate form above 11000usd plz help me

  6. Losing money is very frustrating and i noticed in the fight to recover ELLIOT helped me without any upfront , i only
    got him the tools used in getting my money out, i made complaints with the CONSUMER PROTECTIONS AGENCY
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  7. I was scammed by an instagram person faking a celebrity i talked with this scammer 8 months via WhatsApp and I sent money to them via paypal then I was coheres to give my banking login and from there they hustled me out of my 13k from the unemployment money they said oh i routed money to your account and never gave me time to verify that was my unemployment money. They where really patient with me and waited 8 months for my payment then i exposed them…by video on WhatsApp. They asked me to bitcoin the money via atm. But for the timely intervention of Caltech Recovery, who just in nick of time got back my $13000.They is really good at what they does, i have recommended them to friends and co workers who all became satisfied customers. They have helped me alot in the trading industry, you can reach them at @ caltechrecovery at gmail dot com for Everything.

  8. I was impatient to carry out necessary research but I really wanted to jump on the crypto trading and investment buzz. Unfortunately for me, I invested 75,700 GBP worth of bitcoin with a fraudulent company. I was happy to watch my account grow to 214,575 GBP within a couple of weeks. But I didn’t realize I was dealing with a scam company, until I tried to make an attempt to withdraw. I made a withdrawal request, and noticed my account was suddenly blocked for no apparent reason. I tried contacting customer support, but all to no avail. I needed my money back at all cost, because I could not afford to let it go. So I tried all possible means to make sure I recovered my scammed bitcoin. I did a lot of online search for help, and tried to see if there were other people who had any similar experience. I stumbled upon a cryptocurrency forum were a couple of people mentioned that they had been through the same process but were able to recover their lost cryptocurrency, funds with the help of CryptoMundia. So I file a report on CryptoMundia (at) yahoocom and he was able to help me get back all my lost funds withing 2 weeks I feel indebted to him. Apart from trying to express my gratitude to them once again using this medium, I will recommend anybody who wants to recover scammed bitcoin, stolen cryptocurrency, funds lost to binary options forex, investment and any other form of online scam to reach out to CryptoMundia

  9. Almost everyone got scammed as newbie to bitcoin investment. The reason is because most mining companies are scam.
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  10. I lost an incredible amount of money to a fake Binary option Brokers. It all started from a phone call and after some persuasion I decided to invest, after months of constant investment , I decided to ask for a payout this was the beginning of my turmoil, to my dismay I was still asked to invest more. Being a Single mother this really affected me and despite all efforts to contact them failed. I was introduced to < (CryptoMundia) at Yahooocom] they took legal actions against them and they helped me retrieve my funds couldn’t be more thankful

  11. I became very wary of unregulated binary options platforms since I had a personal experience that resulted in huge loss. I am not even going to start getting into all the money I lost trying to recover my initial loss. Recovering your stolen investment is always a tedious and technical procedure. There is never an easy way out. I am ultimately glad I found a solution though. I was introduced to a set of professional recovery agents who specialise in online scam recovery and reimbursement of victims among other things. Recovery is very possible as long as you make use of a very good professional company. The Enkrypta.tec team are qualified experts who can help recover lost funds. You can contact them via mail enkrypta.tec@ protonmail. com

  12. I became very wary of unregulated binary options platforms since I had a personal experience that resulted in huge loss. I am not even going to start getting into all the money I lost trying to recover my initial loss. Recovering your stolen investment is always a tedious and technical procedure. There is never an easy way out. I am ultimately glad I found a solution though. I was introduced to a set of professional recovery agents who specialize in online scam recovery and reimbursement of victims among other things. Recovery is very possible as long as you make use of a very good professional company. Maxive Recovery are qualified experts who can help recover lost funds. You can contact them via mail maxiverecovery @ gmail. com . Good luck

  13. Normally, I’d tell you that retrieving any cryptocurrency is “impossible”, because we all know how untraceable and secure cryptocurrency is, making it difficult to recover your bitcoin. As the name implies, a blockchain is a collection of digital “blocks” that store transaction data. Each brick is connected to the ones before and behind. To avoid discovery, a hacker would have to alter the block containing that record as well as others linked to it, making tampering with a single record impossible. While this may not appear to be much of a deterrent on its own, blockchain has some inherent properties that provide further security. The records on a blockchain are secured via cryptography. Participants in the network each have their own private keys, which are associated with the transactions they conduct and serve as a personal digital signature. If a record’s signature is changed, the signature becomes invalid, and the peer network is notified immediately. The importance of early notice in preventing future damage cannot be overstated. That is why one has to use a secured gateway to get access to your bitcoin back.
    Rescueinnovate . com is one of the only recovery companies with a universally secure gateway. They have the highest success rate in recovering stolen or scammed bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  14. You stand a high chance of recovering your bitcoin from a scammer when you report to the right investigative and regulatory authority.
    If you notice you have fallen for a bitcoin scam, you can file a report by sending a well-detailed mail to [email protected] they were able to help me recover my scammed bitcoins from the brokers outsourced wallet. 7btc has been recovered im waiting for the remaining 2btc once the triangulation is completed and the Bnb gas fee goes through in my metamask.

  15. I lost my bitcoin because I fell victim to a spam email encouraging me to invest in a bitcoin company that was going to yield 100% profits in 2 months, so i invested $9000 ,when it was time to withdraw my funds ,they asked me to pay $3000 to unlock my money which i did,i kept paying the fees they requested for until i could no longer take it , i got introduced to Expressline recovery by my friend, i decided to take the risk and contacted them VIA
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  20. Is it possible for scam victims to receive their money back? Yes, if you have been a victim of a fraud from an unregulated investing platform or any other scam, you may be able to reclaim what was stolen from you, but only if you report it to the appropriate authorities. You may reclaim what you’ve lost with the appropriate strategy and evidence. Those in charge of these unregulated platforms would most likely try to persuade you that what happened to your money was an unfortunate occurrence when, in reality, it was a sophisticated theft. If you or someone you know has been a victim of these situations, you should know that there are resources available to assist you. Simply do a search (r e v e r s a l p r o c o m) . It is never too late if you have the right information, your sanity can be restored.

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