How-to-get-OANDA's-50%-Deposit-Bonus-up-to-a-maximum-of-US$1,000 How-to-get-OANDA's-50%-Deposit-Bonus-up-to-a-maximum-of-US$1,000


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OANDA - What's now?

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50% deposit bonus offered by OANDA

Renowned online CFD broker OANDA recently launched a new short-term offer valid for all new clients.

The offer will be valid until March 31, 2022 and traders who decide to open a new account with OANDA will be able to receive a 50% deposit bonus immediately after funding their account.

In order to be eligible for the promotion, new members must make a minimum deposit of 25 USD, and receive up to a maximum of 1000 USD (the deposit bonus varies according to the amount deposited).

Get OANDA’s 50% Deposit Bonus

How to get the OANDA 50% Deposit Bonus

The main conditions that will allow traders to access the promotion are the following.

  1. The 50% Deposit Bonus is only available to new customers who decide to invest their funds with OANDA.
  2. In order to be eligible for the promotion, the new member must make a minimum deposit of 25 USD.
  3. The percentage of the Bonus will be calculated on the amount deposited by the customer on their OANDA account.
  4. The amount resulting from the bonus that the trader can receive varies with the amount deposited and the maximum amount of the bonus is 1000 USD.

For further details on the promotion, please contact the support team who will answer any questions to provide useful information such as withdrawal conditions, compatibility with other promotions, and much more.

Go to OANDA’s Official Website

How to make a deposit to OANDA?

Depositing funds to your account for trading with OANDA will be extremely simple and secure, just log in to the portal and visit the page dedicated to transfers.

To proceed with the transfer of the necessary funds, OANDA has several payment methods.

Debit and credit card.
OANDA accepts payments with MasterCard and Visa debit / credit cards. Transactions made using this method will be visible on your account usually entered on business day.
Bank transfer.
Payments are available through a wide range of bank transfer operations (processing times vary according to the selected operation).
You can transact via Skrill, a UK based company that allows funds transfers via email.
Oanda uses Neteller, an extremely valid and secure site that, through a free account, allows transfers of funds from a bank account with credit / debit cards or wire transfers.
Alternative methods.
Traders residing in the countries of Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa have the opportunity to fund their OANDA accounts via local online / mobile bank transfers and electronic wallets.


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