OctaFX-Copy-Trading-Update---Copy-equal,-double-or-triple-orders-from-Masters OctaFX-Copy-Trading-Update---Copy-equal,-double-or-triple-orders-from-Masters

New setting on OctaFX’s Copy Trading Platform

Recently, OctaFX has redesigned the copy trading service to increase the convenience and transparency of the subscription process for all traders.

You can now copy equal, double or triple orders from Master Traders.

Recently, OctaFX has been working on improving OctaFX Copytrading to make the process of subscribing to Master Traders easier and safer.

OctaFX has updated the parameters you can set when subscribing to a Preferred Master Trader.

When opening a subscription, you can now choose to copy an equal (×1), double (×2) or triple (×3) or other amount of orders from Master Traders. After selecting the copy mode, you will see the investment required to copy this master trader in this mode.

Another new feature available for TradeCopiers is backed funds. With this feature, you can increase your backing funds to protect your investments from unexpected market fluctuations. This amount is only used to support trading strategies when the market fluctuates.

You may be wondering how OctaFX calculates the investment required for a copymaster trader. This involves one of OctaFX’s most recent important improvements. Now copying the minimum investment amount for each master trader is automatically calculated. OctaFX’s dedicated algorithm calculates this optimal amount based on the trading history of master traders. You can benefit from this new feature and choose a master trader based on your investment amount.

OctaFX’s master traders use different trading strategies that require different minimum investments to replicate. Go to the Master Trader level, fill in your preferred investment amount in the Minimum Investment filter and see the Master Traders whose investment strategies you can copy.

In 2021, TradeForexSA, a well-known South African forex trading guide magazine, named OctaFX the best forex copy trading platform. This recognition motivates OctaFX’s copy trading service developers to work harder to provide you with the best possible conditions. Please share your feedback and OctaFX will continue to improve OctaFX’s services to better meet your needs.



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