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“Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” (Benjamin Franklin)

XM has announced the launch of a revolutionary new online trading education program by XM, unprecedented in today’s Forex industry.

Online Training Across the Borders – Changing the Face of Forex Education

The time of old school classrooms is over – the new age of digital learning is in!

XM proudly presents to you its live education designed to maximize your learning potential and equip you with the necessary knowledge to develop your trading skills.

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An International Team of Instructors Awaits You in the XM Online Rooms

XM’s three custom-built education rooms provide you with exactly what you need.

Daily live interactive training from Monday to Friday, trading videos with all topics covered and highly sought-after technical analysis trading tools to fine tune your skills.


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Learn and Progress with XM!

The brand-new XM online education rooms have now replaced the previous English webinars to offer you an even more elevated standard.

Join the education room that best suits your needs and learn with XM at your own pace in a new and exciting way!

1. Primary Education Room – Free Access for Everyone

Whether you are still new to online trading or simply want to strengthen your knowledge about the bare essentials, XM’s Primary Education Room provides you with all the knowledge that helps you get on track.

2. Intermediate Education Room – Access for Validated XM Accounts

Once you have gained a solid grip on the basics, the daily live sessions of XM’s interactive Intermediate Education Room help you develop the exact strategies needed to acquire strategic thinking and interact with the experts in real time.

3. Advanced Education Room – Access for Funded XM Accounts

XM’s Advanced Education Room is the place to be for traders whose aim is to get the real feel of online trading in action.

Two times a day, this is where you can gain the real trading room experience you have always wanted to have!

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Learn before you earn!

Join the education room that best suits your needs and learning rhythm to gain a clear understanding of how online trading works in practice.

To read more and join any of their three educational rooms, go to XM Official Website.



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