easyMarkets-Launches-a-New-easyTrade-Feature---‘Payout-Target’ easyMarkets-Launches-a-New-easyTrade-Feature---‘Payout-Target’

Payout Target with easyMarkets

EasyMarkets has recently announced the launch of the new Payout Target function that can be used in easyTrade thanks to which it will be possible to automatically manage your position.

Using the Payout Target function, each trader can decide to automatically close a position as soon as the determined price has been reached, whether the latter may be lower or higher than the original entry price.

The Payout Target function with easyMarkets is not subject to any restrictions or additional costs and every trader can use this fantastic service whenever it is deemed necessary to trade independently, however it should be noted that Payout Target can be used only to change any open positions.

In order to access the use of the Payout Target function with asyMarkets, you must necessarily load the easyMarkets web platform or the iOS / Android mobile app, choose any open operation to be modified and click on the “edit” icon to proceed with activation.

Prior to the launch of Payout Target each operation required intervention by the trader, manually close the positions or wait for the latter to expire automatically in 1, 3, or 6 hours, but from this moment on each trader can easily close the positions, position automatically after satisfying certain conditions set by easyMarkets.

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Why choose easyMarkets?

EasyMarkets is an online brokerage company founded in 2001 regulated (CySec) which bases its work on the principles of transparency and honesty to guarantee each client maximum security in trading.

With its incessant work, easyMarkets offers its traders cutting-edge services capable of facilitating any operation deemed necessary for the achievement of set objectives and is regulated by CySEC easyMarkets guarantees a flexible and safe trading environment.

With easyMarkets, it will be possible to invest funds and carry out trades in various financial markets such as forex, shares, metals, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies using technologically advanced and easy-to-use trading platforms such as the very famous Metatrader 4, the easyMarkets platform and the dedicated apps downloadable for IOS or Android devices.

The trading tools available with easyMarkets are easyTrade, the freezing rate and the cancellation deal and you can learn about each of them in detail by visiting the official website.

For the safety of every trader, easyMarkets offers extremely advantageous trading conditions such as negative balance protection, guaranteed stop loss, no slippage, and fixed spreads.



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