hycm-20-usd-mobile-verification-mt4-mt5 hycm-20-usd-mobile-verification-mt4-mt5

Promotion Details

Offer $20 Deposit Bonus
How to get Mobile verification & $100 Deposit
Available to All traders of HYCM
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

HYCM $20 Mobile Verification Bonus

Along with 10% Welcome Bonus, HYCM has another offer for traders who verify their mobile numbers.

The phone verification bonus amount $20, which will be credited directly into HYCM’s MT4 trading account as extra margin for trading.

To receive the $20 mobile phone verification bonus, you must:

  1. Complete account and mobile number verification
  2. Deposit at least $100

The promotion is available for all new traders of HYCM ltd (CIMA).

The promotion may not be available for clients registered with other entities within HYCM group.

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HYCM $20 Mobile Verification Bonus Information

Here are the main information of HYCM’s mobile verification bonus promotion.

Promotion Type Deposit and Verification Bonus
Bonus Amount 20 USD
Requirement to get the bonus Account/mobile verification and $100 minimum deposit
Withdrawal of Bonus Not available
Withdrawal of your fund and profit Available at anytime
Eligible account types All HYCM accounts

The bonus is available for all traders of HYCM Ltd, who have not received the bonus before.

Login to HYCM Client Portal and proceed to verify your mobile phone number to get the bonus.

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How to get HYCM’s $20 Mobile Verification Bonus?

Follow the steps below to signup for HYCM and get $20 mobile verification bonus.

1. Signup and open a live trading account

Register for HYCM online and open a live trading account.

You can participate in the promotion with any account types.

2. Complete account verification

Login to HYCM Client Portal and submit a copy of ID and Proof of Address.

The document specification can be found in the client portal.

3. Complete mobile number verification

In HYCM’s client portal, register your phone number as below.

You will receive a SMS message for verification.

4. Deposit more than $100

The required deposit amount is $100 to be eligible for the promotion.

Deposit your investment fund to HYCM MT4 with any authorized methods you prefer.

5. Get $20 mobile verification bonus

Once you meet all conditions, you will receive $20 mobile verification bonus which will be immediately available for trading.

HYCM Online Registration

Withdrawal Conditions of HYCM $20 Mobile Verification Bonus

The bonus amount, $20 mobile verification bonus cannot be withdrawn in any cases.

You can only withdraw your fund and profit at anytime you want.

Note that any fund withdrawal from the bonus account, will cause full cancellation of the bonus amount.

FAQs of HYCM $20 Mobile Verification Bonus

Here are the frequently asked questions of the promotion “HYCM $20 mobile verification bonus”.

Who can participate in this promotion?
All traders of HYCM Ltd can participate in the promotion. The promotion may not be available for traders in certain jurisdictions.
What are the requirements to get $20 bonus?
To get $20 mobile verification bonus, you must complete account verification with documents, mobile verification and deposit at least $100 to a live MT4 account.
Can I withdraw the bonus?
No, the bonus is available only for trading purpose. You can only withdraw your fund and profit from the bonus account.
Can the bonus amount be lost by trading?
Yes, if the equity amount reaches the level of bonus scheme, you may continue trading with the bonus fund.

Do you have any other questions regarding to the bonus of HYCM’s service?

Visit HYCM Official Website and contact their multilingual support team for more.

HYCM Official Website

Terms and Conditions of HYCM $20 Mobile Verification Bonus

Here are some terms and conditions of HYCM’s $20 mobile verification bonus promotion.

  • The verification bonus is available to all new customers who verify their phone number by entering a code received by SMS.
  • Customers are able to sign up by following the instructions displayed within the client account overview under ‘Promotions’.
  • The bonus is credited when the account approval process has been successfully completed.
  • The bonus is not available to multiple accounts belonging to the same client. The phone verification bonus is a credit bonus.
  • Once the bonus has been credited to your account it can be used for trading purposes.
  • The bonus amount cannot be withdrawn in any cases, but you can only withdraw your own fund and profit with not limit.
  • You must deposit at least $100 to get $20 mobile verification bonus.


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