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Promotion Details

Offer 50% Deposit Bonus
Available to All traders of 4XC
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

4XC launches new 50% First Deposit Bonus.

Receive 50% extra funds on your first deposit with 4XC!

4XC launches 50% First Deposit Bonus

4XC, an online broker with no dealing desk execution that has always carried out its work to achieve a single goal: the success of its clients in trading.

4XC offers traders a world-class and highly competitive trading environment that allows them to execute any type of strategy possible.

Cutting-edge technologies, constantly updated innovative services, ultra-low spreads and lightning-fast order execution are just some of the features that make 4XC a great choice for trading markets around the world.

In addition to the tools and services offered, the broker runs a periodically updated promotional program that allows traders to get the most out of their investments.

One of the most popular promotional initiatives offered among 4XC customers is undoubtedly the 50% First Deposit Bonus.

The promotion allows traders to receive bonus funds equal to 50% on the first deposit made and consequently start investing with a higher margin.

Anyone can request it by filling out the form and the interested trader must be the owner of a real account on which no deposit has yet been made.

The Bonus will be credited automatically immediately after the first deposit made.

The extra funds from the bonus cannot be withdrawn but used only for trading purposes.

Any profits can be withdrawn at any time.

A great incentive to get started
A real plus for trading that will allow the customer to open positions higher than the capital deposited.
Secure and transparent
The promotion does not have any complicated or hidden requirements. Everything is managed with the utmost clarity and the trader can receive any information by contacting the support team or by accessing the customer area.
Profit withdrawal
The client will be able to withdraw his earnings at any time without any restrictions on withdrawals.

Claim Bonus from 4XC

The following table summarizes the main features of the 50% first deposit bonus.

Type of offer First deposit bonus
Max bonus amount 1000 USD,EUR or GBP
Bonus withdrawal Not available
Withdrawal of profits Available
Minimum deposit required 100 USD, EUR or GBP
Minimum trading requirements None

The first deposit bonus added to the customer’s account has no expiration date.

As soon as the extra funds are available in the trader’s account, it will be possible to view them in the “Credit” field of the platform.

It is important to specify that the Bonus will be included in the “Equity” and “Margin” list but will not be considered as a balance.

In the event that the customer decides to proceed with a withdrawal, the bonus will be automatically canceled at the time of the request.

Transfer of bonus funds to other accounts will not be allowed. In the event that the trader requests an internal transfer of funds from the account to which the bonus was credited, the company will automatically and without notice cancel the promotion.

Get 4XC’s First Deposit Bonus

Terms and conditions of 4XC’s First Deposit Bonus

Before joining the promotion, the trader must carefully read and accept the terms and conditions of use imposed by the company.

As already mentioned, the first deposit bonus offered by the broker does not have obvious restrictive clauses.

A clear and simple structure that will allow the trader to take full advantage without fearing unpleasant inconveniences due to bad information or hidden rules.

  • The promotion is accessible to anyone except traders residing in the United States, Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Indonesia.
  • The funds of the bonus will not be considered as your actual account balance and therefore cannot be withdrawn.
  • The Bonus credited to the trader’s account will be available as margin credit and therefore cannot be used to cover negative balance losses.
  • The promotion is available to all customers holding a 4XC real account who have never made a deposit into their account.
  • The company shall have no liability with respect to any losses, costs, expenses incurred in connection with the 4XC Credit Bonus.
  • The 50% first deposit bonus promotion offered by 4XC is not compatible with other promotional initiatives managed by the broker, therefore if the trader wishes to request it, despite having already joined other promotions, he can open a new account and fill out the form before making a first deposit.
  • The client may at any time transfer or withdraw profits but this will result in the total cancellation of the promotion from the applicant’s account.
  • In the event that the trade makes a withdrawal operation despite still having open positions, the cancellation of the bonus could cause a decrease in the margin necessary to support the open positions.


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