Double-up-your-deposit-amount-with-AdroFX's-100%-Deposit-Bonus. Double-up-your-deposit-amount-with-AdroFX's-100%-Deposit-Bonus.

Promotion Details

Offer 100% Deposit Bonus
Available to All Traders of AdroFX
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Get AdroFX’s 100% Deposit Bonus up to $10,000

Each client who has made a deposit of $ 500 or more has the opportunity to request a 100% deposit bonus.

When requesting a 100% deposit bonus, the client thereby confirms that he has read and agreed to the terms of the provided deposit bonus and the AdroFx Trading Terms and Conditions.

The Forex deposit bonus is provided to the client upon request after depositing funds into the trading account and before executing any transactions.

The total amount of the deposit bonus will be divided into 12 equal parts, which will be provided monthly.

The total amount of the deposit bonus is equivalent to the total amount of the deposit deposited by the client into his trading account.

The total amount of the deposit, in this case, is the amount of funds deposited minus the amount of funds withdrawn.

Get AdroFX’s 100% Deposit Bonus

Requirements to get AdroFX’s 100% Bonus

The bonus amount will be credited to the client’s account on a monthly basis over the next 12 months in equal installments until the total amount of the deposit is zeroed, or withdrawn, or used.

The monthly bonus amount is calculated as the total bonus amount divided into 12 equal parts.

To receive the monthly deposit bonus, the following conditions must be met:

  • 31 days must have passed since the previous bonus received;
  • The client must trade a certain number of lots: the amount of the monthly bonus / 10;
  • Equity capital on the trading account must be no less than the planned bonus amount;
  • The total amount of funds deposited must be greater than zero (0).

In case of a Stop-Out situation, the next monthly deposit bonus will be credited after the client makes a new deposit and without fulfilling the required number of trading lots.

The bonus for subsequent deposits is accumulated with the amounts of the previous monthly bonuses.

The total amount of the deposit forex bonus on one account cannot exceed $ 10,000 / EUR 9,000. The maximum amount of the Forex deposit bonus on all accounts of one client cannot exceed $ 30,000 / EUR 28,500.

Any completed trades with a duration of five (5) minutes or less will not be included in the lot calculation. The duration is considered the time between the opening and closing of a position.

Any positions that were closed using the “close by” and “multiple close by” functions in the platform will not be taken into account when calculating the number of traded lots.

All positions closed with profit or loss less than 1 (one) maximum spread will not be included in the lot calculation.

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Withdrawal Condition of AdroFX’s Bonus

The bonus is provided for trading only and cannot be withdrawn.

Transfer of funds between accounts will not be considered a deposit of funds.

The bonus cannot be transferred from one account to another.

After receiving the deposit bonus, if the client requests a withdrawal of funds during or after the validity of the promotion (or asks for an internal transfer of funds from one account to another), AdroFx may, at its discretion, decide to withdraw the accrued bonus proportionally, before proceeding to process an appropriate withdrawal request based on the client’s P&L or deposit to withdrawal.

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