AZAforex's-120%-Loyalty-Bonus-will-support-your-margin-even-during-drawdowns. AZAforex's-120%-Loyalty-Bonus-will-support-your-margin-even-during-drawdowns.

Promotion Details

Offer 120% Deposit Bonus
Available to All traders of AZAforex
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Main Condition of AZAforex’s 120% Loyalty Bonus

See the table below for the main condition of AZAforex’s 120% Loyalty Bonus promotion.

Available For All traders of AZAforex
Required Deposit Amount 500 USD
Promotion Period Until further notice
Withdrawal of Profits Available with no limit
Withdrawal of Bonus Unavailable

Once you participate in the promotion of AZAforex’s 120% Loyalty Bonus, you will continue receiving the bonus for 12 times.

AZAforex’s 120% Loyalty Bonus will support your trading with an extra margin and even during drawdowns.

Get AZAforex’s 120% Loyalty Bonus

How to receive AZAforex’s 120% Loyalty Bonus?

All traders of AZAforex can participate in the promotion.

Follow the steps below to get AZAforex’s 120% Loyalty Bonus for the next 12 months.

  1. Go to AZAforex Official Website and open a live trading account;
  2. Deposit at least 500 USD to the account;
  3. Request AZAforex’s 120% Loyalty Bonus from the client portal;
  4. Receive AZAforex’s 120% Loyalty Bonus.

The total amount of AZAforex’s 120% Loyalty Bonus will be divided into 12 bonuses and you will receive them once a month for the next 12 months.

AZAforex’s 120% Loyalty Bonus will be automatically credited into your applicable account and will support your trading activities.

Go to AZAforex Official Website

Trading Requirement of AZAforex’s Loyalty Bonus

The divided AZAforex’s Loyalty Bonus will be credited into your account every month.

To continue receiving the bonus, you must continue trading and meet a certain volume condition.

You can find out more about the volume condition of the promotion in AZAforex Official Website.

To continue receiving the bonus every month, you must also have at least 50 USD in your account.

Find out more about AZAforex’s Loyalty Bonus

Fund Withdrawal Condition of AZAforex’s Loyalty Bonus

AZAforex’s Loyalty Bonus is available only for trading purposes.

You can withdraw your own funds and profits from the bonus account at any time with no limit, but you cannot withdraw the amount of AZAforex’s Loyalty Bonus.

In case of a fund withdrawal from the account, AZAforex’s Loyalty Bonus will be also deducted from the account proportionally according to the percentage of the withdrawal amount.

For more information about AZAforex’s Loyalty Bonus promotion, go to AZAforex Official Website.



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