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Promotion Details

Offer Risk Free Trades
Available to All traders of easyMarkets
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

easyMarkets’ Risk Free dealCancellation is a tool available only with easyMarkets’ trading platforms.

This option comes with certain cost, and you can insure your each trade.

This trading tool makes the “risk free trade” real in Forex and CFD markets.

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What is easyMarkets Risk Free dealCancellation?

easyMarkets’s Risk Free dealCancellation is a trading tool, which gives you one hour margin to cancel your order when the markets are moving against you.

When you setup your new trades, you can choose to apply the “dealCancellation”.

Then, if the trade doesn’t go well, you can cancel the losing trade for a small fee.

The fee depends on the market volatility, position volume and other conditions.

Even if your account reaches “stop out”, you will get the amount to risk of your trade returned.

easyMarkets’ has many useful and advanced tools for traders.

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easyMarkets Risk Free dealCancellation Information

easyMarkets’ Risk Free dealCancellation is available for all traders of the broker.

Here are the main information of the trading tool.

Available for All traders of easyMarkets
Cost A fee based on recent market volatility
Refund of the fee Not possible
Cancellation of swap charges No possible
Possible Cancellation Period 1 hour
Account Types All account types

With the dealCancellation, you can trade Forex and CFDs with risk free.

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How to use easyMarkets’ Risk Free dealCancellation?

Follow the steps below to use easyMarkets’ “Risk Free dealCancellation” tool.

1. Signup and Open a live trading account

The trading tool is available only for traders of easyMarkets.

Visit the account opening page and register online for free.

Then you may make a deposit to the account to start trading online.

2. Open a deal

The “dealCancellation” can be setup only when you open the deal (position).

The “dealCancellation” cannot be applied after the position is already opened.

To apply the “dealCancellation”, click on the shield icon to turn on dealCancellation as below.

easyMarkets Risk Free dealCancellation turn on

easyMarkets Online Registration

3. Monitor the deals

In “Open Trades Report” on the platform, you can see the list of trades and which trades are protected with “dealCancellation”.

The “dealCancellation” is possible only for 1 hour, so you may want to monitor your trades.

easyMarkets Risk Free dealCancellation check status

4. Cancel the deal

If a deal with “dealCancellation” is losing, then you can cancel it.

Note that swap charges cannot be cancelled.

easyMarkets Risk Free dealCancellation cancel the deal

Trades with active dealCancellation cannot be cancelled. You may close the position and realize any profits.

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How to cancel a deal?

You can cancel a deal which already has the “dealCancellation” option applied.

The “dealCancellation” can be applied only when you open the deal, then you can choose to cancel the deal within 1 hour, if the deal is losing.

To cancel a deal that has dealCancellation enabled, go to “My Open Positions”.

There you can see the dealCancellation icon on the deals you have enabled it on as below.

easyMarkets Risk Free dealCancellation cancel a trade

Login to easyMarkets Trading Platform

Once you click on “Close”, a pop-up confirmation screen will be presented.

Click on “Cancel Deal” to confirm your cancellation.

easyMarkets Risk Free dealCancellation close deal

You only have 1 hour to cancel the deal. At the bottom you will see how many minutes are left to cancel the deal.

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Withdrawal Conditions of easyMarkets’ Risk Free dealCancellation

This promotion “dealCancellation” is available for all traders of easyMarkets.

The use of easyMarkets’ dealCancellation won’t add any restrictions of fund withdrawals.

With the promotion, you can withdraw your fund and profit at anytime with no limit.

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FAQs of easyMarkets Risk Free dealCancellation

Here are the frequently asked questions about easyMarkets’ dealCancellation promotion.

Who can use the “dealCancellation” option?
dealCancellation is available on easyMarkets’ trading platforms for all traders.
How can I apply the “dealCancellation”?
Too apply the “dealCancellation”, you must turn on the option when you open the position.
Can I cancel any types of trades with this trading tool?
Yes, the option will give you the ability to cancel any trades within 1 hour from the opening time.
Is there any limit to the amount of loss it can cover?
No limit in terms of the amount. The duration of “dealCancellation” is 1 hour and there will be certain fees applied depending on the volatility.
How much is the cost of the promotion?
The cost charged for the use of “dealCancellation” option depends on the volatility of the market.
Can I keep the full profit of the deals with “dealCancellation” applied?
If you decide to keep the trades with “dealCancellation” opened, and close with some profits, you can keep the full profit amount. Note that there is a cost involved to use “dealCancellation” option.

Do you have any other questions regarding to easyMarkets’ “dealCancellation”?

Contact easyMarkets Support Team from the official website today.

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Comparison of easyMarkets trading account types

There are mainly 4 different account types available with easyMarkets as follows:

Platform easyMarkets Web/App and TradingView MT4 MT5
Account Type VIP Premium Standard VIP Premium Standard Standard
Spread Type Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Variable (Floating)
Minimum Spread 0.8 pips 1.5 pips 1.8 pips 0.7 pips 1.2 pips 1.7 pips 0.6 pips
Required Minimum Deposit 10,000 USD 2,000 USD 25 USD 10,000 USD 2,000 USD 25 USD 25 USD
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Leverage 1:200 1:200 1:200 1:400 1:400 1:400 1:500
Trading Commission None None None None None None None
Account Fee None None None None None None None
Personal Account Manager Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
No Slippage Optional Optional Optional Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Guaranteed Stop Loss Optional Optional Optional Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
NBP (Negative Balance Protection) Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
Trading Central Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Available Available Available Available
Sign Up Links Open VIP Web Account Open Premium Web Account Open Standard Web Account Open VIP MT4 Account Open Premium MT4 Account Open Standard MT4 Account Open Standard MT5 Account


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