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Promotion Details

Offer Free VPS
Available to All Clients
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

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FXGlory Free-of-charge VPS

As a NDD (Non Dealing Desk) broker, FXGlory supports EA (Expert Adviser) users and other algorithm trading strategies.

To support such traders, FXGlory offers VPS (Virtual Private Server) for free.

FXGlory’s VPS consistently works 24/7 thus EA traders can run their automated trading robots without interruptions.

As long as you have the IP address and login credentials, the VPS is accessible from anywhere in the world and from any devices.

FXGlory Online Registration

The promotion is available for all account types of FXGlory.

FXGlory Free-of-charge VPS Information

Here are the main information of FXGlory’s promotion “Free-of-charge VPS”.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus, Free VPS
Required Deposit Amount 1000 USD
Free VPS Period 3 months (for every 1000 USD)
Trading Volume Requirement None
Restricted Trading Methods None
Trading Platforms MetaTrader4

Anytime the market is open, the VPS gives you the ability to execute trades 24/5 without the need of keeping your PC turned on 24/5.

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Visit FXGlory Official Website

Why use FXGlory’s Free-of-charge VPS?

FXGlory’s VPS provides stable, high-quality and high-speed internet connection thus it can be a great solution for EA users on MT4 trading platforms.

The VPS works with any kinds of Expert Advisers, and will increase the speed of your trades by placing your accounts and the trading server closer.

The VPS also gives you the ability to access your account anywhere anytime from any devices, to give you a possibility of quick adjusting your expert adviser’s work.

The VPS is also protected with the high degree of security.

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How to get FXGlory’s Free-of-charge VPS?

To get the Free VPS of FXGlory, please follow the steps below:

1. Signup and Open a live trading account

Go to FXGlory’s account registration page and open a live trading account.

The promotion is available for only live trading accounts, but not demo (virtual) accounts.

The account opening process is all online and may take only a few minutes to complete.

FXGlory Online Registration

2. Complete Account Verification

To claim the free VPS, you must complete account verification.

To complete the account verification, you need to submit copies of ID and Proof of Address to FXGlory.

The document types and other specification details are available in the client portal.

3. Deposit more than 1,000 USD

To be eligible to claim the free VPS, you must deposit at least 1,000 USD as your initial fund.

The first deposit of over 1,000 USD will give you the free VPS for 3 months.

Any additional deposits above 1,000 USD will extend the period for 3 months.

If you deposit over 5,000 USD, you will be able to access the VIP VPS which has higher hardware configuration.

4. Send an email to FXGlory to claim the VPS for free

After meeting all criteria, send an email to FXGlory support team to claim the free VPS.

Once your application is approved, you will receive a remote desktop IP address and login details.

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How to connect to VPS for your MT4?

Here are the easy 3 steps to access the free VPS of FXGlory.

Step 1 – Launch Remote Desktop Connection

Click the Start button and type “Remote Desktop Connection” in the dialog box.

When you see the result click on the option for “Remote Desktop Connection”.

Step 2 – Type your VPS IP address

On the “Remote Desktop Connection” window, type VPS IP address that you have been provided with and click the “Connect” button.

Step 3 – Access your VPS

While connecting for the first time, you may receive a security prompt where you will need to confirm that you want to connect in spite of any warnings.

Are you having trouble accessing to the VPS of FXGlory?

Contact their multilingual support team available for 24/7 from the FXGlory Official Website.

Visit FXGlory Official Website

FAQs of FXGlory Free-of-charge VPS

Here are the frequently asked questions of FXGlory’s promotion “Free of charge VPS”.

Who can claim the free VPS of FXGlory?
All traders of FXGlory can participate in this promotion and claim the free VPS given that they have met all criteria.
Who would need a VPS for Forex trading?
VPS is especially useful for traders with EAs or any other algorithm trading robots. VPS runs 24/7 non-stop and keeps all programs working consistently.
What’s the spec of FXGlory’s VPS?
For the specifications of VPS, please contact FXGlory support team.
What’s the requirement to keep my VPS online?
You must deposit at least 1000 USD every 3 months to keep using the VPS.
Any volume requirement for the promotion?
There is no volume requirement by this promotion.

Do you have any other questions regarding to FXGlory’s promotion “Free of Charge VPS”?

Visit FXGlory Official Website and contact their multilingual support team today.

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Terms and Conditions of FXGlory Free-of-charge VPS

Here are the terms and conditions of FXGlory’s promotion “Free-of-charge VPS”.

Before participating in this promotion, make sure that you know the rules.

  • The promotion is available for all traders of FXGlory.
  • To be eligible for the promotion, you must deposit over 1,000 USD as an initial deposit.
  • Account verification with documents is required to participate in the promotion.
  • The promotion lasts for 3 months. The period of promotion will be extended for another 3 months if the client makes another deposit of over 1,000 USD.
  • In case the participate in the promotion hasn’t used the VPS for a month, he/she will be disqualified from the promotion automatically.
  • For participants with over 5,000 USD of deposit, they will be eligible to claim VIP VPS with high hardware configuration.
  • To confirm you participation in the promotion, you must send an email to FXGlory support team, then you will receive a remote desktop IP address and login details.
  • The promotion is available for all account types of FXGlory.
  • The promotion does not restrict traders from participating in other promotions at the same time.


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