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Promotion Details

Offer 30% Deposit Bonus
Available to All traders of FXTM
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

FXTM 30% Welcome Bonus

There are reasons why over 1.5 million traders choose FXTM to invest in Forex and CFDs.

This 30% Welcome Bonus is one of them.

The promotion gives real benefit/profit to the participants.

No extra cost or hidden commissions are involved, but you can simply get 30% Deposit Bonus through this promotion.

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FXTM 30% Deposit Bonus Information

Here are the main information of FXTM’s promotion “30% Welcome Bonus”.

Read through to understand the benefits and conditions of the promotion.

Available for All new traders of FXTM
Platforms MT4 and MT5
Account Types Standard, ECN and ECN Zero account types
Bonus percentage 30%
Maximum Bonus Amount 300 USD
Bonus Withdrawal Available after trading the required lots
Promotion Period 2 months

The promotion is available for all new traders, or dormant traders of FXTM.

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How to get FXTM 30% Deposit Bonus?

Follow the steps below to get yourself FXTM’s 30% Welcome Bonus.

1. Signup and Open a live account

Go to FXTM’s online registration page and open a real/live trading account.

You can get 30% Welcome Bonus with either Standard MT4/MT5 account, ECN MT4/MT5 account or ECN ZERO MT4/MT5 account.

The promotion is available only for one trading account per eligible client.

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2. Make a deposit

Transfer your investment fund to FXTM with any method you like.

The required minimum deposit amount is $100 for Standard account, $200 for ECN Zero account and $500 for ECN account.

FXTM accepts various fund deposit and withdrawal methods including bank wire transfer, credit/debit card and e-wallets.

3. Receive the Bonus and Start trading

The bonus will be credited to the eligible account within 24 hours once the account meets all criteria.

The maximum bonus amount you can get is 300 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies), and the bonus can be used for trading as soon as it is credited.

The conditions of fund withdrawal from the bonus account can be found in the next section.

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Fund Withdrawal Conditions of FXTM 30% Deposit Bonus

Once the bonus is credited to your account, you can use the bonus only for trading purpose.

The bonus cannot be withdrawn until you trade the required trading lots which is calculated as follows:

Minimum Number of Lots = Benefit Amount * 2 / 10

The above “Minimum Number of Lots” requirement must be met within 30 days from the date you received the bonus.

While trading to meet the volume requirement, please also note the following conditions:

  • Positions closed within 5 minutes from the opening time, won’t be calculated for the volume calculation.
  • The promotion applies to Forex, precious metals and commodities only.

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FAQs of FXTM 30% Deposit Bonus

Here are some frequently asked questions about FXTM’s promotion “30% Welcome Bonus”.

Who can participate in the promotion?
Any new and dormant clients of FXTM can participate in the promotion. To find out whether you can participate or not, contact FXTM support team from the Official Website
What’s the requirement to receive 30% Welcome Bonus?
The only requirement would be the minimum deposit amount. Each account type has different required deposit amount from $100 to $500.
What trading platform can I use for this FXTM’s promotion?
Both MT4 (MetaTrader4) and MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading platforms are available for the promotion. The promotion is available for Standard, ECN and ECN Zero account types.
Can I withdraw the bonus amount?
Yes, once you meet the fund withdrawal condition by trading the required trading lots. For the details of the requirement, please go to the previous section.
Any restricted trading strategies on FXTM’s platforms?
FXTM generally allows any kinds of trading strategies on their platforms. For more information, please refer to FXTM’s terms and conditions.
Can I participate in other promotions of FXTM?
FXTM’s 30% Welcome Bonus promotion does not restrict traders from participating in other promotions. To find out whether you can participate in other promotions or not, you may refer to the terms and conditions of these promotions.
Where can I signup for FXTM and this promotion?
To signup for FXTM, please go the page here. For the promotion, you can confirm your participation from the promotion page or client portal.

Do you have any other questions about the promotion? Visit FXTM Official Website and contact multilingual support team.

FXTM Official Website

Terms and Conditions of FXTM 30% Deposit Bonus

Here are the terms and conditions of FXTM’s promotion “Welcome Bonus”.

Please make sure to read and understand the rules of the promotion before participating.

  • All new and dormant client of FXTM can participate in this promotion during the promotion period.
  • The promotion is available only for CFDs in Forex, precious metals and commodities.
  • The promotion is available for Standard MT4/MT5 accounts, ECN MT4/MT5 accounts and ECN ZERO MT4/MT5 account types.
  • Only positions opened more than 5 minutes before closing will be eligible for this promotion.
  • The promotion is available only for one account per eligible client.
  • Internal fund transfer between accounts is not considered as a deposit for the purpose of this promotion.
  • If you fail to fulfill the minimum number of trading lots within the promotion period, all bonus amount will be cancelled from the account after the cut-off date.
  • 30% deposit bonus will be credited to the first time deposit amount.
  • The maximum bonus amount is 300 USD per eligible client.
  • In case the account’s base currency for your account is not USD, then the amount of Bonus will be automatically converted into your account’s base currency.
  • The bonus will be credited within 24 hours once the eligible client fulfills all criteria and accept the terms and conditions.
  • The bonus funds credited into the eligible client’s account is available only for trading purpose and not be withdrawn until he/she completes the trading volume requirement.
  • The bonus fund can be withdrawn at anytime if the eligible client has met the minimum volume requirement which is calculated as follows: Minimum Number of Lots = Benefit Amount * 2 / 10
  • The volume requirement for bonus withdrawal must be met within 30 days from the bonus credit.
  • If you have requested for any fund withdrawals before meeting the volume requirement, then the full bonus amount will be cancelled from the account.
  • In the event that the Client has any negative balance on the Account and has used up One hundred percent (100%) of the Benefit, then all opened positions will be automatically stopped out. FXTM will automatically adjust all such negative balances with the available credit, reducing the Benefit accordingly and restrict the use of any remaining Benefit, if any.


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