HFM-100%-Credit-Bonus HFM-100%-Credit-Bonus

Promotion Details

Offer 100% Bonus up to 150,000 USD
Available to All traders of HFM (HF Markets)
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

How can you claim the 100% credit bonus? A maximum of $ 150,000 to be leveraged for extra leveraged trades.

100% HFM (HF Markets) credit bonus

An extremely popular promotional initiative among traders, the HFM credit bonus offers the possibility to increase both investment volumes and earning chances.

In summary, the Bonus doubles the funds available for trading.

The bonus equires a minimum deposit of $ 100 for its activation.

The promotion is compatible for Micro, Islamic, FIX and Premium accounts and each trader can receive a maximum of $ 30,000 and a cumulative total of $ 150,000 if the client has multiple trading accounts.

The promotion does not involve withdrawal but any profits generated from trading with the bonus funds can be withdrawn at any time deemed appropriate if the required volume requirements are met.

The volume requirements necessary to be able to proceed with a possible withdrawal are calculated as follows: total bonus sum assigned / 2 = number of standard lots needed to trade.

The promotional initiative offered is available with HF Markets SV Ltd. and HF Markets (SA) Pty Ltd.

Compatible Accounts Micro, Premium, Islamic and FIX
Maximum bonus amount $ 30,000 per account and $ 150,000 per trader
Purpose of the Bonus Immediate availability for trading
Bonus Withdrawal Available after meeting volume requirements
Trading strategies No limits
Time for necessary volume requirements None
Increased leverage 1: 500

We would like to clarify that in the event of a request for the 100% credit bonus, the company will not give any notice of a margin call.

Visit the official website of HFM

Request the Bonus

To be able to proceed with the request for the 100% Credit Bonus promotion offered by the broker, just follow the next very simple steps.

Sign up and open a real HFM account .
Any interested trader has the possibility to claim the Bonus. To start, simply access the online registration page on the official website and open a new trading account live with HFM. The promotion is compatible with Micro, Premium, Islamic and FIX accounts. The terms of use of the bonus allow the trader to join the promotion even on multiple accounts at the same time.
Minimum deposit required.
The minimum amount required to qualify for the promotion is USD 100 or equivalent. It will be possible to make the deposit with the method most suitable for your habits, being able to choose from a wide range of payment methods offered such as bank transfer, online wallets and credit / debit cards. Any internal transfers of funds between accounts will be considered as deposits and therefore valid for accessing the Bonus.
Request 100% Credit Bonus
The trader can request the Bonus through the dedicated page on the official website or via the customer portal. The maximum amount per account is $ 30,000 and in the event that you receive the promotion on multiple accounts the total amount granted is $ 150,000 or equivalent.
Negotiate to meet the required volume requirements.
The promotion is only available for trading until the required volume requirements are met in order to proceed with a possible withdrawal. Once the required volume threshold has been exceeded, any amount can be withdrawn.

Visit the official website of HFM

Withdrawal conditions

In order to make a withdrawal the trader will trade until he has reached the required volume requirements. It will be necessary to carry out trades for a total amount equal to: (Total sum of the bonus awarded / 2) = Number of standard lots.

For example: The trader receives a $ 200 bonus on his account. to proceed with the withdrawal he will have to trade 200 $ / 2 = 100 standard Lots taking into account only closed transactions (The calculation just described can only be used for accounts with currency in US dollars).

To meet the required volume requirements the trader will be able to invest in commodities, energies, Forex, spot indices and USDIndex (index futures), metals and USDIndex (index futures). For metals and energies trades, 1 standard lot counts as 0.10 lots for the completion of the bonus volume requirements. For Commodities, Indices, US Equities, EU Equities, 1 Standard Lot counts as 0.01 lot. In case a withdrawal is made on a part of the original deposit (funds – bonus amount) The bonus will be removed on a pro rata basis, thus a partial removal of the promotion will occur.

In the event that the trader fails to reach the necessary volume requirements and the funds in the account fall below the available bonus amount, the system will automatically remove the bonus. In summary, if the cash funds (capital – credit bonus) will be equal to or less than zero, all previously requested and assigned promotions will be canceled and withdrawn from the customer’s account.

The HFM company is not responsible for the consequences of any cancellation of the promotion.

For more information, visit the official website and consult the terms and conditions of the promotion. Interested traders can also make use of the support team, always available for any eventuality 24 hours a day.



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