HFM 100 Loyalty HFM Bar Bonus HFM 100 Loyalty HFM Bar Bonus

Promotion Details

Offer 100 HFM Bars
Available to All traders of HFM (HF Markets)
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

HFM’s “100 HFM Bar Campaign”

HFM / HFMarkets stands out with a compelling offer for new traders: the “100 HFM Bar Campaign.” This campaign is not just a promotional offer; it’s a gateway to enhanced trading potential for those embarking on their journey with HFM.

Traditionally, HFM rewards traders with 6 HFM Bars for every lot traded, a system that has consistently added value to the trading experience.

However, in a move that sets a new precedent, HFM is now offering a staggering 100 HFM Bars simply for opening an account and meeting the initial deposit requirements.

This upfront reward is a significant boost, particularly for new traders who are just starting out in the competitive world of forex trading.

Get 100 HFM Bars

The Power of 100 HFM Bars

What makes these 100 HFM Bars so enticing is their potential.

Once a trader accumulates 1,000 HFM Bars, they can convert these into a cash bonus that is withdrawable.

This system not only incentivizes traders to be active and engaged but also offers a tangible reward that enhances the profitability of their trading endeavors.

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Detailed Campaign Insights

This campaign is specially designed for new traders who choose to start their trading journey with HFM / HFMarkets.

Unlike the usual requirement where significant trading volume is needed to accumulate HFM Bars, this offer places 100 HFM Bars directly into the accounts of eligible traders.

To participate, one needs to open an account through the specific campaign link, complete the necessary personal verification procedures, and register for the HFM Loyalty Program.

The key step is the initial deposit – a minimum of 300 USD, upon which the 100 HFM Bars are credited to the trader’s account the following business day.

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Eligibility and Participation

The “100 HFM Bar Campaign” is tailored for new traders.

It’s important to note that this offer does not extend to special account types such as PAMM accounts, demo accounts, or accounts used in trading contests.

Instead, it is aimed at those who are opening their first trading account with HFM, with a recommendation to opt for the popular Premium account to maximize the trading experience.

Get 100 HFM Bars

Steps to Claim Your Bonus

  1. Start by opening an account through the dedicated campaign link.
  2. Complete the necessary personal identification verification process, a crucial step in ensuring the security and integrity of the trading experience.
  3. Register for the HFM Loyalty Program, an integral part of the HFM trading ecosystem, offering rewards and benefits to active traders.
  4. Make the initial deposit of at least 300 USD.

Upon completion of these steps, the 100 HFM Bars will be credited to your account, marking the beginning of a rewarding trading journey.

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The Freedom of Withdrawal

One of the most appealing aspects of the “100 HFM Bar Campaign” is the absence of restrictive withdrawal conditions.

This openness aligns with HFM’s commitment to providing a transparent and trader-friendly environment.

All terms and conditions related to the HFM Bars and the Loyalty Program are clearly outlined in the standard terms of use, ensuring traders are well-informed.

This campaign represents an exceptional opportunity for new traders to start their forex trading journey with HFM / HFMarkets on a strong footing.

It’s a chance to be part of a community that values its members and rewards their trading activities.

HFM / HFMarkets continues to lead the way in offering a supportive, rewarding, and comprehensive trading experience.

For further details or assistance, the customer support team is readily available, offering assistance in multilanguage through the live chat service.

Join the HFM trading family today and unlock the potential of your trading ambitions with the “100 HFM Bar Campaign.”



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