Full-condition-of-the-100%-Supercharged-Bonus-promotion-offered-by-HFM-(HF-Markets). Full-condition-of-the-100%-Supercharged-Bonus-promotion-offered-by-HFM-(HF-Markets).

Promotion Details

Offer 100% Deposit Bonus up to $50,000
Available to All traders of HFM (HF Markets)
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

100% Super charged bonus offered by HFM

The online broker HFM, to guarantee its clients an increasingly advantageous investment environment, offers traders the opportunity to access one of the best promotional initiatives ever proposed.

Among the various promotions available, we will give particular attention to the 100% Supercharged bonus, clarifying the terms and conditions applied, giving useful information on how to request the bonus and suggestions on its use.

The 100% Super Charged Bonus is a hugely popular HFM initiative among traders that offers a deposit bonus and a Cash Back in a single offer. Traders who want to receive the promotion must have an Islamic or Premium account and make a minimum deposit of 250 US dollars.

After making the required deposit, HFM will automatically credit an extra fund equal to 100% of the initial investment on the account balance.

The maximum total amount that can be received from the promotion is US $ 50,000.

The fund deriving from the bonus cannot be pre-washed but only used for trading.

Nonetheless, profits generated from trading with the 100% Supercharged bonus can be withdrawn at any time deemed necessary after meeting the required volume requirements.

In addition, with a deposit of more than $ 250 and increasing the leverage of the account, the bonus provides a daily refund of $ 2 per lot on trading for a maximum of $ 8,000.

The main information and conditions regarding both the Bonus and the Cash Back will be described below

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Information of 100% deposit bonus

Promotion 100% Supercharged Bonus
Available for All traders with HFM accounts
Minimum required deposit amount $250
Compatible account type FIX, Islamic, Premium accounts
Total maximum deposit bonus amount $50,000
Maximum cashback amount $8,000
Withdrawal of the bonus amount Not available
Withdrawal of cashback Available at any time

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Information Cashback

Available for All traders with HFM accounts
Compatible account types FIX, Premium and Islamic accounts
Minimum required deposit amount $250
Maximum bonus amount $8,000
Withdrawal of the Bonus Available at any time
Cash Back Rebate Rate 0.2 pips (2 USD) per lot
Applicable markets Forex and Gold

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How to get the 100% Supercharged bonus and the Cash Back

Any trader interested in the initiative proposed by HFM will be able to obtain it by following the next very simple steps.

Sign up and open an HFM account
To register and open a new HFM account, just visit official website and access the page dedicated to registration. We remind you that the only accounts compatible with the promotion are FIX, Premium and Islamic and each customer can take advantage of the promotion from a single account.
Deposit more than 250 USD
The minimum amount required to receive the promotion is $ 250 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and the broker also considers any internal funds transfers as deposits. In order to make a deposit / withdrawal the broker has a wide range of methods suitable for any type of need including bank transfer, electronic wallets and credit / debit card.
Claim / Receive Bonus.
To be able to request the promotion, simply log in to customer portal and complete the application. All participants will receive through the promotion a 100% Supercharged bonus on all deposits with a maximum total amount of $ 50,000 usable for trading purposes only.
Start investing while receiving the Cash Back Rebate.
By carrying out ordinary trading operations, the trader will receive a refund every single day deriving from the additional Cash Back promotion. The main features of the promotion provide that the discount rate is equal to 0.2 pip per standard lot on Forex pairs and 2 USD per lot for gold investments. It will be possible to receive refunds up to the maximum dream of $ 8,000. The conditions for receiving refunds are as follows:

  1. Positions open for less than one minute will not be considered eligible for discount calculation.
  2. Positions open for more than one minute, but not exceeding two minutes, will increase the amount of the declared refund by 50%.
  3. Positions open for more than two minutes will be valid for the refund calculation on the entire traded amount.

We would like to clarify that in the event that the funds in the trading account fall below the credited bonus this will be removed.

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Methods of withdrawing funds for the 100% Supercharged bonus and Cash Back

The Supercharged deposit bonus offers countless benefits, including a greater volume of investments, greater chances of profit and the creation of structured trading strategies in order to diversify your investment portfolio. but the credited amount resulting from the promotion is not subject to withdrawal under any circumstances. In this case the only withdrawable funds are:

  1. Own funds not deriving from the promotion.
  2. Profits and discounts generated by trading through the use of promotional funds.

Any amount withdrawn from your account will cause a proportional removal of the bonus amount on a 1: 1 basis. In addition to this, there is no imitation inherent in withdrawals from your bonus account.

To consult the terms and conditions of use visit the official website and contact the team of 24/7 support.



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