HFM-30%-Rescue-Bonus HFM-30%-Rescue-Bonus

Promotion Details

Offer 30% Bonus
Available to All traders of HFM (HF Markets)
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Receive 30% HFM (HF Markets) Rescue Bonus.

30% HFM (HF Markets) rescue bonus

HFM is famous all over the world not only for the wide range of services and tools offered, in fact, the online broker constantly employs resources in creating extremely advantageous initiatives, offers and promotions for the trading of its clients.

One of these is the Rescue Bonus.

A 30% tradable deposit bonus which has as its main objective the “rescuing” the trader from a possible advance margin call and this means that the promotion can in effect be used as a margin for trading and be lost.

The bonus can be activated with a minimum deposit of 40 € / 50 $.

Traders who request the promotion will be able to receive a maximum total amount of 7,000 US dollars or equivalent currency.

The promotion allows eager clients to increase their investment volume by increasing the available leverage.

Subsequently, after reaching the limit, the trader will be able to use an additional stop-out bonus of 30% for a maximum total of $ 3000.

The 30% Rescue Bonus offered by HFM can only be used on investments and a withdrawal is not possible.

All profits generated by trading through the bonus fund can be withdrawn at any time but of course, this will cause a deduction of the rewarded amount.

We would like to remind you that this promotion is only available with HF Markets SV Ltd. and HF Markets (SA) Pty Ltd.

In a nutshell, it is a kind of guarantee that protects the trader’s investments from any drops up to a maximum of $ 7,000 and if required increases trading volumes by using increased leverage for deposits over $ 50.

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General characteristics of the Bonus

The promotion offered is available to all traders who want to use it, both new and existing.

The only account compatible with the promotion is the Micro HFM account and the promotion can only be applied to one account for the customer.

The maximum leverage available for trading through the promotion is 1:500.

The bonus requires a minimum deposit of € 40 / $ 50, the maximum amount credited will therefore change as the currency changes (€ 5000 in the first case – $ 7000 in the second).

If the trader reaches the stop out limit, he will be entitled to an additional 30% bonus on subsequent deposits.

The maximum amount that can be received from the Stop Out bonus is $ 3000 / € 2000.

Applicable bonus percentage 30% on new and additional deposit
Maximum bonus amount 7,000 USD or equivalent amount in other currencies
minimum deposit required 40 € -50 $
Withdraw profits Anytime
Withdrawal of Bonus Funds Not available
How to use Can be used as margin and lost

Unlike the other promotions available with the broker, the 30% Rescue Bonus can be used as a trading margin and lost through trading without having to comply with any particular requirements.

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How to claim the Bonus

Traders who want to request the promotion will be able to do so by following the next very simple steps.

Be a holder of a Micro HFM account
In order to proceed with the request, the trader must have a Micro account offered by the broker. To register, simply access the page dedicated to opening an account and provide all the data required to complete the online registration. The bonus is only available on one account per customer.
Make a minimum deposit required
The minimum deposit required to qualify for the promotion is $ 50 / € 40. The trader will be able to make the deposit through a wide range of payment methods available by choosing the most suitable for their needs. The bonus will be credited automatically with each deposit made.
Bonus Request
You can proceed with the actual request through the customer portal. Each trader will be entitled to only one bonus per account with the opportunity to receive a maximum amount resulting from the promotion of $ 7000 / € 5000.
Trading with Bonus Funds
From now on the trader will be able to use the bonus funds for any trading operation. The bonus awarded has the characteristic of being able to be used as a margin without any limitation and be lost. The terms of use do not provide for withdrawal and bonus funds may only be used for trading.
Additional bonus (30% Stop Out Bonus) after reaching the stop out level
Each customer can continue to receive funds from the promotion until the maximum amount of 7000 $ / 5000 € is reached, ì. In the event that the trader’s account reaches the stop out level he will be entitled to receive an additional 30% bonus for a maximum amount of $ 3,000 or € 2,000. In order to proceed with the request for the 30% Stop Out Bonus it will be sufficient to send an email to the HFM support team.

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Terms and conditions for withdrawing the Bonus

Under the terms and conditions applied to the promotion, funds from the 30% Rescue Bonus cannot be withdrawn. It will be possible to withdraw your deposited funds and any profits generated from trading but this will result in the proportional removal of the bonus amount.

Any removal following a withdrawal of funds will be calculated as follows:


We would like to point out that when the bonus is removed, the amount cannot be recovered.

For example: if a customer withdraws $ 100 from their Micro account, $30 will automatically be deducted from the 30% amount of bonus funds that were previously requested and awarded.


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