Land-FX 30% Deposit Bonus Land-FX 30% Deposit Bonus

Promotion Details

Offer 30% Deposit Bonus
Available to All traders of Land-FX
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Last chance to request the promotion and take advantage of it in trading with Land-FX.

Land-FX 30% deposit bonus

The promotional offer launched by the award-winning broker Land-FX, allows the interested trader to receive 30% extra funds on every deposit made.

A Bonus that will allow the customer to invest larger volumes in a trading environment full of opportunities and latest-generation trading tools.

But you have to hurry! The promotion will come to an end at the end of December of this year and the trader who wishes to request it will have no other opportunity to use it.

As already mentioned, the promotion offers a 30% bonus Credit on every deposit made, the offer is accessible to all both existing and potential new Land-FX traders.

The promotion can be requested only once by the trader and on only one account and the minimum deposit required is only $10.

The maximum credit you can receive through the bonus is $5,000. Funds received through the promotion cannot be withdrawn but used for trading purposes only.

In order to open the bonus account and take advantage of the benefits of the “30% Deposit Bonus” promotion, just follow the next simple steps:

To be able to access the promotion, the applicant must have a Land-FX account and open an additional Bonus Account. In the event that you have not yet registered, you can proceed by clicking here.
Deposit funds
Make a minimum deposit of $10 using the payment method that suits your needs in order to have access to the promotion.
30% deposit bonus
As soon as the deposit is approved the trader will receive the extra funds immediately.

Visit the official website of Land-FX

Features of Bonus Account

As mentioned, in order to have access to the promotion, the trader must open a Bonus Account.

The trader who is already a client with the broker will simply have to visit the page dedicated to the promotion and open the additional account, while the interested party without a Land-FX account will first have to register and then proceed to open a Bonus Account.

The Bonus account has the same characteristics as a “Standard” account but with a maximum available leverage of 1:1000.

Spreads starting at 0.9 pips (EURUSD)
Maximum leverage 1:1000
Products available Forex, CFDs, metals (gold, silver), oil, futures
Trading platforms MetaTrader4 and 5 (available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Tablet, iPad)
Minimum deposit $10
Coverage Available
Minimum Lot Micro Lot(0.01)
Auto Stop Out 0%
Margin Call Level 30%
Base currency option USD, EUR, JPY, GBP
Commissions None
Max volume per trade 30 lots
Maximum order volume 100 lots

We would like to remind you that the promotion cannot be applied to accounts that already have other offers active, however the trader will have the possibility to open an additional account to request the offer.

Opening a real account with the broker is quick and easy.

The operation is divided into four phases and will take just a few minutes to complete:

Step 1. Registration
In this step, the trader will have to provide personal information such as name, surname, choose type of account (and additional features), country of origin, telephone number, email, address.
Step 2. Terms and Conditions
Now the trader will have to carefully read and accept the terms and conditions of the service. Furthermore, the broker will require the sending of documents proving the trader’s identity and residence (for example identity card and electricity and gas bill).
Step 3. Information about the risks
A detailed explanation of the main concepts regarding the risks of online trading that will allow the trader to evaluate very carefully how much he can afford to lose.
Step 4. Deposit
The new customer will be able to deposit funds into his account via a wide range of available payment methods.

Open real account with Land-FX

Terms and conditions

As with any promotion offered by the broker, the 30% Deposit Bonus has terms and conditions that you must read carefully and accept before applying.

  • The trader, by joining the initiative, will be able to receive up to a maximum of $5,000 in bonuses regardless of the number of deposits made. Funds received may only be used for trading purposes and may not be withdrawn.
  • The trader can request the promotion once and on only one account. Multiple registrations will cause the promotion to be canceled from the applicant’s account.
  • Immediately after making the deposit, the bonus will be available for trading on MT4 and MT5. In the event that the customer has not received the funds deriving from the promotion, he can make a formal request within 5 working days by sending an email to
  • Should the customer make withdrawals or internal transfers during the promotion period, the bonus funds will be automatically cancelled.
  • Clients who routinely deposit and withdraw may not be eligible for the offer.


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